Almighty – Ch. 158

Scrap with Li Xuan

There were hardly any Autarch Realm adepts in the East, let alone Omnipotent Realm adepts. In an era where Almighty cultivators were extremely rare, someone in Omnipotent Realm would be the ruler of the continent. It was said that the peerless adepts in Omnipotent Realm were able to travel the extraterritorial world and destroy the world with the click of their fingers.

“Are you trying to fool me?” Gu Yun shot Yuan Xia a hostile glare. “I don’t care which clan you’re from or where you came from. Yang Tian must stay!”

“Then, come try,” replied Yuan Xia, pulling Yang Tian along by the arm as she left.

“Fine! Fine!” The furious Gu Yun summoned his ancient mirror in a loud fashion. The bell’s sound shattered rocks and beamed a divine light.

Yuan Xia turned her head and had her colourful phoenix cry out, shaking mountains and rivers. A flap of its wings erased Gu Yun’s beam from the void.

“Let’s attack together.”

Gu Yun’s allies hesitated. While their hatred for Yang Tian ran deep, they could talk it out. There was no sound reason to get into the mess. To convince them to let go of their hesitation, Gu Yun stressed, “Don’t forget that he knows the palace’s secret. Furthermore, he’s not from the central state. Not even a big clan from the central state would be able to stop us if we combine out might.”

They still faltered.

“Don’t go thinking he’s is easy to deal with. Don’t forget what you did to him. You think he’ll just let it go?”

Li Ying, Wang Ling, Murong Di and Huang Can were aware they had to nip a problem in the bud. Yuan Xia was an adept from the central state, so it was unlikely their clan would make an enemy of them for a mere junior.

Yuan Xia’s colourful phoenix hovering overhead swept up gusts of wind.

Qing Tao ran to Yang Tian. “Hahaha, how lively. Five grown men picking on one girl, I thought I’d seen it all.”

Xing Shan, who was next to Qing Tao, satirised the five with a laugh. “This is a never-before-seen level of shamelessness, forsooth. This old one is keen on joining the party, as well…”

Gu Yun questioned, “What is the meaning of this?”

Qing Tao: “My Green Sun Empire owes Yang Tian a favour. I’ll be his guardian today.”

Xing Shan: “My Thundercloud Sect also owes him a favour, so excuse me.”

Yuan Xia: “You sure know a lot of people…”

“Brother Gu, we’ll stall them. I have two juniors from my clan here,” suggested Li Ying, as he signalled for Li Xuan and Li Qingxue to join the fight with his eyes.

If two Battle Kings, namely Li Xuan and Li Qingxue, couldn’t capture Yang Tian, they might as well kill themselves.

“All right, get them!” Gu Yun fired a beam toward Yuan Xia from his mirror.

Qing Tao immediately positioned himself before Li Ying. “It’s been a long time. Let’s have a spar…”

Xing Shan traversed through the air toward Wang Ling. “Wang Ling, get over here!”

Yuan Xia palmed Gu Yun back. Her colourful phoenix cried and went on the attack. Meanwhile, she sped over to Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, relax your entire body.”

“Huh? What for?”

“Just do it. Why the unnecessary drivel?!”


Yuan Xia palmed Yang Tian on the shoulder and transferred a potent energy into his body. Yuan Xia giggled in response to Yang Tian’s stupefied reaction. “This energy will only last an hour. Find a way to escape. They won’t harm me, understood?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just hurry up, and kill those old men.”

“You don’t know how to appreciate a kind gesture, do you? Don’t blame me if you die here.” Yuan Xia then immediately palmed a destructive qi back at the gale. Yuan Xia faced two opponents without being disadvantaged. Yang Tian knew that her burst of energy wouldn’t last long, though.

As Yang Tian honed in on his own body, he felt the energy circulating through similarly to a worm. It boosted his energy over dozens of folds!

Li Xuan looked down on Yang Tian as if he was a supreme adept. He flaunted his talent as he harshly stated, “Yang Tian, today will be your funeral.”

Li Xuan tried to destroy his Fighting Spirit, so Yang Tian had to kill him.

“Let’s settle all our scores today, shall we?”

“Don’t get delusional just because someone transferred a bit of energy to you.”

Yang Tian answered with a furious punch after enveloping himself in silver light and lightning. Li Xuan twirled his palm ad palmed back with an energy palm that sliced the void and headed to Yang Tian’s fist. Yang punched again, releasing a crimson fist, terminating Li Xuan’s energy.

Li Xuan was forced to take over a dozen steps back. Yang Tian grinned; his sealed energy could compete with a Transcendent Peak cultivator.

“If that’s how you want to play…”Li Xuan’s pride couldn’t accept ever being forced to retreat.

Li Xuan morphed his qi into thousands of swords, contorting space. He commanded his swords with his hand movements. They fused together, turning into a dragon roughly three hundred and thirty metres. “Attack!”

As Li Xuan swung his hand, the dragon dove down toward Yang Tian. Yang Tian vaulted up to the dragon’s head and punched its head in with his crimson fist. The punch went through the other side of the dragon’s head. He tore the dragon apart with his bare hands and dove inside. He then shattered the dragon with a punch.

Once Li Xuan snickered and leapt up to dive down on Yang Tian.

Yang Tian threw a simple punch that generated sparks due to friction with the air. Then, he moved onto using his nameless fist, firing on all cylinders. His punches covered dozens of metres of the void, pushing Li Xuan backwards.


The cultivation hierarchy is going to go out the window, so don’t be too hung up on the part claiming that Omnipotent Realm cultivators ruling the continent. The author is just being himself.

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