Almighty – Ch. 77

Mugging Li Hongtao

The laughter of the individual who just arrived was incredibly arrogant – and that was still an understatement. His footsteps were loud enough to split ears.

The voice sounds familiar, thought Yang Tian, watching the green silhouette flit.

Where have I seen him before – Yuan Ling inwardly asked, scratching his head as he looked at the chubby face.

“Haha, Yang Tian, I’ve arrived. I’ve finally found you.”

“Qing Yuan…? You’ve recovered?” exclaimed Yang Tian, stunned.

“Why is that fat barrel…?!” Huang Li still remembered Qing Yuan booting him metres away.

Liu Hongtao: “Hey, fatso, piss off. Once I’m done killing Yang Tian, I’ll starch you next.”

“Hang on. Isn’t that Qing Yuan? Why is he here?” questioned Xing Hao. Qing Yuan and Xing Hao’s elder brother were in the same generation and inevitably fought once in the past, though they were on friendly terms.

“I’ve yet to hear such audacious remarks before!” fumed Qing Yuan.

Qing Yuan summoned a large silver hammer that was laced in purple lightning and divine marks – Thundergod Hammer. That being said, his version was a bootleg version. It was sealed, which classified it as a Dao Weapon.

“Tsk, tsk, you think you could run from me? I’ll do Li Xuan a favour and get rid of you today.” Qing Yuan shook his head to express disdain as he caught Li Hongtao trying to show a clean pair of heals and then sucked the latter back through a vacuum. “You want to run after attacking my brother?” With one swing, the purple lightning bolts parted the air and swept a number of runners into the air. All they could do was hopelessly groan and cry as Qing Yuan brutalised them.

“Hehe, Brother Qing Yuan, it was a slip of the tongue. I swear it…” pleaded Li Hongtao.

Qing Yuan scared the living daylights scared out of Li Hongtao by reducing whoever he found an eyesore to mincemeat, then smiled villainously. “I’m fat, am I? All right, then. I’ll beat your head in so that it’s swollen like a blob of flesh. Then, we can discuss who’s fat between us. How does that sound?” Qing Yuan performed circular motions with his arm to load it up and rammed it straight into Li Hongtao’s face – hard!


The punch drew a lot of blood from Li Hongtao and broke bones in the process. Li Hongtao’s sacred shirt appeared, but Qing Yuan’s might passed through it to deal direct damage, causing Li Hongtao to cough until he was dealing with severe blood loss. Qing Yuan proceeded to knock out teeth. After about a hundred or so punches and Li Hongtao was barely breathing, Qing Yuan raised his hand and questioned, “Yang Tian, what do we do with him? Shall I kill him?”

“My father left his Divine Sense in me. Should you dare kill me, my father will kill you lot.”

“Did you just threaten me? Too bad, threats are the last thing I’m scared of.” Qing Yuan delivered several more punches.

Xing Hao: “Speaking of which, Li Clan bought a soul crystal at the auction. I wonder if it’s on him.”

“A soul crystal?” repeated Qing Yuan, eyes gleaming.

“Xing Hao, curse you. Curse you…” Li Hongtao quivered in fear. If he lost the soul crystal, even if he made it back alive, he’d be severely punish. He, as a matter of fact, might even be stripped of his divine descendant status.

“Speak, where is the soul crystal? I can be magnanimous and spare you,” offered Qing Yuan.

“I don’t have any soul crystals on me; they’ve been sent home. I’m telling the truth. I don’t have pills or anything. My clansman took the soul crystal back already.”

“In that case, I’ll just crush you here and now, and you can forget about touching a woman’s body again. You have until the count of three. One, two, time.”

Li Hongtao presented a jet-black crystal.

“Good. Now you’re speaking my language.”

“Can you let me go now…?” There was no resentment in Li Hongtao’s voice for a change.

“Give me your interspatial ring, too. Don’t waste your efforts trying to fool me. Hand it over.”

“You just reneged on your word…”

“Who’d waste that effort on you? Hurry up. You’re making me wait, damn it. Either I crush you, or you hand over the ring. A woman would do fine, as well. You weight your options.”

Yang Tian exchanged eye contact with his team, expressing their opinion that Li Hongtao was a coward when the latter dropped his ring.

“Where is the weapon? Hand it over now, and I’ll spare you. Don’t try anything funny,” brayed Qing Yuan, after checking the collection of herbs and what have you.

It took a moment, but Li Hongtao tossed over Heavenly Cauldron, a Half-Complete Dao Weapon.

“Haha, now piss off!” Qing Yuan chucked Qing Yuan straight out of the hall. Qing Yuan stood up and tossed Yang Tian Heavenly Cauldron and the soul crystal. “Yang Tian, these two are yours.”

“I can’t take them. I can’t hoard it when we got through a combined effort.”

“You must accept. You two don’t have any objections, do you? We’ll divide the rest among us.” Qing Yuan gave Xing Hao and Dan Qu a threatening look.

“Hehe, we certainly have no objections. Brother Yang can have them,” replied the two, waving their hands while laughing. “It doesn’t matter who uses them. Let Yang Tian use them.”

Yang Tian took out three purple lotuses. “Consider these herbs compensation. Do not refuse. I’ve already earned the bigger share.”

Qing Yuan never found the herb before during his time as a cultivator. He was amazed he was lucky enough to have one after regaining his cultivation. “Hehe, where did you find this from?”

“I got them from the herb garden outside.”

The three chatted while the light gate next to them suddenly began to stir.

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