Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 80

Terminating Evil in the Name of Justice

Yu Feiyuan already blasted the door down before Luo Siming could get to his feet. Once he did stand up, he thundered, “Interim Patriarch Yu, Sword Spirit House is out of bounds. If anyone comes here without permission, they will be executed, and that applies to even me. This one will pardon you this time for you once helped him. Leave now!” Luo Siming, knowing he wouldn’t get off scot-free, genuinely wanted to give Yu Feiyuan a way out to show gratitude for her help in the past because he knew she was trespassing Luo Ming’s bottom line.

Yu Feiyuan kept her gaze affixed to the screen and stood outside the door, puzzling Luo Siming.

“Interim Patriarch Yu, do you need this one for something?” Luo Ming inquired.

When she clutched her sword, Yu Feiyuan, with her as the epicentre, generated an omnidirectional qi blast, winding Luo Siming.

Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s mental cultivation can’t even be blocked.

Luo Ming sent Luo Siming instructions via Voice Transmission, helping his son recalibrate his flow of qi.

“Interim Patriarch Yu, what is the meaning of this?!” Luo Siming fumed.

Yu Feiyuan plunged her black sword into the ground effortlessly: “As per Shizun’s instructions, Fool shall play with Patriarch Luo for three days as promised back then.”

Zi Wutong once pitted her weapon against Luo Ming’s best weapon and prime when she was a few years older than Yu Feiyuan solely for the sake of a fight. The two proud martial artists didn’t hold back in the slightest, but neither could win.

Zi Wutong grew stronger and stronger instead of tiring out from using Vajra Divine Might, while Luo Ming’s heart pounded away, and his output couldn’t keep up with his mind – insufficient internal energy. Even though she could’ve won in the next five hundred exchanges and had All-Encompassing Snow Technique supporting her, the reciprocal punishment of her own attacks wore her down until Luo Ming turned the tables to seize a win. Deeming such a win unfair, Luo Ming sent Zi Wutong to Hangzhou for treatment to protect her skills.

The two weren’t on bad terms since their fight in spite of their different stances on swords. During a discussion, Zi Wutong asserted she’d lend Fool to Luo Ming for three days to convince him of her stance. It fell through due to the misfortune that befell Luo Clan, unfortunately.

“It is most surprising to know Matriarch Zi still remembers.” Luo Ming didn’t think Yu Feiyuan would’ve been able to safely escort Fool to Huzhou for the sword would only impair one’s performance.

Luo Ming was interested in Fool and even contemplated taking it to carry out his revenge. Its visit was at a bad time for the reasons Luo Siming pointed out, however.

The sword never made sense to Luo Ming as it was ordinary by all accounts, yet someone who could wield it would possess might only giants might have. Additionally, he was after a sharp blade for his sword, while Fool was blunt.

“The finals will be dangerous. Every sect has a sharp weapon. It is not wise to fight unarmed. You need not lend the sword today. You can use it in the finals.”

“No need.”


Yu Feiyuan performed a palm-fist salute: “Feiyuan cannot ask for a favour when she is under her shizun’s orders.”

“Isn’t your order to lend the sword to me?”

“Those were Shizun’s orders when Feiyuan left. The order Feiyuan is adhering to is the one Shizun mentioned when Feiyuan was a child. For generations, Wutong Jin Yuxuan has made punishing evil and defending justice their undertaking. We will exterminate evil without mercy. Therefore, Feiyuan cannot accept any favours from you.”

“What… is that supposed to mean?”

Yu Feiyuan pulled her brows in, confused as to what was so hard to understand about what she said. “Everything here is dubious and lacks transparency. The so-called duels are duels on the surface but, in truth, is theft. There are ploys layered on top of ploys. The air reeks of evil. I am duty-bound to vanquish it.”

Luo Ming tugged up a corner of his lips: “Why have you not vanquished the devil, then?”

“Shizun said you could play with Fool for three days. Feiyuan cannot disregard orders.”

“In other words, Luo Sword Manor will become your slaughter ground once your shizun’s instructions have been fulfilled? Why not just get it over and done with now?”

The building was only one move away from turning to ice.

“Fighting when you are injured is not the best course of action. I… do not kill the wounded.” Yu Feiyuan walked off.

In his low voice, Luo Ming uttered, “She… must go.”


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