Almighty – Ch. 127


“Yang Tian!” Gu Lingyun belted upon tracing the elder’s gaze to Yang Tian.

Yang Tian stared at the woman in white whilst furtively sweeping his gaze over the cave. “You have business with me?”


“What is? This?” Yang Tian cockily waved around the image of Gu Lingyun’s nude art and then dashed into the cave.

By the next second, the elder in white said, “Young Yang, come to Ancient Sacred Grounds with me,” before pointing a finger in the air and binding him in a void.

Qing Yuan and the others were furious, but Qing Rufeng already restrained them in a void.

“Go offer yourself to Gu Lingyun, stupid. Harm me, and Gu Mo goes works as the errand boy at a brothel.”

“Yang Tian, die!” brayed Gu Lingyun, beginning to launch a palm strike right after.

“Wait, he’s still useful. Don’t kill him yet.” The elder waved a hand and stopped the palm attack in the void because he wanted Yang Tian’s cultivation method.

Gu Lingyun vengefully clenched her fist. Her reputation had been totally ruined. To add, the damage to Ancient Sacred Grounds’ reputation would mean she’d be punished.

Yang Tian stopped suppressing Ancestral Dragon Ring, letting it go loose. As a result, he was able to break out of his confines and race into the cave. “Hahaha, Gu Lingyun, your garment will be on offer at an auction soon. Remember to participate.”

Since Yang Tian was able to enter, it meant that the formation was gone. As soon as the elder entered the cave, a black hand extended toward his forehead. The elder summoned a silver bell and shot down the attack with its wave of qi. The people behind picked up on the danger and swiftly retreated. The black head shattered the small silver bell and charged straight to the elder.

The elder decisively fired his right arm that became a clone of himself. At the same time, he leapt backwards. Alas, the black hand destroyed his clone. The damage resonated inside the elder, causing him to cough several mouthfuls of blood.

“How come Yang Tian could go in?!”

Xing Hao complained to himself, “Why didn’t the old man just kill damn old geezer.”

Yang Tian traversed the darkness with Ancestral Dragon Ring guiding him. When he reached a stone cave, his tension peaked in the blink of an eye. There was an individual enshrouded in black mist up ahead in the cave tens of thousands of square metres.

Behind the individual enshrouded in black mist with red eyes was a black screen that was over thirty thousand metres. The black magical text covering the screen was very similar to the individual’s aura.

“Ancestral Dragon Ring guided me to a boundary!”

“Hahaha,” laughed the individual shrouded in black mist, feeling excited.

Yang Tian readied two fists and stared at the laughing individual. He didn’t know why he felt hostile toward the individual.

He’s not crazy is he? Or is he some kind man looking to make me his disciple?

“It’s been years… This old one has waited for years… This old one has been trapped here for years…. Kekeke… Kid… offer me your body…”

“Damn Ancestral Dragon Ring, why did you lead me here?”

“Mm, two quirks, not bad. Although our body may be fragile, I can turn it into a priceless treasure…”

Yang Tian backed off while diving into Ancestral Dragon Ring. He gathered he wouldn’t be taken over if Ancestral Dragon Ring held him down.

“Keke… You should be honoured I want to possess your body. You don’t want to offer yourself?” asked the man in black, walking over to Yang Tian. “I… This old one is an Autarch adept…”

The man in black beamed a strange light that pinned Yang Tian to the ground. Then, he shrunk himself to the side of a thumb so that he could invade Yang Tian’s body.

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