Almighty – Ch. 31


“Yes, Your Highness!” responded Captain Hei Sha, beaming as he bowed and took off to the frontlines.

Li Xuan: Why is that piece of dung here?

Green Sun Empire’s Qing Rufeng, successor of the empire, rarely left the palace, but every major clan feared his name. Not even Captain Hei Sha often met the prince residing deep within the palace, let alone outsiders.

“Big Bro, why is the crown prince here?” queried the man in white.

“How am I supposed to know? What I do know is that, knowing His Highness’ character, Yang Tian is safe now,” opined the man in black.

“Who are you? Does the fact that you’re throwing your weight around and running rampant in my Green Sun Empire mean that you want to prove your mortality?” Qing Rufeng questioned from inside his carriage.

“My god, he’s overpowered. Now that’s our empire’s crown prince,” thought the citizens of Wild Cloud City, looking up at the carriage in the sky with enthusiasm.

“At least he’s got air to put on,” thought Li Xuan. “This one is ancient clan’s Li Xuan. May this one ask how this one can help you, Your Highness?”

“Oh, Li Xuan…” drawled Qing Rufeng. “Yeah, I don’t recall anybody by that name in Li Clan. Oh, by the way, who’s the lass next to you?”

“Lass?” Li Qingxue wrote her anger on her face.

Li Xuan couldn’t take the insults lying down, especially in front of the woman he had a crush on. “Don’t push it. Li Clan doesn’t fear your empire.”

“Quit your yapping. You caused chaos at our Martial Arts Academies Tournament and attempted to kill our denizen. I have more than plenty of reasons to squash you where you stand. You think your Li Clan would oppose Green Sun Empire for you?”

Li Xuan didn’t think the nut job was throwing empty threats. Though Qing Rufeng might not kill, they might very likely fight. “I must take him with me today. Else, my clan will not let this go.”

“Oh, did he commit a heinous crime to be worth you getting into a physical altercation? Did he happen to steal your clan’s holy daughter or dig your ancestors’ graves?”  Qing Rufeng was always verbally merciless. He could rival the second prince in verbal warfare. Sadly…

Li Xuan inhaled. “That’s my clan’s privacy. Regardless, I must take Yang Tian today! This will not end here, otherwise.”

“What? He’s Yang Tian?”

Qing Rufeng emerged in his glorious yellow robe.

Li Qingxue: What’s going on?

“Yang Tian doesn’t happen to know Qing Rufeng, does he? How could he possibly know him?” Li Xuan muttered under his breath.

“You’re Yang Tian?” asked Qing Rufeng, walking over on thin air.

“This humble one is Yang Tian. May this humble one ask how he can help you?” replied Yang Tian, taking a big breath. He was perplexed since Yang Clan never crossed paths with the empire, let alone having a grudge.

Qing Rufeng glared daggers at Li Xuan. “You did this?”

“What?” Li Xuan began to mould qi.

“Nothing, just sending you on your way.” Qing Rufeng formed a fist and discharged his energy as a purple glow, bending space as a result. He summoned a purple dragon above him, conjuring lightning in the sky.

“Crap, Qingxue, do it,” commanded Li Xuan, shocked.

A long copper sword suddenly came to Li Xuan’s hands. The patterns on said sword circled above in the sky, swiftly becoming dozens of chains.

“Too slow! Now be gone!” exclaimed Qing Rufeng, right before he punched. His purple dragon dove down from above and sent the two Li Clan members flying with one strike.

As they went reeling, Li Xuan threatened, “Watch your mouth, Yang Tian, and you’ll get to live a while longer.”

“Haven’t had enough, I see.” Qing Rufeng threw a barrage of punches into the air, each generating a shockwave and sending purple dragons to attack from a distance.

“I won’t let you off,” yelled Li Xuan, voice tapering off.

“Haha, you have improved again, Your Highness. You have almost caught up to me,” praised Captan Hei Sha, prior to subduing the two Unique Beasts that attempted to flee with a single punch.

“Thank you for saving this one, Your Highness. Yang Tian will not forget this debt,” Yang Tian expressed.

“Haha.” Qing Rufeng patted Yang Tian on the shoulder and smiled. “Don’t mind it. I should be the one thanking you.”

“Thanking me?”

“I have to thank you for rescuing Qing Yuan a few days ago. I would’ve failed as an elder brother, otherwise.”


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