Almighty – Ch. 33

Broken Sword

“Yang Tian, you are severely injured. How about coming to my manor to heal?” humbly recommended Kuang Lian.

“Tian, you should take the offer and go recover. You will increase the likelihood of post-injury conditions if you delay treatment,” agreed Lin Yuan.

“All right, then,” responded Yang Tian.


At a secret room at Lord Kuang’s manor.

Yang Tian examined the two items that came from the interspatial ring. One was a jade vial, and the other was a Jade Slip.

“This must be an invitation to Martial Arts Mountain.” Besides a jade vial, the interspatial ring he emptied out also included a jade slip with a five-clawed dragon carved on. “What’s so magical about the place everybody swarms to?”

Yang Tian had almost broken through to the Ninth Layer of Blood Refinement Realm. That said, his foundation was rather feeble. Although he had no problems progressing, that didn’t mean his foundation was solid enough.

The sturdier one’s Blood Refinement foundations were the more solid their orifices would be. Those factors had a bearing on how far one could develop their martial arts down the line. Hence, a solid foundation allowed for more potential growth in martial arts.

Yang Tian poured the contents of the vial out to find ten pills that had an aroma capable of roiling his qihai. Heavenly Sovereign’s Sacred Heart Pill was a Fourth Rank High-Grade Pill, a holy item for healing injuries. It was rather excessive to be spending it on Yang Tian. Nevertheless, he didn’t hesitate to knock it back.

Flames rushed to Yang Tian’s wound sights to close them. His broken bones healed for the most part. The potent qi that gave Yang Tian a migraine swiftly left his body after consuming the pill. His body emitted steam while his organs shook.

The pill Yang Tian consumed could refine his body on top of healing wounds. A sea literally poured into his empty qihai. The blood-red river congealed. His newly condensed qi and Bbood were cleaner and more potent than previously. His heartbeats grew stronger, which was a sign that his life force had grown stronger, even exceeding what was considered possible.

Yang Tian only managed to absorb half of the medicinal contents after spending an entire night. Most of it was lost, and only a minute amount stayed dormant inside him.

“Break!” Yang Tian’s river of qi and blood gently boiled, expediting his rate of heaven and earth vital essence absorption. The red river suddenly quaked, expanding rapidly as a consequence. “Blood Refinement Eighth Layer.”

Yang Tian massaged his numb arms and changed into clean clothes. Upon opening the door of the secret room to leave, the girl adorned in green recoiled and timidly greeted, “Greetings, Young Master.”

Yang Tian scrubbed his head. “Sorry, who are you?”

“I am a maid at the manor, Xiaodie. I am here to serve you.”  The young girl’s eyes occasionally crept up to Yang Tian’s face.

Lang passed Star Martial Arts Aademy on to Lin Yuan. Henceforth, Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy would be Wild Cloud City’s top school.

“Mm.” Yang Tian smiled. “I don’t need to have someone take care of me. By the way, where is the lord? Take me to him.”

“This way, Young Master.”

On the way to the hall, Yang Tian finally got the boulder off his chest when he sorted out everything that transpired yesterday. He had to leave in two days’ time. Although a part of him was reluctant to leave, there was a lot waiting for him to go and do, so dragging his feet was not a viable option.

“Haha, have your recovered, Brother Yang?” asked Kuang Lang, as soon as the pair entered the main hall.

With a cupped fist salute, Yang Tian expressed, “Thank you for asking, My Lord. I have recovered.”

“You truly are a genius, Brother Yang. It’s mind-blowing that you could recover so fast from such serious wounds overnight. Oh, I forgot.” Kuang Lang took out an interspatial ring. “This is the prize for yesterday’s first place. Keep it, Brother Yang.”

“First place?”

“Haha, you defeated Wang Long yesterday, so nobody dares to challenge you for first place.”

“Thank you, My Lord.” Yang Tian put it away without reserve.

“Brother Yang, you do not have a Peak Blood Weapon yet. How about selecting one now?”

“I would like to take you up on your kind offer.”

Yang Tian followed Kuang Lang to Hall of Treasures, which was where the foundation – for lack of better word – of Wild Cloud City was. The hall was divided into three floors, specifically the cultivation methods and martial techniques floor, the pills and herbs Floor, and the blood items storage floor, which were floors one, two and three, respectively.

Yang Tian surveyed the hall that was over three hundred square metres. At a glance, there were over one hundred blood items shelved on the four shelves. While a large bronze broadsword caught Yang Tian’s attention, he examined it then set it back down because, though the Blood Weapons in the hall were worth a lot of money at Wild Cloud City, they weren’t of much use to him.

Yang Tian: The lord sure is wealthy. There are dozens of Peak Blood Weapons here alone. There are no Mystic Weapons, unfortunately.

“Why is there a broken sword here?” Yang Tian frowned for the reason that the jet-black sword was snapped in the middle. Kuang Lang had to have had a good reason to keep a broken sword. Yang Tian went and tried to pick it up, but… “This is so heavy!” Yang Tian possessed over six thousand kilograms of strength at that point, yet couldn’t pick up a broken sword.

“Rise!” exclaimed Yang Tian, concentrating qi and blood into his arm. “Rise!” His bones cracked as he lifted the sword up to his chest. “What is this thing refined with to be so darn heavy?”

“Whatever, I’ll take this. There’s nothing worth taking here.” Yang Tian carried Broken Sword down the stairs.


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