Almighty – Ch. 109

Slaying a Level Five Spirit Beast

“Die already!” Gu Mo fastened his grip, bringing the golden dragon playing in the river to life again.

The golden dragon pierced through the horned wolf beast, leaving the beast with a gaping hole in its abdomen as it dug deeper in. The beast collapsed onto the ground as blood gushed out from its wound. The pain brought out its maximum aggression, spurring it on to charge at Gu Mo.

Limp and defenceless on the ground, Gu Mo was terrified. “Gu Qing, do it.”

Gu Qing opened his eyes vigorously and released a dazzling green arrow. The beast threw its version of a haymaker with its mountain-sized arms. Alas, Gu Qing pierced its arm all the way through. The beast stared at Gu Qing as if it was trying to kill him with its gaze. In the end, though, it tried to flee as fast as it could. It was able to hang in there thanks to its tough body as a Level Three Fierce Beast. Gu Qing cockily intercepted it to finish it with a barrage of fist bombs.

“All right, all right, my turn now.” Yang Tian made a beeline for Gu Mo.

“Y-you…” Gu Mo saw a familiar face he really didn’t want to see in his current situation.

Yang Tian expanded his Golden Crow Divine Furnace dozens of metres. “Going to have to make you suffer inside.” Yang Tian grabbed Gu Mo with one arm and threw him into Golden Crow Divine Furnace.

By the time he landed at the bottom, Gu Mo’s face looked as if someone poured a bucket of sweat on his head due to the blistering heat in the furnace of fire. “Curse you, Yang Tian!”

Yang Tian peered inside the furnace and simpered. “Behave yourself in there. Try anything funny and the fire will drop on you.”

Gu Mo tried punching the lid on the furnace.

As soon as Yang Tian looked behind, he heard, “You’re Yang Tian?”Gu Qing figured out why they ran into a Level Three Fierce Beast.

Yang Tian condescendingly turned around to Gu Qing. “Congratulations, you’re correct. Unfortunately, there’s no prize for you.”

“Can you tell me how you erased the energy in your body?”

Idiot, don’t play tricks with me. You trying to stall for time?

Yang Tian sauntered over, ejecting crimson energy overhead. Then, he slammed the crimson aura down.

Gu Qing unleashed his accumulated energy into the sky, forming two huge arms. “Ancient Doombringers!” Gu Qing pushed all of his barely remaining qi and blood into the attack.

“Haha, I’ve seen that before. Stop acting tough if you’re nearly dead. Just stay down “Begone!” Yang Tian punched Scorching Sun through the sky and blasted the phantom arms into oblivion.

Gu Qing donned his green sacred garment.

“Hahaha, don’t make the mistake of thinking I can’t do anything about your turtle shell.”

Yang Tian slammed Scorching Sun onto Gu Qing’s sacred garment.  Gu Qing coughed blood due to the impact. His vision was blurry. Still, he didn’t give in.

“Yang Tian, if you attack me again, you’ll activate the divine soul inside me. Think thrice before you act.”

“Haha, I won’t kill you; you still serve a purpose.” Yang Tian summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace and threw Gu Qing inside.

Yang Tian snickered and put away his furnace. The two would suffer but wouldn’t die inside. As Yang Tian went to leave, the earth suddenly quaked and cracked. The surrounding kilometres radius shook violently.

Yang Tian heard angry roar after angry roar, each roar so sonorous that he felt his ears throb. “Could it be a Spirit Beast?”

The closer and closer the sound came, Yang Tian’s eyes darted around faster and faster. The colour of the horizon changed. A golden light rose up into the sky. Xiaobai came out, eager to approach the light.

A silver three-hundred and thirty metres tall beast sporting two huge wings that could generate tornados with a flap emerged from a rift in the golden light.

“A celestial silver tiger volant! It’s a Level Five Spirit Beast!”

A Level Five Spirit Beast was a Mutated Beast that was as on the same level as a Battle King adept.

A golden mountain-sized wyrm outstretched itself in the sky, flaunting its two small patterned criss-crossed horns. The wyrm had two small criss-crossed horns with red tips on its head. It huffed out a breath of mist from its cow nose.

Yang Tian took cover in the bushes. “Why is a Level Five Spirit Beast here?”

The golden wyrm’s roar triggered multiple avalanches. The celestial silver tiger volant generated tornadoes with a flap of its wings. The two huge beasts proceeded to duke it out, demolishing voids and mountains around in addition to creating gullies in the ground. The fight only stretched five kilometres, yet the residue waves of energy from the combat started tornadoes, tearing down trees and crumbling mountains. As it was better to leave in peace than in pieces, people showed a clean pair of heels to Demon Subjugation City.

“So, why are they fighting again?”

The golden wyrm suddenly belted and spat out golden qi entities from its mouth. The celestial silver tiger volant let out a deafening roar, lighting up the silver “King” character on its head. That must’ve been its power up for its power began to climb right after. The “King” character then removed itself from the celestial silver tiger volant’s head and fired back at the golden energy. The golden wyrm fired its claws off its foot and stabbed the “King” character. The flight of the claws left a crack in the void. The dimension was almost reduced to nothingness as a consequence of their clash.

As the two engaged each other, countless bolts of light flew as an equivalent to sparks in a sword duel. The celestial silver tiger volant ripped the golden wyrm’s scales off.

The forecast for the day must’ve been raining blood. The celestial silver tiger volant was more brutalised than the golden worm that tore off the celestial silver tiger volant’s flesh over and over. The celestial silver tiger volant cried in pain as the golden wyrm gnawed into it.

Although the celestial silver tiger volant flapped its wings to flee, the wyrm reacted faster.

“Bloody hell, why come this way?” Yang Tian broke out in cold sweat as the two enormous powerhouses approached his direction.

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