Almighty – Ch. 46

Climbing to the Peak

Yang Tian breathed out to end his cultivation session then slowly opened his eyes upon feeling warm rays on his face. He let out a strong breath then got to his feet and thumped his stiff arms. “Xiaobai, wake up.”

“Martial Arts Mountain’s opening is today. I want to see how miraculous this place people flock to at all costs is.” Yang Tian tidied up the room before leaving.

Five kilometres ahead of Martial Arts Mountain, you would find the towering mountain sitting in the clouds. On the side of the mountain, you could catch silhouettes in motion. There were people beginning to ascend the mountain from the foot already, but it was a laborious trod.

At the peak was a boulder with “Martial Arts Mountain” carved on. Around the midpoint was a white door that shined.

Yang Tian ran toward the base of the mountain. “Apparently, you can’t just enter if you have an invitation. You can’t just flaunt your power and expect to strut through, especially if you acquired your might through pills.”

“Halt!” demanded Li Jidong, descendant of Primordial Li Clan and the walking definition of pompous.

Yang Tian walked straight past the youth, compelling the latter to demand, “What insolence. I told you to stop, you hear? Are you up to something questionable? Remove your hood.”

“Is here a problem?” indifferently asked Yang Tian, after turning to look at the young man through the corner of his eye. Yang Tian then turned back and handed his invitation to a dumbfounded young man in white tasked with inspecting invitations.

“Don’t go thinking you can do as you please just because you have an invitation. I’ll have you executed,” Li Jidong threatened.

“Li Jidong, shut your trap,” quickly shouted the man with the five-claws dragon invitation in his hand. The man then gave Yang Tian a flattering smile and courteously said, “Please do not mind him. He is too ignorant to know better. Please head on in, Young Master.”

“Uhm,” responded Yang Tian, with a nod. After just one step, he turned around all of a sudden and looked over his shoulder condescendingly. “Li Jidong, was it? I’ll remember you.”

“What the hell does he mean…?” Li Jidong approached the man who scolded him before. “Brother Huang… wh-who is he?”

“Hehe, who is he? He has Green Sun Empire’s five-claws invitation card. You tell me who he is. I heard Qing Rufeng blasted your clan’s direct descendent, Li Xuan, into the distance with one punch a few days ago. He’s become the laughing stock of the world now.”

“Wait a second. Qing Rufeng’s invitation. A man in black. He’s Yang Tian!” Li Jidong recalled Li Hongtao’s instructions. Hence, he pulled out a jade slip and crushed it in his hand. The only thing stopping him from chasing after Yang Tian was the out-of-bounds rule for them. “Yang Tian, you want to play, do you? Run to your death, fool!”

A young man adorned in luxurious purple clothing stood at the peak of the mountain. The whistling wind could be heard as a result of a phenomenon; however, he hadn’t condensed it. He suddenly halted in his tracks when he noticed jade slip appeared overhead. With a wave of his hand, the jade slip landed in his hand. He had a brief look at it and then crushed it in his grip.“Yang Tian, you did come, after all. I’ll wait for you to come inside before I end you.”

While he was in his own world, a few other young men in his age bracket dashed past him. Realising his predicament, he recomposed himself and quickly gave chase.


“The pressure from the fighting spirit overhead increases, and it gets colder and colder as I climb higher.” Yang Tian ascended the mountain at a controlled pace.

Arriving in a black robe, Yang Tian attracted the attention of numerous people. On either side of him were young men continuing to climb in spite of their waning spirit. Some of them needed to sit down and regather themselves occasionally due to their legs giving in.

Tens of thousands of hopefuls climbed the sole stone path leading up to the peak of the mountain. A decent number of those with powerful life forces climbed the mountain, as ascending the mountain provided them with massive opportunities. Divine children who wanted to break through to Warrior Realm waited for this day.

At noon, the chilly breeze blew. Lots of people foamed at the mouth on the way up for the reason that they couldn’t wiAlmightyand the pressure of the fighting spirit and cold winds. An extremely small number of people struggled to walk straight. Some lacked the fighting spirit to ascend the mountain. Consequently, their head swelled; their qi and blood couldn’t condense. As a result, they couldn’t wiAlmightyand the cold and were stuck at the foot of the mountain.

Half-way up the mountain, Yang Tian walked slowly unlike those around him. He had his pores sealed. A mist built up inside his body. His organs rumbled along with his powerful life force. When his muscles contracted, they tore the air around, creating very quiet whistling sounds each time.

Two disciples from a clan conversed quietly as they watched Yang Tian traverse the path with ease and reproached themselves for lazing around. In the meantime, Yang Tian continued putting one foot in front of the other. He sparkled in the cold air.

Yang Tian found himself surprised at the sound of quiet snores from his shirt and chuckled in his mind. Usually, Mutated Beasts were innately afraid of fighting spirit pressures, especially since the one on Martial Arts Mountain contained a quaint attribute.

The demon race suffered as a consequence of the war between the ancient clans and races. Therefore, their fear of fighting spirit flows in their blood. That was why Martial Arts Mountain’s Combat Spirit would be their nightmare. That is not taking into account their cultivation.

Four hours had flown by since Yang Tian began ascending the mountain, and he was close to the top, though dozens of people were already meditating on the peak. Still, he was the centre of attention for he never stopped once during the climb and overtook a decent number of people.

“Hai, he’s the one in black,” Huang Bo notified, catching Yang Tian pass by.

“Big Brother, it’s him, the one in black.” Huang Hai could feel himself exploded with anger. After offending the man in black, he was grounded for three days. He wasn’t allowed to go to the auction, either. If it wasn’t for Martial Arts Mountain’s opening, he would still be grounded.

“He’s no pushover.”

“He’s still no match for us if we join hands.”

“Indeed. He must die!”

“Trouble making buffoons.” Yang Tian shook his head then sped up.

Up ahead were Xing Hao and Yun’er. Yun’er, the peerless beauty in green, had a hairpin casually put in place to set her hair.

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