Almighty – Ch. 110

Running Into an Old Foe Again

“Why this again, damn it?!”

The wyrm was swift enough to catch the celestial silver tiger volant around its waist after it escaped about thirty kilometres. The wyrm then went to gnaw into the celestial silver tiger volant. As a proud Level Five, the celestial silver tiger volant clawed back with everything it had.

Given how close the two beasts were to Yang Tian, if they unleashed a dragon breath, he’d be finished. He, therefore, considered the feasibility of getting out of their range before attempting to flee. Howbeit, he returned to a prone position on the ground the second he prepared to run. He used his divine soul energy to look at the two burning inside his furnace and hiked up a corner of his lips.

I can throw the two of them out there to let the two Spirit Beasts rip them apart…

Yang Tian checked the status of the beasts’ fight, then moved hundreds of metres away, releasing the two in a plausible location.

“Yang Tian, screw you!” cursed Gu Mo, as soon as he escaped.

When Gu Mo noticed the two Fierce Beasts at each other’s throats, his legs gave in. Horrified, Gu Qing tried to calm himself and asked, “What are you trying to do…?”

“Nothing?” replied Yang Tian, laughing. “It would be your honour to fall victim to a Level Five Spirit Beast…”

Gu Qing shook his head vigorously. He knew using his allies to threaten Yang Tian was futile after he kicked Wang Long out of Martial Arts Mountain.

“Don’t do this. I’m from Ancient Sacred Grounds,” pleaded Gu Mo.

“Time for you two to get lost.” Yang Tian hurled the two over to the beasts with all his might. Afterwards, he dove into Golden Crow Divine Furnace and transformed into a grain of dirt to take shelter from the ear-splitting noise and rain of blood as the dragon and tiger brutally gnawed into each other.

The wyrm suddenly stopped biting. It didn’t understand why people weaker than ants were approaching it, not that it deterred it from grabbing Gu Mo. The wyrm prepared itself to squash the two, but…

“Bow down, filthy beast,” a woman demanded.

Two rays of black light saved the stranded duo.

The celestial silver tiger volant stopped in its tracks to search the void. The two beasts looked toward Gu Mo and Gu Qing, who were barely alive. The two of them were crippled. They weren’t going to last much longer unless they were granted with some amazing pill.

Never had two divine descendent candidates die to Mutated Beasts. Wait. They weren’t even physically killed. The beasts shamed them by almost killing the two with their auras alone!

Yang Tian: “Have a taste of your own medicine. That’s what you get for hunting me down for a cultivation method.”

The Celestial Silver Dragon Volant and wyrm gave up on killing each other to uncork a simultaneous attack at the adults.

The two middle-aged individuals could’ve fought back if they were physically there, but their divine soul wasn’t a match for beasts. Hence, the two planned to run. However, one of the men punched at the incoming celestial silver tiger volant with a mountain-sized fist.

The punch sounded as though it hit metal; even sparks were generated. The celestial silver tiger volant paused for a brief moment and then resumed its charge. It attempted to slam its leg in the middle-aged man. He swung a huge hand he prepared down onto the beast. The celestial silver tiger volant bellowed and kicked the hand in the void into oblivion. The middle-aged man immediately retreated as their divine souls already lost a substantial amount of energy. Realising what he was thinking, celestial silver tiger volant fired its “King” character toward the divine souls. It was too fast for them to do anything about.

When the two beasts bound forward, the dimension suddenly began to tremble. The dimensional field began to crack. What resembled a jade finger appeared in the void similarly to a gigantic pillar being summoned.

Yang Tian instantly identified the visitor as the woman who almost killed him. He would never forget the jade finger shot that almost skewered him. The very memory had his body overflow with rage.

Both beasts were so scared that they immediately fled.

“This empress never gave you permission to run,” brayed the woman, albeit from an unknown location.

The woman pierced the void with her jade finger, creating an opening for her condescending aura to come through and incarcerate the two in the void. The two beasts tried to break free with every ounce of energy they could muster. The void they were confined to finally began to shake and crack as they attacked it with all their might.

The eloquent woman travelled through a void far off in the distance.

The two beasts shook and smashed the jade finger with everything they had, creating more and more cracks. When they were about to finally break it, though, they shuddered.

The woman in white finally appeared in the combat void. She looked down at the mashed corpse. Sounding enraged, yet affectionate, she murmured, “Mo’er.  You two deserve to die!”

She summoned a Jade Palm stretching over three kilometres in the sky. With it, she crushed the void and everything in its way as it made its way toward the two beasts. The two beasts flopped to the ground after a short groan.

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