Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 102


Emperor Yuansheng desperately tried to open the meridians Luo Ming sealed. Had it not been for Luo Ming’s true qi being impure and his miscalculation of Emperor Yuansheng’s improvement over the last few decades, Emperor Yuansheng wouldn’t have any chance of breaking free. See, skill requires sparring and fighting to polish. In contrast, internal energy potency can improve with age.

Emperor Yuansheng expected to hear who would win below him since Abels’ first roar was resoundingly loud, yet he couldn’t hear anything once they plummeted to the chamber below. Thus, it was a tense race against time to regain freedom before Luo Ming returned.

Emperor Yuansheng saw hope when he almost regained functioning of his right arm. Alas, a surge of energy made it through his body, reinforcing the seals he had loosened.

“Don’t do that. You’re too old to try something so childish, and that’s not the sort of person people can respect as a leader.” As A-Ji spoke, he stabbed all Emperor Yuansheng’s accupoints again. Instead of leaving, A-Ji stuck around and flashed his pearly whites.

“D-do you know who I am?” Emperor Yuansheng questioned.

“Of course. I have been eager to meet you, Your Majesty.”

A-Ji reminded Emperor Yuansheng of someone, but the latter couldn’t specify who it was.

A-Ji ran his eyes over Emperor Yuansheng, commenting, “Tsk, tsk, so this is how the current Emperor looks. Hmm. Hmm,” not forgetting to touch an arm, a head or tap a leg to confirm Emperor Yuansheng wasn’t a doll or something. “The name is A-Ji. Nice to meet you.”

“A-Ji, stop playing around. Shizun said we can’t touch him,” Feng Jian chided from the other side of the pavilion.

Moyan Xiuluo and Wuqing were both out on the ground in their blood. The clamouring outside and fact that nobody came over was the best proof that Moyan Xiuluo and Wuqing were put away without anyone noticing their tussle.

“It’s not like I could kill him. Why so uptight?” A-Ji responded with a smile going from ear to ear. He then pressed his hands on Emperor Yuansheng’s cheeks hard. Emperor Yuansheng couldn’t fight A-Ji’s strength at all. “Since you have come all the way here, please watch… your subordinates die.”

Dugu was still in the game thanks to his experience and ability to adopt on the fly, though he was cut up badly. This time, Kuang Lu had impaled Dugu through the left shoulder.

“If you try to shut your eyes, I will use needles to keep your eyes open. Believe me… That is the more painful option,” A-Ji whispered. “Just kidding. I would never do that.” He rested his chin on his hand and added, “You must want to see this. We cannot let you out because of your identity, though. Fret not, I have a solution.”

A-Ji swiped the tablecloth over to wrap Emperor Yuansheng’s head in, ignoring the fact that it was hot due to the boiling tea that was just spilt on it. All Emperor Yuansheng could do was grunt and suffocate.

“A-Ji, that’s enough!”

“Yes Sir, hahaha.” A-Ji sliced open a few holes on the tablecloth for Emperor Yuansheng to breathe through his nose and see. He then shoved Emperor Yuansheng to the front of the pavilion and asked, “Better? Clear view? While Young Master Kuang is strong, he has a lot of openings. If your secret agent can find them, he might have a chance.” A-Ji grabbed a melon to bite, and then his eyes sparkled. “Whoa, nice.”


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