Almighty – Ch. 45

Meng Yunxi

Why is she here? The company hasn’t noticed anything, have they?

Yang Tian frowned upon seeing the delivery girl in the eloquently decorated room at the end of the tunnel.

“Young Master.” The tense maiden in red conveyed, “My mistress would like to see you. Would you happen to have time?”

“Your mistress? … I don’t have time.”

When she attempted to speak again, a charming woman appeared. “Xiaoling, you can leave.”

“Yes, Mistress.” The girl in red nodded and left with her head down.

“Please sit. Please make yourself comfortable,” the maiden expressed, smiling as she pointed to a chair.

Wasn’t this the voice I just heard back in the hall?

Whether she sat or stood, she had a she gave the vibe that she had outstanding vision. There was no guarantee Myriad Auction Company wouldn’t rob Yang Tian for Ancestral Dragon Ring, so he remained vigilant. “May I ask what you would like to see me for, Mistress?”

“Kiddo, there’s no need to be nervous. Consider the demon pill a gift.”

So she realised.

Yang Tian suppressed his unease and smiled. “Miss, I do not understand what you are talking about.”

“Keke, call me Meng Yunxi, Kiddo. ‘Mistress’ is not a title I am worthy of.”

“Then, may I ask what business you have with me, Miss Meng Yunxi?”asked Yang Tian, thinking, “What could an adept of her level be looking for me, who hasn’t even broken through to Warrior Realm, for?”

“Since you are going to Martial Arts Mountain tomorrow, I would like to ask you to do me a favour. Would you kindly accept?”

“Miss Meng Yunxi, are you trying to tell a joke? This one has other business. If there is nothing else, he shall take his leave.”

“Strange kid.” Usually, a mere finger gesture would have a holy child of an ancient clan at Meng Yunxi’s beck and call. “Are you not interested as to what my favour is? You are Yang Tian, correct?”

Underneath his black robe, Yang Tian balled his hands. Unless somebody saw his appearance using their Divine Sense, there had to be an issue with the jade slip for he came to Martial Arts City in disguise.

“There’s no need to be on edge. If a mysterious guest with a Heaven character slip comes, I can look into their identity, agreed?” Meng Yunxi seemed to notice Yang Tian’s tension and, therefore, dimpled.

“Whether or not I’m Yang Tian doesn’t have anything to do with you, does it, Miss Meng Yunxi?” Yang Tian calmed himself with a deep breath. No, he didn’t think that Li Clan would be able to bribe the company’s members.

“True, it does not have much to do with me, but I want to do a business deal with you, and I’m sure you won’t turn me down.” Meng Yunxi poured a cup of tea and passed it to Yang Tian.

“If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave. I have no interest in any business deal.”

Meng Yunxi watched Yang Tian take a few steps towards the door before verbalising, “Brother Yang Tian, you have an elder brother named Yang Ba, correct?”

Yang Tian spun around to star at Meng Yunxi, but it wasn’t charming to him anymore. “Where is he? Where did you see him?”

Yang Tian had yearned to see his brother for the last eight years. He avoided thinking about his brother, for his was afraid his brother was no longer among the living. As a result, he buried his feelings deep down, but Meng Yunxi dug them right back up to the surface.

“Keke, I thought there was nothing that would get your attention. I didn’t expect your feelings for your brother to be so strong.”

“Tell me where my brother is.”

“I can tell you.” Meng Yunxi meandered over to Yang Tian. “Call me ‘Sister’, and I’ll tell you.”

With Meng Yunxi’s face barely an inch from his own, Yang Tian awkwardly enunciated, “Sister…”

“Fail.” Meng Yunxi frowned and removed Yang Tian’s hood. “Better.” Meng Yunxi sniffled. She looked into Yang Tian’s eyes, which were devoid of desire, and blinked. “Call me Sister again.”

“Ugh…” From behind his teeth, Yang Tian hissed, “Sister Meng Yunxi. Happy now?”

“Not bad. It sounds good. It would be better if you called me it again, hehe.”

“Sister Meng Yunxi. Can you tell me now?” questioned Yang Tian, resisting an urge to gnaw Meng Yunxi’s neck off.

“But I don’t know where he is, sadly. Oh, no.”

“You don’t know? Then, why did you make me call you ‘sister’. Are you sick in the head, woman?”

“Sick in the head…?” It had been years since somebody last spoke to Meng Yunxi with that language. “Okay, I won’t kid with you anymore. How boring. I can help you search for him. I can confidently tell you that your brother is not dead.”

“Why should I trust you?” Yang Tian calmed down. He didn’t question Myriad Auction Company’s competence. If they could find clues on Yang Ba, they would understandably be informed of himself to a degree.

“Because I can find him,” answered Meng Yunxi, somewhat frustrated with her lips curled. Frankly, she didn’t know how to answer Yang Tian’s difficult question.

“… You want me to do you a favour on Martial Arts Mountain. My cultivation can’t even impress you, can it?”

“In just one year, not to mention in a primitive place, you were able to kill a Half-Step Warrior. I can’t see any reason to not ask you. Wouldn’t you agree, Brother Yang?” Meng Yunxi checked Yang Tian’s gaze then chuckled.

“All right, I’ll take the job. Haha, vocal promises lack evidence. You can’t make me wait forever, can you? Give me a time frame.”

“Three years. I guarantee I can find him within three years.”

“All right, then. “ Meng Yunxi brought out a map and pointed at a red dot. “This is a map of Martial Arts Mountain. Three months after you initially enter, make your way to this location. We’ll have someone connect with you there. What do you need to search for? Don’t ask for now.”

“Don’t blame me if I fail. You also have to make good on your promise, though I’m sure you won’t go back on your word, Sister Meng Yunxi.” Yang Tian folded up the map.

“Sly kid. Let me give you a friendly and serious warning: it’s best you don’t allow anyone to take the strange beast in your garment from you. I’m not certain what its origins are, but be sure to be careful.”

Hearing the warning just as he reached the door, Yang Tian reactively shuddered.

An elder appeared out of thin air not long after Yang Tian left. “Miss, can we trust the boy?”

“Elder Zhou, we must get out hands on it regardless of whether or not he can be trusted. I, for one, trust him.” Meng Yunxi reclined on her chair.

“I hope he succeeds.”

Yang Tian headed straight back to his guesthouse because everything that transpired in the day overloaded his brain. Yang Tian activated the room formation once he returned. Xiaobai shook out his white fur and leapt up onto Yang Tian’s shoulder. He kept hooting to express friendship.

“Oh, how did I forget this?” Yang Tian palmed himself on the head when he saw Xiaobai buttering him up and then entered Ancestral Dragon Ring.

“This is the demonic core?” Yang Tian picked up the black core and examined it. If the demonic energy escaped its containment, it would immediately crush Yang Tian. “What level demon did this come from? I’m sure it was incredibly strong when it was alive.” Yang Tian placed the core on the ground and chuckled. “Not even that stance can compare to this. Xiaobai’s nose is magic.”

Since Xiaobai drooled, Yang Tian patted the former’s head. “You not caused enough trouble? If I you have this demon core, it’ll instantly kill you.”

Xiaobai lowered his head, appearing as if he was going to cry. Yang Tian gently shook his head and then commenced cultivating.

Tomorrow was the opening of Martial Arts Mountain.

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