Almighty – Ch. 131


“Make a fool out of them? … How?”

“Haha, leave it to me. They’ll be less a layer of skin if not dead.”

Yang Xiao shook his hand out to summon several rays of black light onto the formation next to them. He then performed a series of hand seals, rippling the sky above the palace. Several huge dragons then appeared in the void and assaulted the colourful treasure map he conjured.

The first thought that came to mind was whether or not they were looking at a treasure map. Eyes eager, hands itchy and a gut feeling they were looking at the map of the palace, those outside summoned their weapons to fight for the map and test their luck.

Gu Xi fired beams of divine light at the dragon using his golden ancient mirror. The beams disintegrated the dragons into black batches of light drifting through the void, then forced the map down into his hand.

Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds and Skysong’s two adepts suspected it might have had to do with the cave when they noticed the mountain and river terrain page. Meanwhile, Gu Xi checked the map that laid out all of the killing formations and then sneered. “Yang Tian, you’re finished now!”

Yang Tian stroked his chin as he watched Gu Xi proud and giddy. “Uncle Xiao, will this work?”

“Don’t worry. There are three Peak Celestial Weapons sealing devils inside the cave. The three weapons are the heart of the big formation. If an autarch enters, he’ll lose a layer of skin if he doesn’t die.”

“Is there any chance we could take the three weapons?”

“Take them? No. If we take them, the entire world will be endangered. An unparalleled True Devil is sealed within.”


“Still, other good stuff lurks around here. Once your cultivation improves, go in and try your luck. Not now, though.”

“There are more?”

“Not even I know what is sealed inside; however, a race resides inside: nightmare dragon race.”

“Old geezer, you want to take all three Peak Celestial Weapons or something?” The goal was to fool them, yet Yang Tian sounded as though he was bristling with anger.

The map marked the three Celestial Weapons and how to dismantle the formation. Gu Xi didn’t understand how Yang Tian knew, though. Despite his concern, Gu Xi rhetorically asked, “You think they’re all idiots who’d listen to your incitement and oppose Ancient Sacred Grounds?”

“Show everyone if you’re so sure, then. You want to take all of them? You can’t handle three Peak Celestial Weapons.”

Before Qing Yuan’s group could act on their anger, a divine soul delivered a message to them, telling them not to take part.

Several desolate era clans’ Battle Emperor adepts left. Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds and Skysong Sacred Grounds joined them. Other big sects also wanted a piece of the cake, infuriating Gu Xi because he couldn’t take the Celestial Weapons on his own.

Gu Xi crushed a jade slip. He wanted to bring out Ancient Sacred Grounds’ tools to bag all three Peak Celestial Weapons for himself. The question was whether or not other clans would agree to it.

“Uncle Xiao, let’s get going. Let’s find ourselves some nice seats.” Yang Tian and Yang Xiao also left and went to a teleportation formation.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Tian opened his eyes to find himself at Hundred Thousand Mountain’s outer perimeter.

Yang Xiao noticed how weak the energy around was. “I can’t believe this world has changed so much after hundreds of thousands of years have gone by.”

“Uncle Xiao, ancient qi vanished long ago. It can only be found in some secret realms nowadays.”

“Haha, back in ancient times, you could walk out on the street and easily find an almighty cultivator. You could randomly point at someone, and there was a big chance they were an Autarch Realm cultivator.”

Yang Tian and Yang Xiao chatted as they headed to Demon Subjugation City becayse it wasn’t safe to be loitering outside. Yang Tian learnt the Central Plain was where the bulk of adepts gathered. Devils occupied the West. A massive kingdom of gods ruled the North. In the ancient era, the South was out of bounds. Not even Yang Xiao wanted to mention too much about the secretive place.

All of Demon Subjugation City was bustling and lively from roads to alleys. Yang Tian wasn’t the top topic for too long as the mysterious treasure map hiding three Peak Celestial Weapons appeared, and Ancient Sacred Grounds took it.


Yang Tian had a drink of tea. “I don’t have flowers growing on my face, do I? What do you keep looking at me for?”

Meng Yunxi, sitting opposite Yang Tian in her company’s courtyard, rolled her eyes.

Yang Tian tossed Meng Yunxi a jade slip. “Can you help me collect those refining materials in a short span of time?”

“Let me take look.” Meng Yunxi sent her divine soul into the jade slip. “What do you want so many refining materials for? This requires quiet a hefty sum of bloodstones. Can you afford it?”

To test the waters, Yang Tian said, “Give me an approximate cost. I need them relatively urgently. It’s best if you could gather them in a short span of time.”

“About one million mid-grade bloodstones.” Meng Yunxi added a wink. “Wealthy gentleman, do you have enough?”

“A million? You want weapons to rob big clans, instead?” Yang Tian only had eight hundred thousand, all of which was obtained through theft for that matter.

“What? These materials aren’t cabbage, you know? I’m giving them to you for half of the market price. If you don’t have enough, you can pay with vitality water.”

“You can quit while you’re ahead. I don’t have much left; I’m saving it to save my own life.”

Meng Yunxi stretched her limbs. “Hehe, I heard you found a colourful field of herbs inside the palace. It’s pointless for you to keep it, so how about giving it to me?”

“Dream on.”

“Well, nothing I can do, then. I can’t abuse my power. The employees at the company need to put food on the table, after all…”

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