Almighty – Ch. 118


Meng Yunxi brushed her hair off her shoulder. “This is a rare treasure. Have you decided how you will repay me for it?”

Yang Tian shrugged with his hands supinated. He didn’t have a choice; Meng Yunxi already determined the price.

“Keke, how about I make the decision for you? In exchange for this, give me five vials of accompaniment.”

“Five vials? Talk about greedy.” That said, Yang Tian wasted no time taking out five vials. “I still have something to do, so leave me now.”

Meng Yunxi: Did I ask for too little?

When Yang Tian wore on the mask, qi and blood discharged. The mask changed his appearance as per his will. The user just needed to enhance it with qi and blood, and there would be no cap on how long it worked. He looked into the mirror to see he sported the appearance of Li Hongtao. “Now this is a perfect item for setting people up. As long as I don’t run into a Battle Emperor Realm cultivator, nobody will know. Stupid woman charged me only five vials. Talk about a massive profit… It’d be hilarious if Li Clan hunted Yin Yang Cultivation Sect, huh?”

Yang Tian held onto an old map that had everything except the very centre of Hundred Thousand Mountains drawn. It wasn’t available for purchase in anywhere in Demon Subjugation City.

There were about eight more days before the Battle King’s cave estate opened. According to Meng Yunxi, there was a crack at the void located at exterior of the Battle King’s cave estate. If one with cultivation too advanced was to enter, they were asking for death. Warrior Realm cultivators, to the contrary, were best suited.

The Battle King’s cave estate opening was a good opportunity for Yang Tian to chase down some debts.

“I wonder if Yun’er and the others will be there. It’d be fun if they could come along.”

Yang Tian tidied up and carried Broken Sword on his back. He scrunched his face up when he felt the weight virtually shove him into the ground. He consumed a star pill and left. He pioneered this cultivation method to absorb the properties of pills at an expedited rate and was highly beneficial for his physical body. He had a mountain of star pills, so the cost of pills required was only a drop in the bucket.

Yang Tian bought some threads and then headed to the city doors. When he flashed the token Meng Yunxi gave him, he was able to exit without a hitch.

A mangled eighteen year old disciple of Yin Yang Cultivation Sect sped through the forest and stopped to catch his breath once he believed he had lost his predator. Nevertheless, that relief soon proved to be counting his eggs before they hatched. “Li Hongtao, Yin Yang Cultivation Sect has never crossed you. What do you gain from killing me?”

Yang Tian, attired in Li Hongtao’s signature purple, captured the three members of Yin Ying Cultivation Sect out of nowhere during their journey today, executing two members on the spot. He summoned Heavenly Cauldron and replied, “I feel like it. I do as I please. What’s it to you?” He then attacked the terrified young man’s chest.


“Remember not to choose Yin Yang Cultivation Sect in your next life. How dare Wang Long steal my woman?! I’ll kill all of your disciples I run into. Who’d ever suspect it was me?”

Approximately ten minutes later, the supposed dead disciple woke up. When he saw the borderline fatal wound on his chest, he bellowed, “Li Hongtao, I won’t forget this.” The vengeful young man consumed a pill. After healing, he wobbled away.

Yang Tian realised his targets would start to feel suspicious if he kept targeting the same people. Therefore, he donned Wang Long’s appearance. He summoned Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace’s imitation transformed his clothing to sport Wang Long’s appearance. Item-wise, he didn’t need to worry for Yin Yang Cultivation Sect had plenty of imitations.

News of the Battle King’s cave estate opening had spread to every corner of the East already. At one day out of the cave estate opening, primordial Li Clan and Yin Yang Cultivation Sect began fighting with each other; both sides wounded up with lots of injured disciples if not corpses. Strangely, the two clans’ upper echelon didn’t intervene despite the two clans ripping into each other.

Today, an even hotter topic swept up half of the East – Gu Lingyun’s affair with her nephew. It came as no surprise that lots of people expressed disbelief when they heard a woman over fifty was having an affair with a sixteen year old. The holy maiden came out from her training in seclusion not long after it spread.

Gu Mo went missing from Hundred Thousand Mountains, leading to some people to infer that Yang Tian kidnapped the former to blackmail Gu Lingyun. Her pledge to kill Yang Tian backfired because it was tantamount to admitting to the authenticity of it.

Some solo adept’s descendants even offered handsome prices to learn about the affair like the nosy people they are.

The news infuriated Ancient Sacred Grounds. Those who spread the rumour soon vanished without a trace, albeit the original source still being on the loose.

Yang Tian went as far as kidnapping some core disciples and holding them prisoner inside Golden Crow Divine Furnace. The beautiful girls’ hair was burnt, and their faces were ruined, but he didn’t give a toss.

Yang Tian scratched his head as he watched the group in the furnace thinking, “If only I had a holy maiden locked in here. That would surely whip up a storm. Anyway, time to stop with this. If I go too far and catch that old monster’s attention, then she’ll come hunting me again.” He transformed his facial appearance to fit in with commoners as a means of hiding.

The Battle King’s cave estate was located at Falling Cloud Mountain Stream, which was a forbidden zone at the outer perimeter of Hundred Thousand Mountains. Level Three Fierce Beasts gathered there, so commoners didn’t dare to approach the area. At some point before, the cave estate opened out of the blue. Somehow, the Fierce Beasts inside and outside were cleared out.

At the forefront of the place was a huge dimensional corridor. Skeletons were visible through the cracks. Kilometres around the dimension’s cracks were sealed off as anyone who entered died.

As Yang Tian closed in on the cave estate, the dormant Ancestral Dragon Ring in his sea of consciousness jolted. He looked around before turning his attention to the cave estate entrance. Going from Ancestral Dragon Ring’s reaction, he wondered if it was something inside the cave estate that attracted the ring. The prospects excited him.

A corporeal thirty-year-old man, sitting inside an active formation located inside a thirty thousand square metre cavern, which was inside the foreign dimension, occasionally released faint black qi that his faint aura absorbed, opened his eyes.

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