Almighty – Ch. 143


When a ray of sunlight shone into the murky forest the next day, the entire mountain range was significantly quieter.

Gu Qi scanned the ground from his gourd again. He had searched nearly one thousand kilometres but didn’t find anything. “Why are there only six of you?’

The group shook their heads. With a tinge of ridicule in their tone, they answered, “Don’t know. Dead probably?”

“What? Dead?!”

“Brother Gu Qi, I think we should report back to our elder.”

Gu Qi’s sly eyes darted back and forth as he engaged his brain. In the end, he clenched his teeth and crushed a jade slip.

About ten minutes later, Gu Ba came over via a fire-red Mutated Beast. “So, have you located Yang Tian?”

Gu Qi finally composed himself and respectfully stepped forth. He might’ve been exalted relative to those among the young generation. Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to forego respect when speaking to an elder.

After hearing the report, Gu Ba was enraged.

Gu Qi lowered his head. “Please forgive me, Elder. I was too hasty yesterday and gave chase. That is why I forgot to report to you.”

As Gu Qi behaved appropriately, Gu Ba couldn’t find fault with him there. He flicked his sleeve. Before he left on his steed, he ordered, “Split up and search every direction. Once you find something, anything, crush a jade slip.”


Yang Tian only stopped to rest after running for hours. “Uncle Xiao, when are we leaving this place?”

“Hmm… Once you’ve broken through to Profound Connection Realm. My secret cave estate should be inside the inner section of Hundred Thousand Mountains. There are two people up ahead. Let’s go take a look.”

Yang Tian, grinning, suppressed his aura. Taking on ordinary Profound Connection Realm cultivators was no longer such a big deal for him. If the enemy had a Dao Weapon, he’d have to resort to tactics.

A seductive girl in black leather let a man caress her skin.

Yang Tian identified them as Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s disciples. The two were ordinary Profound Connection Realm cultivators; however, they were weaklings compared to Ancient Sacred Grounds.

Realising who he was, the two cheered up since a Warrior Realm cultivator was a free catch for them. As the male licentiously groped the woman, he laughed while maintaining his aroused look. “Haha, aren’t you Yang Tian? What’s Warrior Realm bug doing here?”

The girl licked her lips and gave Yang Tian an indecent look. “I didn’t know he was a fledgling.”

“Haha, I’ll give you a free lesson on how to be a man today.”

The man chopped down with a colourful sword aura over a metre. Yang Tian conjured a crimson glow, then palmed the air. Yang Tian’s palm rattled the sword and pushed the man back. Before he could recollect himself, Yang Tian fired hundreds of rays of lights in arcs. Feeling the gale hitting him, the man tied to escape, but a fierce qi and blood rose from the earth to dissipate his own qi and blood. The lights pulverised the man, sending his punctured minced corpse flying.

The girl was scared silly and, therefore, scrambled to skedaddle.

Yang Tian cut off the woman’s escape route and shattered her skull with a vicious palm strike. He subsequently summoned the black glow to absorb their divine souls. He also collected their interspatial rings before heading further into the mountain, with Yang Xiao acting as the navigator. Yang Tian killed everyone out for him as he crossed paths with him.

Ancient Sacred Grounds employed Eye in the Sky Seal again. Alas, they couldn’t locate Yang Tian. Owing to Yang Tian’s own arrogance, one of primordial Li Clan disciples managed to escape with a feign death pill, exposing Yang Tian’s activities.

Gu Ba, morose, sat in the master seat of a quaint room. “Come in.”

An Ancient Sacred Grounds’ disciple walked in with a Wang Mo following behind. The disciple met the young man on the street today. According to him, he had a grudge with Yang Tian and knew where his friend was. The disciple reported, “Elder, this is Wang Mo. He said has a way to lure Yang Tian out.”

Wang Mo courteously stepped forth. “This humble one sends you his greetings, Elder.”

“Go on.”

Wang Mo: “Elder, this humble one knows where Yang Tian’s girlfriend is.”

“Oh? All right… Hahaha, if we can capture Yang Tian, you shall be accepted as one of Ancient Sacred Grounds’ disciples.”

Wang Mo genuflected. “This humble one is grateful, Elder. This humble one hereby pledges to serve you.”

The disciple next to Wang Mo shot him a ridiculing glare. Ancient Sacred Grounds’ clan members had the clan’s blood flowing in them. An elder couldn’t just let some worm of a cultivator into the clan.

“Let’s go.” In high spirits again, Gu Ba strolled out, perceiving he had fully recovered from his injuries

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