Almighty – Ch. 54

Earth Spirit Ancient Bell

“You asked for it!” Yang Tian caught the big yellow earth hand in the air using red chains and then crushed it.

“Which clan is this guy from? How does he have such precise control over his qi and blood?” Huang Li may have been scorning Yang Tian on the surface, but he was taking his opponent serious.

Huang Li flashed over to Yang Tian’s side and struck with palm strike after palm strike, generating loud noises as he parted the air and punctured ancient trees with each strike. Yang Tian relied on swift body movement to evade Huang Li’s attacks while stirring his qi and blood river. Alas, it didn’t deal much damage to Huang Li as he had armour in the form of a sacred shirt.

Huang Li’s two aides forced Yun’er onto her back foot with their dual attacks.

Yang Tian kept Huang Li at bay with non-stop punches. He was unable to go on the offensive, but he enjoyed himself because his finesse with the punching-emphasised style improved when fighting against a powerful adversary. Every punch he threw was firm and hard, affecting metres beyond what his fists physically reached.

Huang Li: I can’t continue fighting forever. If others find us fighting, we’ll be in trouble.

Huang Li decided to retreat.

Yang Tian was unable to keep up with Huang Li’s speed, allowing the latter to put over thirty metres between them. Huang Li summoned a bell an inch to his hand.

“A Dao item…? Wait, it hasn’t fully taken shape yet.”

“You should consider it an honour to die to Earth Spirit Ancient Bell.” Huang Li imbued the bell with his qi and blood, bringing the divine markings to life. The bell that grew to a hundred metres rotated up in the air.

While Yun’er let the distract her, the duo struck her flying into a rock.

“Yun’er!” Yang Tian wanted to rush over to the two pursuers, but he was bound as he attempted to go.

“Still trying to be a hero when you’re about to die? I’ll give you credit for your bravery.”

Yang Tian desperately struggled but to no avail. Suddenly, Xiaobai came out. He could sense Yang Tian’s rage, so he softly cried out. Since the confines were useless against him, Xiaobai hurried over towards Yun’er’s two attackers.

“Xiaobai, protect Yun’er,” instructed Yang Tian.

“What the hell is that thing?” Huang Li was in disbelief.


Xiaobai slashed one of the young men in the back, causing him to topple over owing to his speed. His ally had yet to overcome his surprise when Xiaobai had already disappeared. Not only was Xiaobai astonishingly fast but also packed a punch, proven by the fact that he pierced through the young man’s sacred shirt. From Yun’er’s side, Xiaobai watched the two hostiles and warned them to back off.

A smile surfaced on Yun’er’s pale face at the sight of Xiaobai’s erect fur. She struggled to her feet and popped a pill. The back of her sacred shirt was revealed due to her green shirt being torn from the impact. He poised herself and stood with her sword held horizontally. “Xiaobai, kill them.”

Yun’er dashed forward to begin her counterattack, Xiaobai acting as her vanguard. Huang Li’s two aides couldn’t keep up with Xiaobai, while the latter continued to claw them over and over.

“Don’t hurt the little beast. He’s mine,” Huang Li ordered. If he could obtain Xiaobai, his combat ability would shoot through the roof, dismissing the reality that his two aides would’ve been shredded already had it not been thanks to their armour.

“You must’ve been dropped on your head too many times,” ridiculed Yang Tian.

“I’m getting sick of your smart aleck remarks.” When Huang Li looked up to see the sun above Yang Tian beginning to loosen the bind, he spent a moment in shock. “You need to go!”

Huang Li clenched his fist. Upon receiving the signal, the bell charged toward Yang Tian’s skull.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian’s Scorching Sun intercepted Earth Spirit Ancient Bell.

Sparks flew from the bell. The markings moved to collect ancient qi around the vicinity in order to continue along its downward trajectory. It took such a toll on Yang Tian to resist that his skin began to split.

“Hargh!” With a furious cry and his hair going wild, Yang Tian threw a crimson energy punch through the air, shaking up the shackles on him.

“Quit struggling. It’s futile.” Huang Li continued imbuing the bell with more qi and blood, bringing it down closer and closer to Yang Tian’s skull.

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