Almighty – Ch. 34

Meeting Qing Yuan Again

With every step Yang Tian took, the hall shook as though a giant was walking around in it. Thin cracks appeared on the sturdy blue and white porcelain vats on the ground. Even Yang Tian wobbled with each step.

“What’s going on?” Kuang Lang was afraid some sort of mishap befell Yang Tian. Therefore, he rushed inside but was stupefied after taking his first step. “Brother Yang, why did you bring that out?” Kuang Lang couldn’t believe that Yang Tian carried the broken sword on his shoulder. After all, it was exhausting for even himself to lift.

“My Lord, what are the origins of this word?” Yang Tian inquired.

“The previous lord of Wild Cloud City left the sword behind. I heard he found it on Martial Arts Mountain. The sword is absurdly heavy, but it can improve one’s qi and blood. Brother Yang, I suggest switching it for another sword. It’s almost done.”

“Haha, there will be no need to. I have chosen to stick with it. My Lord, I shall take my leave now. I will visit you another day.”

“Sure, sure, take your time, Brother Yang. Be sure to visit if you have time.” Though baffled, Kuang Lang didn’t have much of a reason to stop Yang Tian.

Green Stone Town became the liveliest town in all of Wild Cloud City. Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy grew by ten times what it was before the tournament, with students signing up every day. The lord of the city also sent over some decent guards for the academy. What surprised many academies and factions was that Lin Yuan turned down the lord’s offer to relocate to Wild Cloud City. Despite the bizarre decision, Kuang Lang didn’t ask for his reasons. As such, Star Martial Arts Academy’s grounds were auctioned off a few days later.

It was no surprise that various factions in Wild Cloud City visited Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy. Factions and schools nearby also visited the academy to establish a friendship. The academy became an entity that nobody in the area dared to cross. Those who used to be hostile to Yang Tian and Lin Yuan loathed themselves for their past decision.

Lin Yuan appeared as though he had regained several years of youth over the few days. He sat upright in the expanded hall and listened to the guard list the treasures received. His hands were literally fatigued from accepting gifts. Nonetheless, beneath his proud smile was a feeling of reluctance. If he wasn’t wrong, Yang Tian would leave soon, and they might not meet for a long time.

Meanwhile, the boy who all of Wild Cloud City came to revere recently was silently cultivating in the residence’s secret room. Yang Tian formed dozens of energy whirlpools on his palm. The vital essence spring’s vital essence sprayed out and onto his palm. Yang Tian slammed his palm down, discharging it from his hand to shatter a boulder in front to smithereens. “My output is acceptable, but I don’t have total control over it yet, unfortunately. Perhaps I need to cultivate to Warrior Realm to be able to control it.”

Yang Tian did possess crop of the cream talent in Wild Cloud City, but he didn’t allow that to inflate his ego to the point of blinding himself as he didn’t grow up as the child of a prominent clan. He needed to visit places where big schools and sects, geniuses and freaks – in the sense of skill level – gathered. Growing stronger was his current top priority. If that wasn’t enough of a reason, then there was Li Clan, which was on his case.

Yang Tian massaged his stiff body then looked over to the broken sword.  “What materials were used to forge this sword?”  Yang Tian racked his brains for clues. He kept running his hand along the sword. The refraction of the blade smothered in beast oil shined brightly as his hand slid along the blade.

Yang Tian lifted the sword with one hand. Evidently, he had built up his arm strength considerably. When he released his hold on it over a boulder, the entire blade slid straight into the boulder without a single hitch. It

“If this broken sword could be imbued with Qi and Blood, it’d surpass a Peak Mystic Weapon,” Yang Tian muttered under his breath after pulling the sword out. “Still, it’s a decent tool for training my arm strength.”

The bell at the door suddenly rang, bringing Yang Tian back to reality. He pushed open the stone door weighing half a tonne and leapt up. “Father, is something the matter?”

“There’s someone looking for you. He also brought along a group of people with profound skills. They are from Green Sun Empire,” answered Lin Yuan, smiling and patting Yang Tian’s shoulder.

“It is probably Qing Yuan.”

Knock, knock. Yang Tian opened the door to see dozens of men clustered around Qing Yuan, pointing at this and that.

“Long-time no see, Brother Yang,” delightfully greeted Qing Yuan.

“Uhh…” The men around Qing Yuan’s happy expressions froze on their faces as they directed their gazes onto Yang Tian. Ever since the second prince’s qihai underwent a strange change, they rarely saw him beam.

“Haha, what brings you here today, Brother Qing?” Yang Tian asked with a smile, saluting the prince.

Yang Tian was grateful to Qing Yuan, as Qing Rufeng’s sudden appearance two days ago saved him. Even though could’ve escaped his plight using the jade slip, Li Xuan might’ve vented on the people of Wild Cloud City, instead.

“Hehe, I was bored at home, so I came out for a stroll. Have you been well, Brother Yang?”

Qing Yuan furtively pointed to the men with him. Hence, Yang Tian didn’t hesitate to nod. “I am all right. Please come in to talk, Brother Qing. It is time we catch up after not meeting in so long.”

“All right, all right, you lot wait for me outside. I’ll be out shortly,” decreed Qing Yuan.

“S-Second Young Master, umm,” called a man from behind, who quickly chased over to the second prince. “Second Young Master, Young Master said that your subordinate cannot take a step away from you. If something happ-“

“Shoo, shoo, wait for me outside. Would I need to be worried about safety with you here?’ Qing Yuan slammed the door shut.

The bodyguard shrugged with his palms supinated and shook his head.


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