Almighty – Ch. 19

Bountiful Harvest

So it was a Charm Technique.

Charm Technique was a special and relatively quick to learn style on the continent. Yang Tian believed they’d fight amongst themselves, which was perfect, since it’d save him trouble.

Suddenly, a bloody wound opened on the big man’s head after a thud. His eyes quickly went from enthusiastic to sluggish.

“Sister Lian, beautiful,” praised Wang Yong, thumb up. “Sadly, only one person can consume three-colour flower, so I’ll have to let you down.”

Wang Yong swiftly moved over to the girl’s side and threw a palm strike at her. The moment she turned to face him, she countered with her own palm strike. The loud clash echoed as she retreated using the attack’s momentum.

“You’re so heartless. You would kill me for a three colour flower?” The maiden pretended to sob.

“You would’ve killed me if I didn’t kill you, no?”

Both of them were at the Ninth Realm of Blood Refinement. As such, he didn’t underestimate her.

“Keke,” giggled the charming maiden, holding onto her belly. “Wang Yong, don’t be so ruthless. You’re not on my level. See if you can use your qi and blood.”

“What? … How dare you play tricks on me?!”

“I learnt it from you; blame yourself. I’ve helped you charm lots of men before.”

Digressing, the girl palmed the Wang Yong with her hand enveloped in a blinding light. Wang Yong helplessly watched on, horror-stricken, as the light closed in. Smug a moment ago, yet already a corpse, so is life.

The girl checked Wang Yong’s body then dusted her hands. “You have ages before you can match me!” She disdainfully kicked Wang Yong’s corpse. Then, she turned around and snickered. “Boy, you’ve been watching for a long time. Are you not going to come out?”

Yang Tian came out from hiding behind the boulder. “How did you detect me? When did you poison me?”

“Keke, I was born sensitive to the scent of men, especially your type.” As she meandered toward Yang Tian, she transformed into a gorgeous woman.

Her Charm Technique is impressive.

Yang Tian took in a deep breath. When he noticed the girl’s deriding smile, he, too, derided her. Creating a concert of dozens of crimson lights, he lunged at the girl.

Startled, but unable to evade in time, Yang Tian’s attack splintered her glowing armour. As his qi released, the brunt of the blast sent the girl reeling.

From the ground, she screamed, “How come you’re not poisoned?! How come?!”

“I’ll save you the trouble of worrying about that.” Though he snickered, Yang Tian’s gaze was cold as ice. He did get poisoned, but Heavens Conqueror Manual nullified it.

“You think you alone can kill me? You’re delusional.” Having reverted to her real appearance, she took to the air and poured her qi and blood into the bell in her hand, expanding it thirty metres. “If you don’t want to die happy, I’ll have you die miserably.”

An imposing qi and blood aura zoomed toward Yang Tian for the kill. With his gaze trained intently on the now huge bell inching closer, he punched with the sun he formed on his hand a while ago, sending the bell off..

The deflected force caused the girl to cough blood as she looked stunned at Yang Tian. He subsequently bridged the gap and smashed her with a lethal palm strike. She was defenceless for he just blew away her qi and blood. Consequently, his palm shattered her pretty face.

“Regardless of how beautiful you may be, you’ll end up all the same in the end.”

Yang Tian let out a breath of relief then turned his attention to the three-colour flower. To pluck it, he slowly walked up to a skeleton and bowed. He then opened the jade container next to the skeleton, rewarding his eyes to a gleaming jade slip. He picked up the jade slip. Words then drilled themselves into his mind,

“A Mystic Rank Mid-grade skill?”  Wind Splitter Palm, a Mystic Rank Mid-Grade martial arts skill. Mastery of the technique will allow one to split mountains…

Seldom did one find someone in Wild Cloud City who could use a Mystic Rank Mid-Grade skill. Furthermore, purchasing one would cost an exorbitant amount of tens of thousands of bloodstones.

Inside the next jade container was a nephrite slip. The area suddenly began to tremble ever so slightly, a phenomenon that a faint dimensional power produced. He scrubbed the jade slip with his hand. “Could this be an interspatial jade slip? These are the things employed to move from dimension to dimension.”

Pouring qi and blood into the interspatial jade slip saw it light up. The power within woke from its slumber, thereby distorting the dimension he was in and nearly split the sky. It was understandable that he smiled. The formula for producing interspatial jade slips was a rare find nowadays, and only the biggest schools had the right to possess interspatial jade slips as a tool to save lives.

“Tsk, tsk, I was right to come here. This is a bountiful catch.”

Reasoning that since the quality of the items grew in value, Yang Tian inferred last jade container had to also house a valuable. He opened the container to find a fragment of a smelly palm-sized map that had weathered harsh conditions. There was a drum drawn on a corner of it according to written an ancient style of writing.

“What is this?” Yang Tian scanned it for a while but frowned in the end. He couldn’t rip the map no matter how he tried.


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