Almighty – Ch. 130

Let the Carnage Commence

When he saw the golden jade coffin, Yang Xiao looked rather vindictive since Yang Clan’s members died to those in the coffins. “I thought they were still alive. They must’ve used some sort of technique to maintain their life force.”

“Uncle Xiao, will they return?”

“Not for now. Formations are set up all over Fallen Devils Ground to slay them if they try. Needless to say, the formations are only intended to work on the devils.”

Seven metres after, Yang Tian crossed a dozen or so coffins.

The loud sounds kept ringing in Yang Tian’s ears as he walked. He arrived inside a big formation under Yang Xiao’s guidance. “Uncle Xiao, can you see what is outside?”

“I can. There is someone on the border of Autarch Realm attacking the killing formation.”

A screen appeared before Yang Tian, allowing him to see the entire palace on it.

“I thought an old freak came! It seems Ancient Sacred Grounds is dead set on taking my life!”

Gu Xi, the elder adorned in black, was a Half-Step Autarch Realm adept. Him aside, the others were all at the top of the food chain. Gu Xi had summoned his golden ancient mirror overhead. Its divine markings covered the void as he attacked the exterior formation. The black hands from within the cave tried to sneak up on him, but the elder and his ancient mirror in particular fought back against the formation inside with golden beams.

From the palace suddenly belted, Yang Tian belted, “How dare you storm into this god’s cave estate and disturb my hundreds of thousands of years’ beautiful dream?!”

The phrase “this god” almost knocked them out.

“The hell? The voice is so familiar,” stated Qing Yuan.

Xing Hao: “Forsooth.”

Thanks to his relatively advanced cultivation, the elder in black was able to remain perfectly calm. “May I ask who you are? I am Ancient Sacred Grounds’ supreme elder, Gu Xi!”

“Who am I? What insolence. This god is Silent Annihilation Sect’s founder. Have you simpletons forgotten this old one after a mere few hundreds of thousands of years?”

Silent Annihilation Sect was the top sect on the East of the continent during the ancient era.

“Huh? How dare you pluck my herbs?! You wish to die, is that it?”

“Man, I swear I know the owner of this voice,” voiced Qing Yuan, trying to sift through his memories.

“My friend, if you planted the herbs, this emperor can return them to you. Could I ask you to come out?” requested Gu Xi.

“You would dare refer to yourself as an emperor? Have you no shame?” The individual inside shook the entire cave with a release of divine energy. The fury of a god could change the colour of the world. Several people died in that last release alone!

Even if Gu Xi’s opponent wasn’t a Divine Realm cultivator, he was able to activate all of the killing formations within. Based off his experience, he deemed the situation to be too mysterious for comfort. He held his hands in a palm-fist salute. “Keke, if you would like herbs, come and take them, Sir.”

“You aren’t worthy of laying your eyes this god’s appearance… Oh… I just performed a divination and found out your old holy maiden is having an affair with her eldest nephew, even. What a disgrace. This old one has lived for ages and has yet to come across such a shameless woman. She deserves to die!” He then summoned a dozen dragons using his quirk to attack those outside.

While most found the individual outside to be brutal for attacking their holy maiden, Gu Xi looked irate for the reason that he could tell the individual inside was picking on him specifically.

Qing Yuan looked to his friends, hinting with his gaze, “No wonder why I thought the voice is so familiar. It’s Yang Tian.”

“Come out!” thundered Gu Lingyun.

The elder in white with a missing arm next to Gu Lingyun was an embarrassment for losing his arm. Nevertheless, he blustered, “You’re Yang Tian. Stop with the games!”

“This god has taken Yang Tian in as his closed-door disciple. You want to harm my disciple? You must’ve been born yesterday!”

A gargantuan dragon over three-kilometres long dove down toward Gu Lingyun from the sky. “Die, old hag. This god shall you from yourself on behalf of the moon.”

Gu Xi fired a golden ray from his ancient mirror that pierced the huge dragon.

Yang Tian was too weak in comparison to Gu Xi, and he couldn’t employ the killing formations at their maximum potential.

“Tian, that piece of land at the front of the cavern has been around for ages; it’s become a precious piece of land. Have you seen the markings next to it? The herbs have actually been there for ages. All of the essence of the withered herbs have actually been soaked up inside.”


“Obviously. If you move your herbs into there, the probability of them growing will increase by dozens of folds.”

“Why did the person before not pluck them? Surely somebody could see its worth.”

“You can’t just pluck herbs whenever you want from precious land that has formed over ages. Plus, you wouldn’t want to damage any of the soil. Otherwise, you would lose all of the essence.”

“Uncle Xiao, quickly move over…”

“There’s no rush. I’ll refine something first.” Yang Xiao found a quality piece of jade to shave into a jade sword.

Dozens of dragons dove down toward Ancient Sacred Ground’s people and rampaged. The killing formations plunged the entire palace into chaos. Low-level cultivators died.

During the ensuing chaos, a jade sword shot down into the field of colourful herbs. The sharp blade cut off the land Gu Xi wanted.

“Put it back!” fumed Gu Xi, as he gave chase and fired golden beams from his ancient mirror.

“Go home and sleep,” jeered Yang Tian, laughing.

A colourful dragon charged down toward Gu Lingyun from above, almost forcing her to her knees.

“Damn it!” Gu Xi was reluctant, but he clenched his teeth and went to Gu Lingyun’s rescue in the end. His decision to save her was rooted in the fact that every Battle Emperor was partially the result of enormous resources. Losing one would be the equivalent of losing a chunk of flesh.

“Hey, old geezer, are you so protective of her because she shares your bed, too?” Yang Tian summoned another dragon into the battle.

The livid elder cursed as he unleashed an imposing aura from his ancient mirror and fought his way to the cave entrance.

Yang Tian stopped Gu Xi’s attack. “Hahaha, old geezer, you’re as weak as a malnourished old man.”

“Yang Tian, hide there for eternity if you can. I’ll wait for you to come out. The moment you come out, my entire clan will tear you limb from limb and reduce you to ashes!”

“You need to be able to catch me first, old coward. Don’t just stand there running your mouth. Your breath is so toxic you’re polluting the environment, hahaha.”

“Hahaha, Tian, I have an idea that will make a fool out of them. You want to give it a try?”

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