Almighty – Ch. 76

Tornado Tussle

There were some weaker individuals already on their backs. They weren’t going to die, but the team’s overall forces were cut down.

Bells, cauldrons, swords, towers, broadswords… all sorts of weapons took part in the chaos. Divine markings woke from their slumber. Auras applied pressure. Everything was directed at Yang Tian’s team!

“Argh!” Yang Tian’s black hair splayed upwards as he smashed the incoming broadswords and swords using the cauldron Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Cauldron as if it was a weapon. The deafening clangs with each smash were followed by broadswords and swords flying about. Dozens of fists assaulted the enemies. Yin Yang Divine Cauldron’s unparalleled toughness decimated several Mystic Weapons. He was the embodiment of power, and Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Cauldron was the embodiment of toughness. The duo sent Peak Mystic Weapons soaring through the air; however, it came at the expense of lots of energy.

“Blood-Stained Jade Sword Aura: Sundering the Nine Heavens!” Xing Hao spared no mercy, going for kills right off the bat. A river of swords poured down from the sky, obliterating every weapon in its path.

“Part the Clouds!” Dan Qu fired a purple mist-breathing dragon off his half-complete arrow. Its flight was heard through the sky until its violent assault on the weapons overtook the noise of its flight.

It wasn’t often that one was able to witness three men demolish over a dozen men, yet Yuan Ling felt the man in black was a notch above the trio.

The man in black tried to keep his fighting spirit under wraps. “Yang Tian, don’t die.”

After Heavenly Cauldron was knocked away, Li Hongtao wore the grimmest look he ever wore. “Huang Li, come over here. Work with me. Let’s see if he can take on two Dao Weapons at once.”

“All right.”

Heavenly Cauldron trembled, and its divine markings activated. It swam over above Yang Tian’s head and poured an azure waterfall of energy down on him. At the same time, Huang Li’s Earth Spirit Ancient Bell glowed golden yellow and expanded to a hundred metres. Energy continued to escape from its opening as it attempted to squash Yang Tian.

Yang Tian smiled despite his predicament:  You’ve finally given in, huh? You made me wait a long time…

Yang Tian opened his shirt. The small seal that hadn’t taken on its full form rotated overhead.  “Earthquake Seal!” Once the last part of the seal took form, the crimson seal rotated up in the sky. Tremendous Qi sprayed into the bell’s opening to rampage. The rocking caused Huang Li to cough blood as if there was no tomorrow. His internal injuries opened again, and his entire aura dwindled exponentially in seconds. Yang Tian’s crimson punches landed flush on Heavenly Cauldron.

In the meantime, Xing Hao was under pressure. He was fighting against four others, and his long sword hovering overhead lost its glow completely. As such, most of Xing Hao’s wounds were thanks to Mu Rongjie.

Dan Qu made full use of his illusionary movement style. On some occasions, he’d assist Xing Hao, but he did cop an injury. Fortunately, his injury wasn’t detrimental to his combat abilities. He kept popping back pills, which provoked people into wanting to butcher him.

“Hargh!” roared Yang Tian, after consuming an Ancient Pill.

Li Hongtao hastily called back Heavenly Cauldron and fled to the rear. When they sensed the danger inside, people made way for Li Hongtao to run.

Under his breath, Murong Jie cursed, “Utterly useless.”

“Time for you to die.” Yang Tian dashed toward Murong Jie. At the same time, Scorching Sun soared through the sky over to his head.

Murong Jie threw his fan out, forming an ochre wall to block off Yang Tian.

“Block this!”

Scorching Sun’s countless crimson rays shoved Murong Jie’s wall down.

“Now’s my chance!” Xing Hao eyes lit up as he caught sight of Murong Jie being pushed back. Xing Hao summoned his sword and went to harvest Murong Jie’s head.

“Damn it!” Murong Jie spotted the sword, but it was too late. His sacred shirt enveloped him to deflect the sword.

The impact of the slash crinkled Murong Jie’s sacred shirt and sent him back.

Seeing Murong Jie succumbing to his injury, Yang Tian roared. Scorching Sun erupted, shooting waves of fire at the folding fan. The fan’s trembling directly led to Murong Jie coughing blood and his aura dying out.

Heavenly Cauldron suddenly sneaked up on Yang Tian from behind. Yang Tian spun around swiftly. Alas, the cauldron’s tremendous force sent him backwards. Having expended nigh all of his qi and blood, Yang Tian’s organs ruptured.

“Haha, dead this time, aren’t you, Yang Tian?” taunted Li Hongtao, laughing excitedly after landing a blow.

Yang Tian knocked back pills until he was restored to full power.

“Seems it’s time for me to intervene.” The man in black opened his eyes when he sensed Yang Tian’s fading strength. However, when he went to move, he halted himself.

“Haha, don’t leave me out of such a fun party.”

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