Almighty – Ch. 154


Yang Tian was drenched in his own sweat as he looked at the last wound…  He could tell Yuan Xia was pretending to be asleep as her eyelashes subtly twitched. He went along with it and focused on her treating her last wound quickly. He immediately fixed her clothes back in place after he was done. He Tian dusted his hands. Noticing her rosy cheeks, he didn’t call her out on her act. Instead, he insouciantly walked to the cave entrance.

Toss this. I’m never doing this stuff again.

Hundreds of kilometres in the distance, people smashed stones, mountains, rocks and everything they could smash to smithereens. The wind blew violently. The adepts in the void moved mountains and generated gales with their roars. Quirks appeared. Energy stirred. People were engaged in fights. In less than a day, lots of heavyweights had gathered there to fight, yet people continued to rush over from Demon Subjugation City via a transportation formation. Some Almighty cultivators rocked up to test their luck.

“Uncle Xiao, has she not come back already? Why is her energy still lingering over there?”

A battle that surpassed the barrier of time was inconceivable. Yang Xiao never reached a level where he could do that.

“I can’t say for sure myself. I think her ancestors must have a deep grudge against the golden wolves. At least, that would be one explanation for the massive fight.”

“Her Blood Vessel should be safe, right?”

“Not only will she be all right, but she’ll also be blessed. It’s very rare to see someone’s ancestors spur on their Blood Vessel. She’s a very lucky one.”


Yang Tian found himself a rock to dive into Ancestral Dragon Ring…

After spend a long time in solitude, night eventually fell. Yuan Xia relaxed upon noticing Yang Tian began cultivating. Although her cultivation was gone, her senses were very strong. She was relieved to see him cultivating. She tried to sit up, but as soon as she tried to support herself with her arm, her wound had other plans. Her arm bled again. She went limp again.

Yang Tian heard the noise. He returned to reality and smiled upon seeing her pathetic shape. “Rest. How about trying to recover instead of attempting futile things?”

“… Thank you.”

God forbid he ever knew when Yuan Xia learnt to express gratitude. She furrowed her eyebrows upon seeing his facial response. She munched on words she couldn’t explicate and gave up trying to vocalise them in the end.

Yuan Xia was wounded, but her body… Yang Tian couldn’t resist the urge to look at her white skin underneath her white robe in spite of her injuries. Mouth dry, he sprinted out of the cave.

“Hey… where are you going?”

“I’m hungry. I’m going to go and look for food. Stay there, and don’t move. You’ll waste more medicine, otherwise.”

Yuan Xia: How dare you accuse me of wasting medicine? Do you know how many people would offer me medicine if I said the word? Petty.

Yang Tian hunted down a few wild games in the forest, and then climbed to the peak for a view. The Spirit Beasts in the vicinity had virtually all left to avoid getting caught in the crossfire between the adepts.

“Uncle Xiao, is there any chance some of those adepts will try to take advantage of the situation?”

“Hard to say. Who knows if there’s someone who can steal bloodline these days? There was a faction that could do it in the past, but they’ve been exterminated.”

“Oh, she must still be a virgin, then.”

“By the way, Uncle Xiao, is this where your secret cave is?”

“The shape of the land now is totally different to back then. I need a map to look into. I should be able to locate it in two days.”

Yang Tian patrolled the outside for a while before heading back to the cave.

Yuan Xia curled up upon seeing Yang Tian return. He lowered his head and grinned when he saw her expression.  He started a fire to begin grilling his catch. Yuan Xia wanted a share of the glossy, seasoned and succulent rabbit.

The only sound in there was the crackling flames.

Xiaobai drooled at the sight of the rabbit once Yang Tian let him out. He snuggled up against Yang Tian to try and get in his good graces.

Yuan Xia’s gaze was immediately drawn to Xiaobai. The fellow brought joy to her. It was very rare to see a beast with such prominent human characteristics.

“Greedy little fellow…” Yang Tian passed Xiaobai some rabbit. “Here. You must be hungry…”

Yuan Xia looked at the rabbit and then looked up at Yang Tian’s smiling face. She sat back down after going to take it.

“Oh, change into this.” Yang Tian passed Yuan Xia a black robe. “I’ll turn around so that you can change.”

“Thank you…”

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