Almighty – Ch. 55

Blood-stained Jade Sword Aura – Sundering the Heavens

“Xiaobai, hold them while I go and help Brother Yang,” stated Yun’er, heart throbbing at the sight of Yang Tian covered in wounds, hood torn off.

Xiaobai kept going at Huang Li’s aides.

Yun’er imbued her sword with energy once she closed in on Huang Li. “Blood Stained Jade Sword Aura, Sundering the Heavens!” Yun’er enveloped herself in an unstable aura, burning energy, and then fired off a river of sword auras.

Huang Li discharged blood and essence, pushing the divine markings on the bell above even further. He split the bell into clones to counter Yun’er’s river of swords. The river of swords transformed into a rainfall of swords against the bell clones. Huang Li pushed his life force into the red to expand the clones yet again. Yun’er’s river of swords struggled to overcome her foe’s attack. It was painfully clear from her grimace that she was struggling – further verified by her bleeding from her mouth. Had it not been for her sacred shirt, she’d be hurt a lot more severe than that.

“Come on and break!” raged Yang Tian, hair flowing wildly. Owing to Huang Li not continuing to provide a continuous supply of qi and blood, the restraints revealed a chink that Yang Tian exploited. His fury burst as he watched Yun’er weakening. “Die!”  He detonated a punch on Huang Li, sending the latter crashing into trees for over thirty metres before stopping.

“I won’t let you get off with this.” Huang Li coughed blood. An earth-coloured glow with patterns covered his body, hiding him similarly to a turtle taking refuge in its shell.

“I’ll be waiting. Come get me if you have what it takes.”

Yang Tian rushed back to Yun’er’s side. Huang Li’s armour was a Half-complete Dao Item, so, while Yang Tian could body him, it would take too long, not to mention the fact that lots of people would’ve been alerted by that point.

Yang Tian slaughtered Huang Li’s two aides as he carried Yun’er on his back. Xiaobai ran ahead of them to lead the way. Not long after Yang Tian departed, someone approached in a noisy fashion. When Yang Tian saw Huang Li curled up in his turtle shell, he ran away without a hint of hesitation.

“Haha, if it isn’t Huang Li. Why are you hiding in a turtle shell?” A fat bloke, who rocked up where the fight took place, couldn’t resist the urge to give Huang Li two kicks when he saw him.

“Who are you…?” asked Huang Li, looking ashamed and frustrated, yet still giving the fat bloke the death stare.

“Haha, ask your mother.” The fatty booted Huang Li and giggled as he watched the latter vanish. Then, the fatty took off again.

Whenever beasts saw Xiaobai, they turned tail.

They ran for several hours before Yang Tian found an abandoned cave. He sealed the entrance shut with a boulder before finally catching his breath.

“I didn’t think she was so skilled. She must hail from some sort of prominent association.” Yang Tian fed Yun’er a Heavenly King’s Sacred Heart Pill. That was when he noticed her tightly hanging on to the crystal ball. “Huang Li, huh? This isn’t over.”

Xiaobai was undoubtedly ridiculously fast, but he lacked combat experience.

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring and sat on a pile of ancient pills, absorbing as much ancient qi as he could to heal his wounds. Upon consuming a heavenly sovereign’s sacred heart pill, several flames instantly headed toward his broken and cracked bones. Gradually, his weak life force returned to normal.

Transforming himself into a furnace, Yang Tian’s organs rumbled. Thanks to the light red energy cleansing his bones, they returned tougher than ever. After running Heavens Conqueror Manual for several cycles, the energy in his blood returned to life. He was in the process of renewing his cells. His battle with Huang Li also helped him attain a deeper comprehension of the nameless fists style.


Golden rays came through the gaps in the boulder to announce a new day. Yun’er jolted awake and scanned the interior of the cave and stopped when she saw the young man actively recuperating. “Brother Yang, sorry for implicating you.”


Yang Tian: I got hurt two days ago, and it’s turned into a quirk all of a sudden? You have my gratitude, Huang Li. Break!

“Brother Yang is breaking through.” Yun’er woke up due to Yang Tian’s ruckus on the third day.

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