Almighty – Ch. 128

Yang Xiao

Ancestral Dragon Ring was the nemesis of divine souls for it had the ability to easily absorb divine souls.

Yang Tian: “A divine soul dimension. Call me lucky, haha.”

The divine soul entered Yang Tian’s sea of consciousness. The elder searched the sea of conscious and noticed a piece of jade next to the jet-black ring. “What is this? It’s… Divine Dragon Soul Subjugation Jade… How is this here…?”

Ancestral Dragon Ring discharged a black mist when the elder was on cloud nine, swallowing his divine soul. The divine soul sluggishly recovered from a daze.

“Who goes there? Come out!”

Two small black dragons appeared before the divine soul, but they lacked the confidence to attack.

“Nightmare dragons…? Impossible…”

Yang Tian never heard of the dragons’ name before.

The dragons fired off two black beams.

“Die!” The elder uncorked a palm strike.

The black beam violently pierced the palm and continued ripping its way toward the divine soul. The divine soul unleashed another three palms as though it expected the first one to fail, successfully erasing the black beam.

The nightmare dragons spat out a black chain to capture the divine soul.

“The geezer is strong externally and weak internally, I see…” Yang Tian noted.

The divine soul depleted a lot of energy after a few lousy palms, evident from the black glow around him vanishing for the most part. It was clear the divine soul wasn’t able to replenish itself when it was trapped for so long.

The divine soul was on his back foot once the black chains attacked. Soon enough, he dropped to his knees. “Spare me, please. This old one is willing to serve you as your slave. Please spare this old one.”

Yang Tian: “An Autarch Realm geezer is begging to be my slave? Qing Yuan would be weak in the knees if he heard that.”

“This old one is sincere. Please have the nightmare dragons cease their attack. This old one shall serve you forever.” His divine soul was blessed to live for so long, as it was very fragile in the first place.

“Old Geezer, it’s not on me to decide. You should just die, I reckon, hahaha.” Even if Yang Tian could control the nightmare dragons, he still wouldn’t spare the elder because the latter was knowledgeable, experienced and strong.

“You… You… damn you!”

The dragons dived down, and there went the divine soul bit by bit. Every time the nightmare dragons devoured a bit more, the energy fluctuation around would increase.

“I suppose the dragons obtained quite a handsome rew-, what the?” exclaimed Yang Tian, feeling the cave quake once the divine soul was nearly completely consumed. Afraid that something happened, he returned to his body. “Could this be the boundary the old geezer set up? He’s dead; it’s gone!”

Ancestral Dragon Ring was eager to get to the place. Hence, Yang Tian concluded there had to be some amazing item waiting for them to discover.

The black scenery trembled. The atmosphere rippled. The boundary’s energy gradually faded. On the other side was a corporeal middle-aged man with who just opened his resolute eyes.

Yang Tian looked over to the phantom as the boundary faded. He was another divine soul and distinctly weaker than his previous opponent. He felt the divine soul was very close to him, almost as close as someone blood related. Even the middle-aged man observing Yang Tian could understand how his weak fellow clansman was able to defeat the entity outside.

Ancestral Dragon Ring excitedly circled around Yang Tian’s body. The middle-aged man stuttered, “Anc-Ancestral Dragon Ring…”

“H-how do you recognise it?”

The middle-aged man recomposed himself and he bowed to Yang Tian. “Yang Clan member, Yang Xiao, greets you, Patriarch!”

“N-no, get up…” Yang Tian quickly helped the middle-aged man up.

“Thank you for saving me, Patriarch,” expressed Yang Xiao, as he rose to his feet.

“Don’t call me patriarch. Call me Yang Tian.”

“That’s…” Yang Xiao couldn’t understand how a Warrior Realm cultivator was the patriarch of Yang Clan.

Yang Tian scratched his head. “I shall call you Uncle Xiao. You call me Tian. By the way, why are you here? What is this place?”

Yang Xiao was caught in a dilemma. He could be punished for disrespecting the patriarch. Yang Tian, therefore, told him to not worry and whatnot to finally convince the former it was all right.

Yang Xiao’s sealed memories finally returned to him. “Tian, you don’t know where this is? This is Fallen Devils’ Grounds. Why are you here? How many people from our clan came?”

“Clan… clan…” mumbled Yang Tian, knees buckling.

“What happened to Yang Clan?”

“Yang Clan is no more…” sobbed Yang Tian, hands to his head. All of the pent up hatred squeezed and suffocated him every day.

“Yang Clan is no more…? How? How? How can Yang Clan be gone? I’ve been asleep for hundreds of thousands of years?” Yang Xiao tried to seal a devil in this place but ended up detained.

The two conversed for a long time, and Yang Xiao finally learnt that the devils were no more just as Yang Clan was no more. Yang Xiao came to realise he was considered an ancient being by the current era. It was also inconceivable to him that he lived for so long already.

“Uncle Xiao, can you tell me about our clan during the ancient era? Were we strong?”

“Tian, don’t worry about that for now. I’m certain somebody orchestrated Yang Clan’s extermination. I must get to the bottom of it!”

Yang Tian didn’t press the matter given Yang Xiao’s reaction. There were some things better left unknown for it might’ve pertained to ancient secrets.

“Hundreds of thousands of years have gone by. I wonder if the other clans still ex-.”

Rumble! The cave suddenly shook.

“Uncle Xiao, the people outside are assailing this place. I took advantage of the chaos to sneak in here.”

“They want to attack this place? Are you all courting death, or did you want to release the devils? This is where fallen devils go. I just can’t believe their life force is strong enough to survive until now.”

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