Almighty – Ch. 20

Fat Bloke

As Yang Tian couldn’t decipher what the map fragment was all about despite scrutinising it for a while, he put it away before heading to the herb garden.

True, the three-colour flower couldn’t enhance one’s cultivation, but strengthening their physical body was too attractive for those in the Blood Refinement Realm to give up on. After all, it was their ticket to Warrior Realm.

Before even having the chance to savour the flower’s taste, a hot flow of energy began to go into a frenzy in Yang Tian’s belly and spread to the rest of his body. The effects of the flower wildly forced their way into his red skin as though it was trying to rip his chest apart and send ants in under his skin. He had heard about how agonising marrow cleansing was, but it exceeded his imagination.

Yang Tian steadied his Qi and concentrated whilst allowing the three colour flower to cleanse his body. The majority of the active components seeped into his flesh. The three colour flowers spread to all of his organs and refined his physical body. His organs contracted and relaxed. His bones hardened. All of the black impurities in his body were excreted from his pores, thereby granting him clearer skin that glowed. When the process was finished, the remaining unused ingredients of three-colour flower seeped into Yang Tian’s muscles, nerves and bones as scalding energy, making him perspire profusely. His clear and clean blood pearls in his qihai were also stronger, granting him purer qi and blood.

The next day, Yang Tian smashed a boulder weighing half a tonne to smithereens without needing to resort to qi and blood support. To put it into perspective, his pure brute strength was equivalent to the might of the normal individual at Eighth Layer.

“It’d take ages to achieve these results if one was to rely purely on refinement, hahaha.”

Unlike before, the interior of Ancestral Dragon Ring wasn’t desolate. Instead, there was a prominent scent of herbs. The ground was lush, and half of the available space was used to grow the plants The red fruit on vermillion tree was almost ripe.

Yang Tian, carrying three more interspatial rings with him now, dashed through the forest once he left the cave. He was twice as fast as before and could move silently. His ability to control his body through space was a notch superior to before.

Suddenly, Yang Tian halted in his tracks. Using the ground as a springboard, he stomped on the ground, generating a violent gust of wind and parted long trails of dirt. Launching himself into the distance, he drove his fist into a beast’s abdomen before it had the chance to notice him. Correct, he killed a Level Seven beast with one punch without qi and blood enhancement.

After a night of running around, Yang Tian found the way back. He had recovered his qi and blood, so he sped off the Wild Cloud City. When he closed in, he found there were still several disciples from Star Martial Arts Academy on patrol duty several kilometres up ahead at the fortress. Compared to their erstwhile counterparts, though, they were much stronger. Due to what they were doing, however, Yang Tian couldn’t resist indulging in an eye roll.

The powerful nameless disciples up ahead verbally harassed three girls.

“Haha, I never expected to see such beautiful girls out in this desolate place. We brothers will have the privilege to enjoy a taste of heaven for a few days.” They gawked at the girls’ charming bodies with their lecherous gazes. One of the disciples spat several times.

“Hehe, if you are satisfied, my brother, can you spare me?” asked a lean man.

“Zuo Quan, I hired you, yet you betray me?” shouted a fat youth on the ground, bleeding from his nose and mouth.

“Qing Yuan, you can’t blame me now. Your cultivation is non-existent, yet you had the balls to take beauties around on a mountain with beasts. What, are you expecting me to implicate myself for you now that things have gone awry?” jeered the lean man, jumping up and looking at the fat man to snicker.

“Haha,” laughed one of the big fellows. “Don’t be so hasty. Neither of you will be leaving with your lives.”

There was no interlude between the moment he finished speaking and the moment he churned up his qi and blood. The lanky traitor didn’t feel the pain of the green fist crushing his skull.

“Aaah!” shrieked the three terrified beauties, crystal pearls forming in their eyes. “Young Master Qing, save us.”

“Hehe, don’t be hasty. I’ll be sure to love you, hahaha.” The large man pinched a girl’s face.

“Release them,” thundered Qing Yuan, gnashing his teeth and teeming with killing intent.

Out of the blue, palm strikes making impact as loud as thunderclap were heard.

“What are you implying with that? We are not pushovers. I would like to kindly suggest you mind your own business; else…”

The men’s eyes slowly scanned the young man from his feet up, rambling as they spoke. However, their mouths slowly froze on their faces as their terror gradually took form on their faces. “Y-y-you’re Yang Tian. You’re not dead?”

Qing Yuan: Am I going to be fortunate enough to get through this crisis?

“What? You were hoping I was dead?” questioned Yang Tian, rhetorically. He glanced at the three girls and ridiculed, “How typical of your academy. I suppose they don’t teach you shame while teaching you martial arts.”

“Smash him!” The furious man was convinced that the five of them could kill the puny and frail-looking Yang Tian.

“Be careful, Brother.” Qing Yuan loathed himself for not being of any help. He didn’t have any qi and blood in his qihai to utilise.

The men flamboyantly brandished themselves broadswords, slashing at Yang Tian with their blades enhanced with auras.  Yang Tian slipped out of the way. By the time the afterimages of the blade passed by Yang Tian, he was already next to one foe. Like an iron sword that could pierce anything, he skewered the man with a single punch.

The remaining hurled their weapons in an attempt to take Yang Tian’s life. In response, Yang Tian stomped up a tornado of dust. All that was witnessed next was a fireworks show made of blood in the screen of dust, the sound of metal clanging and the sound of metal raining onto the ground.

“What a tough body,” remarked Qing Yuan, after seeing Yang Tian’s palm. With a hiss, he muttered under his breath, “I don’t remember any clan in Green Sun Empire specialising in body-focused styles.”

The men’s legs quivered after seeing the floor littered with iron fragments. Who could blame them after Yang Tian crushed Blood Weapons with his bare hands?

Yang Tian snickered as the men turned to escape. He took to the air to throw several more punches to play the melody of grown men’s groans and blood and bones splattering!

The bloody scene induced nausea for the maidens. Nonetheless, owing to Yang Tian’s composed demeanour, they stopped themselves from throwing up. The girls then rushed over to Qing Yuan’s side.

Unfazed, Qing Yuan walked up to Yang Tian and saluted the latter: “Thank you for the help, Brother. My name is Qing Yuan.”

The girls followed suit. “Thank you for saving us, Young Master.”

“There’s no need to thank me, Brother Qing. They and I have a personal grudge,” stated Yang Tian, with a smile.

Yang Tian felt no need to hide the truth from Qing Yuan. Qing Yuan didn’t have any cultivation, but he had a regal air about him.

“Hehe, having one’s life saved is not something that can be forgotten. I promise to repay the favour another day. May I ask if you are planning to exit, Brother Yang? If you do not mind, would you be able to bring us along with you?”

“Haha, sure.”

Fifteen minutes later, Yang Tian and Qing Yuan bid each other farewell at Wild Cloud City. Then, Yang Tian rushed to Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy.


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