Almighty – Ch. 160

Battle King Li Qingxue

Li Xuan struggled to withstand the blow. On the contrary, Li Qingxue defended against it with ease. He had a suspicion. If she truly had ascended to Battle King Realm, Yang Tian didn’t have enough energy to keep up for long.

“She is a Battle King, indeed. She’s using a secret technique to hide her status. Even I was fooled a moment ago,” informed Yang Xiao.

There was no longer any friendship between them. Li Qingxue sauntered over to Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, give up. You can’t defeat our clan.”

Yang Tian: “There are good people in Li Clan now?”

“… As long as you hand over your cultivation method, I can implore the clan to spare you.”

“Ahaha…” Yang Tian looked at Li Qingxue as though he was looking at a dimwit. “Li Qingxue, that must be a joke. Come get it if you want it.”

“You won’t be able to protect it. If you don’t hand it over to me, I’ll have to steel my heart. In saying that, I’ll spare your life out of consideration of our old friendship. Live the rest of your life as an ordinary man.”

“Steel your heart? You had a heart? Since when? You’re a puppet who has no control over herself. Level up to the peak, and you’ll still remain a puppet.”

“Shut up!”

“Hahaha, where was your Li Backstabbing Clan when our clan was in peril? Weren’t we friends? Now you want to turn around and hurl false accusations my way? Primordial era clan? Born-from-dung clan more like it!”

Yuan Xia felt annoyed when she glanced down at the bickering two.

Li Ying belted, “Qingxue, kill that nonsense-babbling conniver!”

“Nonsense, you say? Does the truth hurt? You betrothed Li Qingxue to me back then, what happened to that? I’ll tell you: it was nonsense! Now you want to steal my cultivation method. You lot sure are a real piece of work. Who are you to be accusing me of babbling nonsense?”

Fighting the woman one was once betrothed to was as miserable as life got.

Li Ying raged, “Yang Tian, how dare you slander our clan’s holy maiden!”

“Piss off!” blustered Qing Tao, as he punched Li Ying backward.

Li Ying ordered, “What are you spacing out for? Kill the scoundrel!”

Yang Tian: “Haha, that’s if you can.”

When she opened them again, Li Qingxue’s were eyes devoid of emotion.

Li Xuan, unable to believe Li Qingxue was a Battle King cultivator, swore to himself, I’ll make you pant underneath me soon enough!

Yuan Xia: “Lose now and you’ll become the laughing stock of the entire continent.”

“Haha, finally given in to you urge to kill me, huh?”

“I didn’t want to kill you; you just pushed your luck,” answered Li Qingxue, stepping forward to pressure Yang Tian with her qi and blood.

“Let’s push it some more, then.” Yang Tian summoned his qi and blood river, freeing himself of Li Qingxue’s pressure. The lightning, the sparkling, the winds, Yang Tian summoned his quirks of stars that decimated the void.

Although Yang Tian only had two complete quirks among the four, it was more than what a Warrior Realm cultivator’s standard should’ve been. He was a prodigy who surpassed expectations in the central state. His status as a respected hero was basically cemented. With benefits comes troublem they say. Two quirks were awesome, but too many was troublesome.

“It’s pointless. I acknowledge you possess remarkable talent, but it’s useless.” Li Qingxue formed a dark-blue mountain from her condensed energy and tried to crush Yang Tian underneath.

“We going to do this the vicious way, huh? You want to crush me with your energy?” Yang Tian called upon Yuan Xia’s energy inside him. He summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace. It expanded as it rotated in the sky. The fiery divine markings activated. He began to shake the pressure binding him until it cracked. He released flames to form a field of fire.

“I told you: it’s useless. Stop struggling. I’ll spare you so that you can live as an ordinary mortal.”

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