Almighty – Ch. 75

The Big Fight Commences

Li Hongtao looked livid due to his efforts being in vain after he almost had it. There were less than thirty people in the large hall. Half of them were off in the distance, waiting to benefit in some capacity from the turmoil.

Yang Tian: He’s not going to join them, is he…?

Sensing Yang Tian’s gaze on him, the young man in black opened his eyes and gave Yang Tian a friendly smile before shutting his eyes again.

Xing Hao whispered, “Dan Qu, when the fight breaks out, focus on shooting the weak ones. Finish them.”

“Leave it to me, Brother Hao, I love nothing more than shooting the unsuspecting.” Dan Qu tapped his big bow.

Li Hongtao walked over and smiled. “Yang Tian, if you obediently hand over your star pills, we can put our feud to rest, else…”

Shifting his gaze to those waiting to prey, Yang Tian supinated his hands and smiled. “You actually believe him?”

Noticing the audience’s change in attitude, Li Hongtao’s smile changed. “Would you dare to let us check your interspatial rings, then?”

“Haha, you’re the epitome of idiocy,” insulted Xing Hao.

A cultivator’s interspatial ring was as important as their life. Who’d be stupid enough to let him frisk it?

“Whether you believe me or not, I, Li Hongtao, swear that, if they don’t have star pills, then I will never be able to reach Warrior Realm!” Not being able to reach Warrior Realm for a lifetime as member of an ancient clan was a fate worse than death. Li Hongtao’s pledge to honesty was also his pledge to kill Yang Tian.

Yuan Ling, who sat cross-legged at the rear and equally eager to bag a share, muttered, “Now this is going to be fun.”

No longer able to contain himself, a rather haughty individual stepped up and demanded, “Yang Tian, give me a share of the star pills, and I’ll leave right away. I won’t get involved with your conflict.

“Brother Yang, he’s Shi Kun. He’s weaker than Huang Li, but he’s quite famous,” informed Xing Hao.

“If you want it, get in line,” replied Yang Tian, with a nod. It was time to make an example out of someone.

“Don’t be so full yourself!”

Shi Kun lunged toward Yang Tian, intending to throw a palm strike at the latter’s skull. Despite his imbued palm and him closing in, Yang Tian whipped his hand lightning fast, catching Shi Kun’s hand before it could land.

“I told you you’re unqualified, hahaha!” Yang Tian brought his qi and blood to his hands to pulverise Shi Kun with a punch before following it up with a devastating palm strike.

“Pfft!” Lying on the ground, Shi Kun’s body convulsed. He coughed up mouthfuls of blood and looked white as a sheet. His arm, for one, was nearly crippled.

“What? You afraid now or something?” asked Murong Jie, trying to adjust the atmosphere. Voice stifled, he said, “There are many killing formations in the sect. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Since we can’t obtain the Inheritance, leave it here. If anything happens, I’ll bear the responsibility.”

If Thundercloud Sect got their hands on the Inheritance, Eastern Continent’s power hierarchy would undergo a drastic change. Most of them weren’t willing to offend Thundercloud Sect, but Murong Jie’s intervention changed that.

“Sorry, Brother Xing Hao, but you can’t leave with Formation Sect’s Inheritance.”

“Haha,” laughed Murong Jie, as he took his time turning his head. “Get them!”

Over a dozen people charged toward Yang Tian’s trio. As the enemies closed in, Yang Tian suddenly unleashed an ear-splitting roar. His qi and blood river levitated up and repeated its usual rumbling.

“Let’s go!” Yang Tian smirked before blasting several fists, saving nothing in the tank. His punches sent those closest flying. Several of the strongest ones were shocked. They tried to escape the boundary, but some just didn’t cut it.

Dan Qu fired several lethal purple arrows.

Sword Auras clashed in the air. Hundreds of Sword Auras danced into the enemies’ bodies.

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