Almighty – Ch. 116

Warrior Realm Sixth Layer

The liquid inside the intense flamed was consolidated into a small clear marble. The medicinal properties were more potent than they were prior. Every drop was clear liquid.

Yang Tian was very inefficient on his first attempt at pill concoction.

Yang Tian  switched up his hand seals, converting the liquid into a pill. The step was a test of his ability to control the flames. The lightning dragon spat out more hot fire with thunder to light up the medicinal properties inside. He was aware the step was long relative to the other steps, therefore slowed down his hand movements accordingly. His energy was potent enough to bear with the expenditure required.

The vital essence the furnace gathered was considerably more potent compared to before. Every now and then, it’d spit a flame out. The beast image on the furnace released a ravenous heat.

The entire Pill Formation process lasted a good hour. The elixir started to resemble a proper pill at long last. The gruelling process was very mentally taxing.

“Pill Consolidation Phase requires me to remove the berserk energy within. If any residue remains, it’ll inevitably explode when it’s taken out.”

Yang Tian calmed his nerves and sent his divine soul energy notwithstanding the fatigue and aches due to the violent flames.

The lightning dragon sucked the entire pill into its mouth, amplifying the pill flame even further with its innate fire in its mouth.  The extensive tempering shrunk the pill further. The potency increased substantially thanks to it as well as toughened.

“Pill Production!”

The furnace’s lid popped off, and it spat fireballs out. The lightning dragon came over and blew out qi with a crystal pill inside. The crystal pill shot up to the sky and pulled the elixir into the void. As the elixir levitated, the heaven and earth vital essence went along with it. Yang Tian sped up his hand seals.

The last phase of pill concoction was just as important as any other phase. When a pill came into existence, it would automatically absorb heaven and earth energy. Therefore, the final phase required precise control of the pill flame and hand seals.

Yang Tian’s energy left his body. Meanwhile, the energy in the elixir increased more and more. The pill flame could erase the berserk energy, but it wasn’t very effective at it. Unfortunately, it still ended up in failure. The incomplete pill dropped to the ground and reverted to its liquid state.

Yang Tian lied limp on the ground as he stared at the liquid. He couldn’t figure out where he went wrong. Once he regained his motivation, he sat back up to recover his qi and blood.

Yang Tian consumed three star pills, coating his body in a starry glow. As his energy was rapidly restored, his lacklustre divine soul glowed black. He consumed another few star pills until his blood and vital essence were alive before slowing down. “It seems I stand to gain a number of cultivation benefits from alchemy…” The improvement relieved him of the guilt of delaying his cultivation.

“Phew, let’s begin.”

The flame seed rotated markedly faster than last time. The lightning dragon dove into the pill furnace, lighting up a fire in the cool furnace. Although Yang Tian ruined three herbs, he was much better than his previous attempt in all facets.

Flame control was the key criterion for evaluating an alchemist’s level. The second criterion was their flame control technique. Techniques that were ranked too low tended to be excessively abrasive. As such, it was impossible to produce high-grade pill using them. The third evaluated factor was the alchemist’s divine soul energy. Yang Tian just lacked knowledge and experience.

Roughly an hour later, a crystal pill began to spin already.


The lightning dragon absorbed the pill into its mouth and repeated the process while Yang Tian tensely watched on. He failed before due to failing to control the variables in pill production phase in his previous attempt. This time, he put one-hundred percent focus into it to ensure there was never a moment of unbridled energy.

“Pill Production!”

Yang Tian palmed the ground to spring into the air. The lid on the furnace opened in synchrony. The lightning dragon blasted the elixir in the air with fire as soon as it exited. Yang Tian twiddled his fingers, releasing his divine soul’s energy to subdue the berserk factors.

The pill absorbed heaven and earth vital essence around to store the elixir within and reduce the rate of loss. It finally began to become a legitimate pill. When the lightning dragon’s flame levitated to the sky, the warm, hands-sized pill jolted and dropped into Yang Tian’s hand.

Once Yang Tian got over his excitement phase, he carefully stored it in a jade vial. “I’m an alchemist now, too.”

Yang Tian stayed inside Ancestral Dragon Ring to concoct pills for ten days straight. He improved his success rate in producing body cleansing pills to eighty percent. His divine soul reached its peak in Soul Formation Realm over the course of the ten days. He was close to hitting the ceiling of Divine Journey. He didn’t stop after reaching Warrior Realm Fifth Layer. He, instead, continued to diligently concoct pills inside his ring.

When Yang Tian successfully produced a Level One Mid-Grade pill, he also managed to improve his control on pill concoction times. His main daily goal was to consume star pills.

Meanwhile, almost half a month had gone past in the real world. Hundred Thousand Mountains was no longer in a frenzy. Some claimed Yang Tian was already beast lunch. Others claimed Ancient Sacred Ground’s former holy maiden already executed him. Ancient Sacred Grounds employed Eye of the Sky Seal eight times, suffering plenty of original qi damage, yet had nothing to show for it.

In terms of foundation, Yang Tian wasn’t inferior to any divine descendant at this point. His small qi and blood figure blew open seventy vital points in his body. His qi and blood river provided the qi and blood figure with energy for him to intensify his attacks as well as doubled his size.

The figure opened up half of a vital point, and a red light suddenly zipped past and dove into the qi and blood river. As he opened his seventy second vital point, an energy whirlpool appeared overhead.

“Vital point power, open!”

Once the seventy second vital point opened, the energy whirlpool overhead also grew several times more intense. Loads of energy poured out from the vital points and joined the qi and blood river.

Yang Tian consumed a handful of star pills, augmenting the rate of the river’s expansion. The energy whirlpool expanded twice its size. Then, the turbulence gradually stopped. His divine soul began to vibrate after his breakthrough, instilling excitement.

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