Almighty – Ch. 125

Peerless Rare Treasure

“It’s coming… It’s coming…” Yang Tian dug out the human head-sized bloodstone with a smile.

Qing Yuan: “It’s huge… It’s huge, man!”

The newly discovered bloodstone was superior to all of their finds thus far. They wouldn’t exchange it even for a Peak Dao Weapon. As soon as they stored it away, they caught sight of a few figures rushing toward them.

Yang Tian noticed their visitors incarcerate his group with divine soul energy.

“There’s another big one down there. What do we do?” queried Qing Yuan.

“Just give it to them. Let the old geezers play dog eat dog, while we go inside,” suggested Xing Hao.

The old men began to fight each other for it inside the cave, totally forgetting about the brats hiding before.

The group didn’t pick up the several premium-grade bloodstones they chanced upon on the way. After all, they wanted to avoid anybody knowing their location. Upon arriving at the large door, the group tried to open it. The door dozens of metres thick was too heavy, sadly. The viscous ancient qi sprayed out of the hole comparably to a fountain once Yang Tian cut through.

“Shit, hurry in. There are herbs inside.”

An ochre light lit up the mountain peaks and everything covering the hundreds of thousands of square metres.

“Look… I’m sure those seven herbs are superior to Rank Seven Herbs!”

The herbs mutually protected the environment together. One of the herbs was a golden herb only the size of a palm. They could feel their bodies upgrading as they approached.

Dan Qu: “These herbs have definitely been here for more than five thousand years!”

Xing Hao:  “Damn it… Why is there a formation here?! Who set this cursed formation?!”

They couldn’t make sense of the outer perimeter formation, meaning they had no means of getting close.

“I want to know what’s inside,” muttered Yang Tian.

Ancestral Dragon Ring pointed to the dark cave behind the field.

One of the old men, who came through from a cave estate, reacted as the same fashion as a virgin who was thirsty for years. “Th-th-those are ultimate treasures…”

Qing Yuan whinged, “Now we’ve done it. There goes our catch.”

One of the elders summoned a small cauldron, which shone as it expanded to the size of a mountain. The enormous cauldron shook the formation, but the formation knocked the cauldron away. The elder was unable to react in time. The cauldron, therefore, dismembered him into five on the spot.

One of the depressed-looking elders aggressively gritted his teeth and looked over to Yang Tian’s group. “You were the ones who dug out the premium-grade bloodstone, weren’t you?”

“Old geezer, you want to fight or something?” Qing Yuan summoned a silver hammer and imbued it with his qi and blood right away.

The elder was surprised to see the hammer. “Junior, this old one has travelled the continent for centuries, yet you want to threaten this old one?”

“Whatever, old timer!” cursed Yang Tian.

Xing Hao rhetorically asked, “And so what if we are?”

Two individuals suddenly stepped in and trained their gaze on the elder. Yang Tian was glad to see the duo he recognised.

The individual who just arrived on the scene immediately launched a purple punch through the air.

“We can talk this out. Th-“

The purple punch reduced the elder to mincemeat before he had the chance to finish.

“Big Brother, why are you here?” asked Qing Yuan, with a big smile.

Qing Rufeng smiled. “With something so important, lots of adepts have rushed here. I didn’t think all of you would be here already.”

“By the way, Big Brother, take out the herb. People will be here any minute.”

Hei Sha touched his nose whilst looking excited. “Look what we have here. How long have these grown for to be manifesting quirks?”

Qing Rufeng released a divine soul. Nevertheless, his complexion instantly turned ghastly white. “It’s a killing formation. It has divine markings coating it. I can’t open it.”

Despondent, since it was right in front of him, yet he couldn’t obtain it, Qing Yuan asked, “Wh-what do we do, then?”

Qing Rufen shrugged. “You are… Yang Tian?”

Yang Tian juddered. “How do you know?”

Qing Rufeng silently looked at the Golden Dragon Seal above Yang Tian’s head.

Damn it, I forgot about that…

Yang Tian quickly putting his Golden Dragon Seal away.

“Who would’ve been able to predict the changes here…?” Yang Tian then stared in the direction of the entrance.

The people were nuts for treasures. The entire place was plunged into disorder.

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