Almighty – Ch. 56

Thunderous Heavenly Sound and The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens

“That’s a quirk – two types of quirk for that matter. How is that possible?” Yun’er was in disbelief.

Few on the Eastern Continent were able to grasp quirks. Divine descendants who were able to grasp a quirk while in the Blood Refinement Realm grasped overpowered quirks. Besides some secluded holy locations, where did prodigies shine brightest? Usually, they didn’t show up on the Eastern Continent. Instead, they wandered the central plains.

Huang Li only had a half-complete quirk and needed to break through to Warrior Realm to produce the quirks. With quirks bolstering one’s abilities, their combat prowess would improve by leaps and bounds. Those who grasped two types of quirks were at the pinnacle on the Eastern Continent.

“Thunderous Heavenly Sound and The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens. That’s two quirks. Elder Brother was only able to grasp one, and he was only able to grasp it once he reached Warrior Realm,” giddily muttered Yun’er, excited.

Thunderous rumbling, strong gales, Yang Tian’s qi and blood river absorbed ancient qi around it.

One of the reasons Yang Tian could condense two types of quirks was thanks to fire dragon divine fruit. The second reason was Heavens Conqueror Manual. The third reason was thanks to his incredible qi and blood. The fourth was a solid foundation. The fifth was a tough body.

The second realm in martial arts, also the hardest to get past, was opening one’s vital points. The human body contained one hundred and eight acupuncture points, but they were hidden deep within one’s body. Therefore, it required one to possess a solid foundation to sense.

“Here!” A smirk crept up on Yang Tian’s face once he detected a change in position. Qi and blood in his body transformed into a little man that appeared in his mental plane. The little man practiced the punches, gradually wearing a fortress down. Once he broke through the obstacles, he noticed a golden vital point that was approximately the size of an eye.

“Vital point, break!”

Yang Tian devoured ancient pills, boosting his combat prowess more and more. Using said combat prowess, he attacked the vital point over and over. The cracks at the edge of the vital point expanded more and more. With every punch, the qi and blood inside multiplied. Every drop of qi and blood was several folds more potent than what he possessed in his qi and blood river. A crimson light suddenly escaped the vital point and penetrated into his qihai, stirring his qi and blood within. Thanks to the vital point’s boost, his combat attributes doubled what they were.

Yang Tian kept up with his punches until he was able to make a hole in the vital point. If he could completely shatter the vital point, he could ascend to Warrior Realm, which would result in Martial Art’s Mountain rejecting him.  The energy in the vital point grew more potent as Yang Tian consumed more ancient pills.

I guess I need to get my hand on more ancient pills. This is nowhere near enough to break through to Warrior Realm. Yang Tian, noticing that he went through half of his Ancient Pills, shook his head.

Yun’er dimpled when she saw Yang Tian open his eyes. “Brother Yang, welcome back.”

“Hehe, I just finished cultivating. By the way, Yun’er, how are your wounds? Ugh…” There was a faint scent identical to Yun’er’s in the cavern that wasn’t there before. There were decorations on the wall, even teacups.

“I’m fine. I fully recovered yesterday,” replied Yun’er. She brushed her black shoulder on her shoulder and waved her fist.

“I’m glad you’re all right.” Yun’er poured a cup of tea and handed it to Yang Tian. “Brother Yang, I brewed this. Have a try.”

When Yang Tian looked up and their eyes met, the atmosphere felt really awkward. Yang Tian, therefore, hastily expressed, “Thank you.”

“Brother Yang, it should be Yun’er who thanks you. Had it not been for your aid, Yun’er would have died twice, hehe.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I just happened to chance upon you. How come you’re not with your brother and even affronted them?”

Embarrassed, Yun’er brushed her hair on her shoulder and answered in a faint voice, “I was bored, so I sneaked out to play. I never thought I’d find a skeleton in that cave. The skeleton was still sentient.” Yun’er turned around to pick up the crystal ball on the table. “The elder gave me this and told me to find Battle Sect’s ruins to pick up an Inheritance or something. I bumped into that group after, and the rest is history…”

It would be normal for one to not know of other ancient sects; however, virtually everybody knew Battle Sect. In the ancient ages, they were one of the ten most powerful sects on the continent. The disciples focused on offensive formations and honed them until their disciples could take on cultivators above their own level. Battle Sect was formed during the ancient era and always prospered – including financially. Nevertheless, according to the records, calamity struck. That tragic history was rarely ever mentioned, so not even Yang Tian was informed. After the big war, Battle Sect was exterminated, but their ruins were moved using a large-scale formation. Countless tried to find the ruins to no avail.

“Brother Yang, is Battle Sect a formidable sect?”

“Uh… Very. Ancient records say that they are far stronger than Yellow Dragon Valley!”

Yun’er tugged Yang Tian’s arm. “Several times stronger than Yellow Dragon Valley? Surely that is an exaggeration. Nobody on the entire Eastern Continent dares to offend Yellow Dragon Valley.”

“Oh.” Yun’er embarrassingly released Yang Tian’s arm and puffed her cheeks when Yang Tian breathed on her.

Yang Tian scratched his head and looked away. With a smile, he expounded, “Uh… That is what the books say. I can’t tell you if it’s true or not. That was ages ago, though. The status quo is definitely different now.”

Once the atmosphere calmed down, Yun’er returned to her usual self and stared at the crystal ball with a hopeful gaze.

“Yun’er, let’s go search for it once I master a Martial Technique.”

There was no telling if Battle Sect only practised formations. Moreover, the Inheritance would inexorably emerge sooner or later, and Yang Tian didn’t want to see his enemies with it.

“Sure, Brother Yang. I’ll wait for you to master a Martial Technique.” Yun’er had a glimpse of the jade slip in Yang Tian’s hand then obediently sat to the side. However, she occasionally stole glances at Yang Tian’s face.

Yang Tian had always been researching the jade slip. He only skimmed it last time, nevertheless. Seals were tough to master Martial Techniques in the world of cultivation. He already had a taste of Earthquake Seal, and he was fond of it – not on the receiving end, of course. Once he finished looking into it, he repetitively replayed the alterations and changes in the sealing technique for several hours before opening his eyes. “Earthquake Seal can rival a Star Level Low-Grade Martial Technique. Now that’s amazing.”

Once Yang Tian mastered Earthquake Seal, he could superpose an illusion sealing technique to increase its output by twice its usual amount.

Yang Tian clasped his hands and thumbs together then concentrated in silence. Qi and blood traces levitated above his hands and condensed. As he pushed more qi and blood onto his hands, a seal the size of his thumb gradually took form. The small seal in the air then began to vibrate. He used all his might to suppress it, but the force output continued to rise before finally disappearing. He wasn’t disappointed over his failure, nor would he lose hope. If he could master it in one attempt, then he’d have to question its authenticity.

The ancient qi within the cavern sometimes resembled a fleeting bloom and sometimes rhythmical rainfall. Sometimes there were dancing fingers in the air similarly to falling petals. There was too much going on for Yun’er to take in…

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