Almighty – Ch. 153


Yang Tian set Yuan Xia down by a rather dry pile of grass in a cavern.

Although Yuan Xia appeared unapproachable and aloof, she was truthfully festering anxiety. She didn’t expect her Blood Vessel to undergo an unusual change in addition to suffering a serious injury. Her qihai was depleted. She couldn’t collect energy. As she bled onto the ground, her face turned deathly pale. Her blood quickly condensed into a thick liquid, yet she continued to bleed profusely. She remained proud, refusing to ask for help even if it meant death…

Yang Tian headed into Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, what do I do?”

“Deal with it yourself. Aren’t healing pills required to heal wounds? Don’t you already have some on you?”

“Uh… There is not enough. Those are all toss-away pills. Give me some of the water you concocted.”

“I don’t have any… I haven’t concocted them. Plus, it’s useless given her injuries.”

Yang Tian couldn’t understand what Yang Xiao meant by the vitality water not being able to treat Yuan Xia’s.

Yang Tian: “Umm… you need to be treated. If your wound is left alone for too long, you will die.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s footsteps, Yuan Xia, panic-stricken, brayed, “Stay back, or I’ll kill you!”

Yang Tian quickly backed off whilst waving his hands frantically, then placed some vials before her. “Don’t panic. I harbour no ill will. I’m just giving you some healing pills. I harbour no ill will.”

In a soft voice, Yuan Xia demanded, “Turn around.”

“Oh, sure…”

“If you dare to look, I’ll kill you! If you don’t believe me, I w-“

“I won’t. Just treat your wounds.” Yang Tian muttered under his breath, “What a troublesome woman…”

Yuan Xia gingerly reached for a vial but grimaced when she did. She wrestled with the pain and took the lid off. She frowned at the sight of the poorly made pill, but she relaxed after having a glance at Yang Tian. His pills were all Rank Three and Four pills. They were worse than trash quality to her, but a Warrior Realm cultivator was doing well if he had pills of that calibre.

Yuan Xia applied a small amount of clear ointment over fifty centimetres long. A tiny amount stung so much that she shuddered. Merely touching her wound caused her to bleed more. She tried a few more times. She dropped the jade vial, cracking it. Fortunately, it was sturdy enough not to break.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Tian spun around to see Yuan Xia’s bleeding arm barely attached.

“Who said you could look?”

“I went through all that to save you, and did I do anything to you? I even gave you ointment. Don’t falsely accuse me of things.”


“… Hey… if you don’t treat your wound, you’re going to have a lot of problems… It’s not my problem if you die here.”

By the time Yang Tian approached, Yuan Xia was out. He picked up the jade vial on the ground and rambled, “Ahem… well… I’m just helping you… I, uh, am not trying to take advantage of you…”

Yang Tian gently applied some ointment to her arm. Seeing as she didn’t react hostilely, he quickly finished up. After he stopped the bleeding at her arm, his gaze moved to the next spot. “Well… ahem… I’m only saving her… there’s nothing to be worried about. Why does saving someone feel even more tiring than a big fight?”

The last wound just had to be there of all places.

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