Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 95

Wudang’s Huan Xinglai (Part 1)

A crimson flame burst out of the cauldron’s mouth similarly to an erupting volcano as it devoured the twenty-one weapons fed to it.

“The weapons have been offered. All three teams may enter the ring,” announced Jin Caitan. “First match: Moyan Sect versus Wudang versus Cold Mountain Temple!”

Moyan Xiuluo decided to vault up from his pavilion and slam into the ring as if to brag about his might, going as far as to show his muscles the way beasts bear their fangs to intimidate prey.

Venerable Mianhua carried himself gracefully into the ring on a bed of transparent energy and landed lightly after spinning in.

Wudang’s young representative walked with a straight posture and kept looking back the way a man hopelessly walking to an execution platform would. The disciples behind him shunted him over and over to get him to move along; some looked ready to hurl him up there.

Boss spent about three seconds mulling over my report and then told me to go along with Elder Shou’s request, and she’d go speak to him later. Not a single person came to my rescue! I never knew Boss was so good at coaxing me into things! Why did I even need to put on the act if she was going to settle it with Elder Shou?!

When I sneaked a glare back Boss’ way, she angled her chin, placed her index finger over her lips and gave me a wink.

Mm, now that’s what I’m talk ab-, wait, don’t try to fool me a second time already! Have some decency, damn it! Why is nobody stopping me? What makes any of you think I can pass off as a disciple of Wudang? Hell, look at all those faces, and tell me who believes it. The crap I’m taking from the audience is louder than the support for my two opponents combined.

I knew what Elder Shou was thinking. He wanted me to waste their energy so that he could score an easy victory.

“People sent elites, and you send a punching bag? Show some respect for your opponents.”

“I can’t believe you have the shame to be in the ring.”

I’ll whoop you on the way back to my pavilion and whoop you on the way to my after party!

I could see both of my opponents thinking, “He looks fragile and weak. He must be their sacrifice in dire times,” as they tried to stare me down. The only reason they spared me a thought was because they were thinking how my participation would affect their fight with each other.

Moyan Xiuluo simpered: “Wudang out of capable people or don’t they have anyone besides old men? Why would they put a punching bag in a ring?”

Venerable Mianhua’s silence was tacit agreement. As a matter of fact, he nodded when Moyan Xiuluo looked over with a grin. He even shut his eyes as though he was reluctant to see the outcome and nodded.


I bet their plan was to knock me out as fast as possible so that Elder Shou couldn’t jump in while they were tired or distracted.

“Fight!” declared Jin Caitan.

Moyan Xiuluo took off toward my back at blazing speed and brought his blade from his right hand toward me at a blind angle. Venerable Mianhua readied a Buddhist-prayer hand at his chest when he closed in on me from the front, then extended his prepared arm. Although Venerable Mianhua chose that specific technique to subdue me and stop Moyan Xiuluo from killing me if the latter ever attempted to, he wasn’t holding back, either.

Elder flipping Shou relished his tea as though losing was an impossible outcome for Wudang. Instead of avoiding my gaze, he performed a hand gesture performed prior to fights, leaving me speechless…

“This is Wudang’s renowned style. What do you think?”

Elder Shou’s gesture reminded me of Wudang’s ugly hand-to-hand style that was imparted to me back then.

Well, since you two want to see Wudang skills, don’t blink now.

Moyan Xiuluo’s lightning-fast slash collided into Venerable Mianhua’s palm, throwing their arms and bodies back. The two of them were both asking the same question: where did he go?

“Please do not hesitate to share your opinion of Wudang’s style.”


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