Almighty – Ch. 32

Blood Illumination Devil Palace

“He was Second Prince? No way.” Yang Tian’s eyes were wide as they could be.

“Yes, he is Second Prince, Green Sun Empires second prince,” calmly replied the crown prince, sighing.

Yang Tian: Tsk, tsk, that fatty was Second Prince? He doesn’t have any cultivation. Unbelievable.

The three inspectors approached the group. Judging from Qing Rufeng’s attitude toward Yang Tian, they had to have crossed paths in some capacity. After all, he dared to insult Li Clan’s divine children and had a decent relationship.

“You three did well. You will all be rewarded handsomely when we get back,” conveyed the captain, eyes on the three inspectors.

“Thank you, Captain.”

“By the way, Leader, I have something to report; it pertains to Yang Tian,” quietly notified the man in black.

Qing Rufeng let out a breath of relief and erased the sorrow in his eyes. “Yang Tian, how did you earn the ire of Li Clan?”

“Earn the ire of Li Clan?” asked Yang Tian.

The captain whispered in Qing Rufeng’s ear.

“I see.” Qing Rufeng promised, “Yang Tian, do you have anything you’d like to ask for? I’ll see that it’s done as long as I can make it a reality, so speak your mind.”

“Your Highness, have you ever heard of OverOverautarch Longyang?” Yang Tian inquired.

Overautarch Longyang’s identity bothered him for eight years. He always wanted to know who he was. He tried to pry for information associated to adepts on the continent. Unfortunately, he never found out a speck of information on Overautarch Longyang.

Qing Rufeng bobbed his head upon confirming his suspicions. “… Have you heard of Blood Illumination Devil Palace?”

Blood Illumination Devil Palace was the continent’s most powerful evil faction. Fundamentally, they were mass murderers. Despite very sect out there wanting their heads, nobody knew who their true leader was.

“Longyang is just a title. Their leader is Overautarch Longyang. Their influence and power puts Green Sun Empire to shame!”

“So it was them. Blood Illumination Devil Palace, right? Clean those necks because I’m coming!” Yang Tian swore in his mind.

In spite of knowing that Blood Illumination Devil Palace was a force nobody dared to provoke, Yang Tian’s fighting spirit burned without a shred of fear. In a world where power ruled over all, might was one’s fist, and the one with the bigger fist was the king! He didn’t know much about his clan’s past, but he knew that he needed to get on the case.  How can one grow strong without adversity, let alone revenge? That wasn’t to mention that his enemy was one of the continent’s overlords with ridiculous power.

Primordial clan’s prioritised reputation above all else. Add to that Yang Tian and Li Qingxue’s rather unique erstwhile relationship, and Li Clan had even less reason to spare Yang Tian. Qing Rufeng couldn’t guarantee that he’d be able to protect Yang Tian if Li Clan’s elites came after hm.

“Yang Tian, Martial Arts Mountain’s Opening is coming up soon. Would you be interested in paying it a visit?” asked Qing Rufeng. Noticing Yang Tian’s joy, he added, “It’s dreadfully dangerous in there, having said that. It’s entirely different level to Wild Cloud City. You’ve also offended Li Clan. You, therefore, may find yourself in trouble in there, so deliberate it purposefully and carefully.”

“Thank you, Your Highness. I shall pay it a visit.”

Martial Arts Mountain, the final resting place of many elites, opened once every three decades. It was said that some people were able to receive teachings from ancient materials lost there. With that said, one needed to be in the Blood Refinement Realm to enter.

“You don’t need to thank me. As long as you’re safe, then all is well. After all, Second Brother’s life is much more important than my insignificant effort.” Qing Rufeng took out an interspatial ring. “I have to get going. Second Brother will visit in a few days’ time. By the way, be on guard against Li Clan during this time.”

“We wish you safe travels, Your Highness,” expressed the citizens of Wild Cloud City, bowing as Qing Rufeng returned to his carriage.

Qing Rufeng’s elites made way for the carriage. Usually, the people of Wild Cloud City would never have the privilege of feasting their eyes on such a majestic escort.

The leader of the inspectors ascended into the ring. “Who is the lord of the city?”

“This humble one is Wild Cloud City’s lord, Kuang Lang.”

“Apprehend all those from Start Martial Arts Academy, and execute them!”

“Execute?” The group of Star Martial Arts Academy disciples were shocked. It escaped them as to why they offended an adept.

The scene turned into a riot. The other two prominent academies joined the fray, executing Star Martial Arts Academy’s disciples.

“Tian, are you all right?” inquired Lin Yuan, as he checked out Yang Tian’s wounds.

“Father, I am fine. They are only minor wounds. I will be fine in a few days.”

“Yang Tian, if you manage to reach the Transcendent Realm in the future, I’ll gift you this Aureate Flame Divine Beast,” said the captain, chuckling as he departed in the sky.


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