The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 71

Twenty Years Later

Twenty years later…

“Princess Freya, they request we approve of Lin Dongqing’s request to seek treatment in the elven lands. His illness seems to have worsened,” reported Gerald, as he crossed the long glass corridor with Freya.

Freya smiled: “Do you even need me to make the call regarding this? Of course we have to allow Lin Dongqing to seek treatment. Don’t delay something so important. Organise it as soon as possible. I’m sure Queen Vyvyan still really likes Count Lin Dongqing, as well.”

“Princess Freya, the truth is that everyone has an opinion on the matter… You would be aware of the recent war there. The opposing empire has entered the war. We thought Lin Dongqing would stop the war, but it seems that Lin Dongqing has revealed his ambitions. Keeping him around will be a hazard to us. We should refuse him, should we not? We would not be the one who killed him at the end of the day.”

“Do you know what the difference between the current ruler of that nation and Lin Dongqing is? The biggest difference between them and Lin Dongqing is that the latter is someone who you can communicate with. He’s a sagacious and understanding man. He is no longer prime minister, which is why this war is not his responsibility. As you should’ve noticed, he was still able to influence the younger generation when the war reached a point of no return.

Lin Dongqing did not put in all that effort to occupy other people’s countries. He dispensed his efforts to control and keep them in check. Without him, this world would only be more hectic. He is able to bring more stability to this world. Furthermore, he and Onii-sama are good friends. If we help him, he will definitely be able to help us.”

“Understood, Princess Freya.”

Freya entered Troy Imperial Palace’s entrance, which was now a globe shape. There was a huge flat map on the wall of the globe on the floor that Freya and Troy worked, with their nation dead centre. With the addition of machinery, Troy’s military controlled the nation alongside humanity and elves. They also controlled the nearby islands and Vera Kingdom, which was further away. On one side was a nation that appeared small, yet was able to control and even turn a nation across the ocean into their suzerain. What made it even more impressive was that the nation they controlled was a different race and followed a different religion. Strictly speaking, said nation’s place was the birthplace of elves that they abandoned. Nevertheless, they had connected with the elves on their continent.

Twenty years ago, Lin Dongqing sent the first letter of friendship to Troy. Freya considered Lin Dongqing’s friendship offer to be important enough for her to personally visit Sisi’s imperial palace. After seeing the completely different, yet prosperous, empire as well as interacting with Lin Dongqing for three days, Freya reached a conclusion that she didn’t want to admit: Lin Dongqing was smarter and calmer than her brother. He was more of a ruler than her brother was. As for Sisi, she left a deep impression on Freya despite having met only a few times.

Freya had absolute confidence in her nation, believing their nation would become the strongest nation under her brother’s lead. After she saw Lin Dongqing’s nation, though, dark clouds loomed over her sunny dream world. If Lin Dongqing wasn’t friendly, she’d have been genuinely worried about Lin Dongqing’s nation expanding. That being said, knowing he was astute reassured her.


Present time at Lin Dongqing’s mansion.

Lots of people had their own idea of what sort of man Lin Dongqing was. Lots of nobles saw him as somebody painfully stubborn. He supposedly didn’t forgive anybody who didn’t agree with him regardless of who they were. From Queen Sisi’s perspective, he was her most brilliant vassal, credited with expanding her empire’s reach overseas. The lords and involved personnel viewed Lin Dongqing as an astute, quick-witted and refined man.

Lin Dongqing respected everyone’s opinion and never stole or killed. Some liked him, others didn’t. Some hated him, while some admired and respected him. If one saw how he behaved and looked when sending the group he was sending off, they would realise his place in everybody’s mind.

Nobody expected this to be Lin Dongqing’s future when he first arrived, and Queen Sisi stepped on his head.

I knew I was an ordinary man; I never considered myself an Emperor or something. I didn’t have any plans for the future when I transmigrated here. All I wanted to do was survive. Then, I formed the goal of moving to the imperial capital with Leah. My goal then became to marry Veirya and live with her in the imperial capital. I never predicted the direction the empire would take. All I wanted to do was provide my family with a nice and secure environment to live in, yet I ended up having to take on so many responsibilities to achieve that. I no longer felt as though I was a foreigner to this world.

I gently held Veirya’s hand. Leah gently caressed my face and comforted me in a tender voice. I was merely going to see Queen Vyvyan to recuperate, yet everybody was as solemn as though I was dying. I felt that I was carrying the empire forward on my shoulders at the conference twenty years ago. In the end, I really did advance it forward on my shoulders for two decades. At the same time, I second guessed my decision.

I gave up so much and rejected so much for Veirya and Leah. Alas, I didn’t spend much time together with them. They, however, stayed by my side through the years.

I was tired. I no longer wanted to fix the problems the people outside of my family caused. Everything I worked so hard for was destroyed in the blink of an eye thanks to them. The system, laws and international relations all went to hell in the recent war. They undid twenty years of blood, sweat and tears before I even had a chance to revel in my accomplishments. However, by my side was my first and final asset.

We staggered and wobbled a long way to board a shaky, yet big, yacht, which looked resplendent from the outside. My family was still by my side. My wife and my yandere daughter are everything to me…

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