Almighty – Ch. 151

Surpassing the Past and Future!

The colourful phoenix created a cyclone as it cut open a path.

The golden wolf fired a mouthful of vital essence into the golden sea, causing its aura to weaken proportionately. The golden sea rippled and repaired the damage the phoenix inflicted.

“It’s pointless,” derided Yuan Xia.

Yuan Xia sent the colourful phoenix received her energy, granting a boost in power, evident from its divine glow. It pierced the golden sea with colourful chains. The energy from the destroyed golden sea formed a massive whirlpool, and a quirk appeared.

The battle raged on for an hour until the whirlpool exploded.

“Wench, you have some nerve hurting me!”

“I’ll give you a chance. There’s still time. Otherw-”

“I don’t take threats. I’ll take you with me if I must!”

The wolf bulked up from three hundred metres to over three kilometres using a secret technique.

Yang Xiao laughed. “Watch closely. I think it can summon its ancestors given its Almighty origins.”

A golden wolf the size of a hand spawned above the wolf’s head. Its blood-red figure unleashed its power and grew. Once its energy was enough to damage the void, the entire figure grew over three hundred metres. The blood flow slowed down. The summoner wolf’s energy was barely there anymore. Its ancestor, however, stood proud in the void.

Yang Tian: “She hasn’t gone stupid, has she? Why is she shutting her eyes?’

“She’s churning up her blood’s energy! She wouldn’t shut her eyes to await her death.”

When she opened her eyes, Yuan Xia’s colourful blood burst from her body as an invincible aura.

Yang Tian’s dormant purple blood reacted to Yuan Xia’s blood! She also seemed to notice it, though she turned back to her opponent since she didn’t find anything strange.

Yang Tian rushed into Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, what is this about? My blood resonated with her!”

“Resonated…? I don’t know… You probably misinterpreted it.”

Yang Tian scratched his head and left.

Yuan Xia’s blood manifested as a small colourful seal. It glowed and interwove with the phoenix in the sky.

“Go!” the golden wolf commanded of his phantasmal ancestor.

The phantasmal ancestor revealed its golden eyes and rushed to its target.

Yuan Xia palmed a colourful seal. “Primordial Sprit Seal!”

The colourful phoenix opened its bright eyes. The intense fight stirred the heaven and earth vital essence within a radius of thousands of miles. The world darkened. The void broke down to reveal quirk.

Yuan Xia didn’t know what was happening when two figures suddenly unleashed dominating auras.  The golden wolf’s ancestor returned from the dead. The demonic energy sent tremors through the area. The disturbance reached Demon Subjugation City. Elites hiding in seclusion in the mountain came out of seclusion and gasped when they saw the battle in the sky. The colourful phoenix’s cries shattered the sky and frightened the land.

Yang Tian’s blood screamed at him. The “conquer” character in his sea of consciousness roared at him. “Uncle Xiao, what is happening?”

“We can’t stay here any longer. Let’s hurry out of here!” Yang Xiao hauled Yang Tian out of the area.

Yang Tian had one last glance to see Yuan Xia dragged into an energy whirlwind. The area crumbled. Yang Xiao fled with Yang Tian for an entire hour before stopping. A sudden gust of wind suddenly encroached upon them from behind.

“Who goes there?” Yang Tian spun around to see a bloody body flying his way.

It was too late for him to move out of the way. She crashed into him, sending him into the ground.

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