Almighty – Ch. 159

Scrap with Li Qingxue

Li Qingxue watched from a distance whilst wearing a frown. She knew that, although Yang Tian was strong, his boost would soon drop off drastically.

Yang Tian’s punches kept Li Xuan at a distance. Li Xuan summoned his purple mirror and fired a violet cloud beam. As he activated the divine markings, the purple glow charged toward Yang Tian.Yang Tian struck back with his air-bending, blistering Scorching Sun. The wind blew along with his crimson energy. That was the quirk “The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens.”

Sparks flew. Lights dimmed. Li Xuan fired back at the indomitable Scorching Sun with raging purple energy. Bright flashes appeared again. Heat dispersed. The void cracked. A crimson fist hiding behind it all snaked up onto the mirror.

Violet Cloud Mirror blasted off. While Violet Cloud Mirror had only recently evolved into a Dao Weapon, it made no sense for someone to punch it around with their bare hands.

Li Xuan bled from his mouth. Though vexed, he couldn’t hide his injury. While the energy didn’t belong to Yang Tian, he was able to control it as if it was. If he reached the same realm as Li Xuan, the results would be very different.

Yang Tian took off toward Li Xuan again. Li Xuan infused his qi and blood into his ochre sword, allowing him to whip its ochre energy off. He lengthened his sword to over one hundred and sixty metres. The waves cut off Yang Tian’s advance in similar fashion to a waterfall. Then, he rained purple Sword Auras toward Yang Tian from behind the waterfall.

Yang Tian performed a series of swift hand motions that caused an explosion. Then, his hand movements changed again. “Earthquake Seal!” Yang Tian clenched his fist, which was a command for his small crimson seal to attack the purple sword river.

A whirlpool appeared and shape shifted the area. “Erupt!” commanded Yang Tian. The whirlpool burst. Crimson crystals passed through the sword river. The void began to crack all over as a burst of qi hit it on all sides.

A bright and scorching golden glow went straight toward Li Xuan’s skull. Sacred for dear life, he yelled, “Li Qingxue, what are you standing there for? Hurry and help!”

Li Qingxue glided through the sky with her feet glowing. She summoned a snow-white lotus overhead. The lotus fired a beam of divine light with divine markings on it. As she dialled up her output, the lotus leaves expanded accordingly until it soon covered the sky.

Noticing the seal in Yang Tian’s hand, Gu Yun cried, “That’s Golden Dragon Seal!”

Yuan Xia body emitted a myriad of colours. Though she expended a noticeable amount of her newfound energy in the exchange, her two opponents didn’t get out unscathed, either.

The duo outside managed to hold off their respective opponents.

“Both of you are going to fight? Perfect!” Yang Tian summoned his qi and blood to power Golden Dragon Seal’s divine markings.

Li Qingxue had mixed feelings, hence her hesitant fists.

Had Li Qingxue intervened sooner, Li Xuan wouldn’t have been made a fool of. It’s only fair you get angry when you have to take it instead of dishing it out, right?

Golden Dragon Seal’s dragon played in the golden river above Li Xuan and Li Qingxue and powered up as the power invested into it increased. It let its might be known with a roar. Yang Tian vocalised a command to fire two beams that pierced the void and hunted the two.

Li Qingxue was still wrestling with her emotions, but she stabbed the air with a finger, spinning her snow-white lotus as it levitated. The lotus retaliated with a beam of its own. The void cracked.

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