Almighty – Ch. 117

Mysterious Mask

The intense vibration was a sign that Yang Tian opportunity to break through to Divine Journey Realm. Excited, he dove into his sea of consciousness. Only a minimal amount of the soul qi residue from the soul crystal was absorbed. As he had a soul crystal and soul lotus, Yang Tian’s was several times superior to others.

The soul lotus’s potency gradually decreased as it shifted over to his divine soul, increasing the latter’s vibration proportionately. A dense black qi appeared overhead. After ten minutes, the lotus had half of what it had to begin with. The divine soul grew in height, absorbing the elixir around until it was the same of half of a palm before slowing down.

“Is this Divine Journey Realm?”

Yang Tian summoned his  twenty-five-centimetres tall divine soul resembling a small version of himself. It took a lot out of him, but the figure was fast and capable of flight. Usually, breaking through to Divine Journey Realm was the equivalent of reaching Profound Connection Realm.

Yang Tian played around for a while, putting it back once he felt tired. “It’d be perfect if I could get my hands on a Divine Cultivation Art. I haven’t found as much as a fragment after robbing so many divine descendants.”

Yang Tian spent the next few days concocting pills, destroying a total of thirteen herbs in the end. Being as tenacious as he was, he barely managed to produce one Level One High-Grade pill in the end, but he only quit when he succeeded.

Three months went by in Ancestral Dragon Ring, rendering Yang Tian restless

“It’s the last day of our bet. He’s not trying to play dirty, is he?” After waiting for another hour-plus outside the room, Meng Yunxi went to knock but stopped after raising her hand. “If I interrupt his cultivation and he suffers qi deviation, then it’ll all be pointless.”

One hour later.

Meng Yunxi stamped her feet. “Consider yourself lucky. I shall grant you a one-day extension.”

“Hahaha, I won’t stop you if you’re so eager to admit defeat.”

Meng Yunxi had an ominous feeling that she swiftly erased. “Slippery boy, don’t try to play substitutes with me. I’m an alchemist who’s almost reached Level Five.”

It normally took a lot of effort for an ordinary individual to refine the liquid, let alone trying to also familiarise themselves with divine soul energy.

Meng Yunxi entered and sat down on the bed. “Hehe, so, are you going to admit defeat now? Don’t even bother trying tricks on me.”

“Haha, if I succeed, you owe me a favour. Those were your words, correct? There’s no going back on them.”

“I wouldn’t lie. As long as I can do it, I shall see that it’s done.”

“Your words, not mine. No going back on your word, haha.” Yang Tian summoned a pill. “See? Straight out of the furnace. See it for yourself.”

Meng Yunxi looked bitter when she picked it up and realised its grade.

Yang Tian felt sorry for Meng Yunxi when he saw her dejected look but quickly restored his rationality. “You’re not going to go back on your word now, are you? “

“A Level One Mid-Grade pill. I’m certain it’s fake. Don’t try to fool me. It’s impossible to achieve within a month.”

“Just because others can’t, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“Okay, okay, tell me what you want, then.”

“You can definitely do it.”

Noticing Yang Tian’s sly look, Meng Yunxi instinctively recoiled. “What do you want? I suggest you don’t harbour any crooked ideas.”

“Ugh… Who’d want you?”

“What did you just say?”

“N-nothing.” Yang Tian passed over a woman’s undergarment.

“Wh-wh-who taught you this sort of stuff? Where did you get it from?”

“Oh… I wasn’t asking you to wear it on. What are you so nervous about? Look who’s sewn onto it.”

“Who’s on it?”

Meng Yunxi grabbed the see-through undergarment. When she saw the provocative pose of the woman on it, she blushed again. “I-isn’t this Gu Lingyun? You haven’t fallen for her, have you? She almost killed you days ago. She’s annoying and unpleasant.”

“Pfft!” Yang Tian gave Meng Yunxi the “you’re an idiot” look, and then told her all about Gu Lingyun’s affair with Gu Mo.

“Hahaha… My god, she and her eldest nephew, hahaha…” jeered Meng Yunxi. “You want me to air out their dirty laundry?”

“Exactly. Your company has branches everyone on the east of the continent, so I assume this is a simple task, right?”

“I can do that; however, I have to shoulder a big risk. If they find out, I am going to have a lot of trouble to deal with.” Meng Yunxi the undergarment whilst smiling mischievously. “Give me a vial of vitality spring water accompaniment, and I’ll help you, deal?”

“You think accompaniments are clicked into existence? No deal. Choose something else.”

“If you won’t agree, then you can forget about taking this undergarment, and I’ll cancel our agreement.”


Meng Yunxi was a Battle King cultivator.

“I can give you an accompaniment. In return, I want a divine soul cultivation method.”

“Dream on. They’re every clan’s secret. You don’t want Meng Clan hunting you down, too, do you?” Upon seeing Yang Tian’s downhearted look, Meng Yunxi added, “If you want one, I do have a way to get one. It’s just a matter of if you have the courage to go there.”

“What is it?”

“A few days ago, lots of adepts came to Hundred Thousand Mountains. Some of them accidently entered a cave estate. It still hasn’t completely opened yet. I’m sure adepts of their calibre would have a divine soul secret technique. It’s up to you whether or not you’d dare to go. Additionally, cave estates out in the world are a totally different beast to ones on Martial Arts Mountain. The former has hidden killing formations.”

Yang Tian wasn’t afraid of killing formations. In saying that, there were more people after his cultivation method than he could count. Going to the cave estate would be marching to his death.

Aware of what Yang Tian had in mind, Meng Yunxi took out a mask and smiled. “This is a unique item. People who haven’t reached Battle Emperor Realm won’t be able to recognise you when you wear this mask on.”

Yang Tian grabbed the mask from Meng Yunxi. He was elated until he saw Meng Yunxi’s smile… Maybe it wasn’t a smile…

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