Almighty – Ch. 10


The stocky man illuminated his broadsword made from pure copper.

“The Blood Weapon is borderline high grade.” Yang Tian gathered his qi and blood on his fists.

“Kid, I’m going to skin you bit by bit and then feed you to a dog.” The man swung his copper broadsword with all his might.

“Scorching Sun!” Yang Tian punched toward to incoming blade, with the sun on his fist considerably more ferocious than last time.

The bright crimson red qi flew through the air. Scorching sign exploded on impact with the blade, causing it to tremble. The bright qi on the copper broadsword quickly faded as small cracks appeared on it.


The impact of Yang Tian’s skill was more powerful than the normal Mystic Rank skill. Discovering Yang Tian’s might, fear gripped the man’s heart.

“I haven’t fully grasped Scorching Sun. I need to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary in the future,” Yang Tian said to himself. He knew that he expended over half of his qi and blood.

“He must die before he becomes a bigger threat. The only way I can explain his possession of a high-ranking cultivation method is that he’s the disciple of a prominent clan,” the man decided.

Yang Tian bound forward, potent qi and crimson glow overflowing to uppercut the stocky man on the chin with a crimson fist. Yang Tian unleashed punch after punch, each generating gusts of wind. ferocity of the two was on full display as they drew blood from each other over and over. Though covered in blood, Yang Tian vigorously rotated his arms, thereby generating a loud crack. The stocky man had one final glimpse of Yang Tian with his horrified eyes.

Fatigue overrode all of Yang Tian’s other mental processes. The excessive blood loss almost robbed him of awareness.

Several fierce beasts appeared after loud fierce roars upon selling blood blood. Consequently, Yang Tian snagged the stocky man’s interspatial ring from him and made haste. He fought to keep his eyes open as fatigue set in, and blood spilt out. Nevertheless, he remained unwavering; how could he die when he had yet to exact his vengeance? Hence, he ran as fast as his legs could take him to the cave, leaving behind a trail of blood.

Once he got back inside the cave, Yang Tian went limp on the ground. “I can’t fall asleep,” he told himself. He vigorously opened his eyes and blinked them, albeit with a struggle. If he didn’t treat his wounds as soon as possible, he’d inevitably leave himself prone to trouble.

Yang Tian anxiously sifted through the items from the interspatial ring with his eyes. When several vials came into sight, he opened one of the jade vials with his weak hand. Upon seeing two Blood Pills, a tinge of red returned to his pale face. “Eh?” A smile crept up on Yang Tian’s smile when he opened another vial. “This is the high-rank pill ‘Bone Forging Pill’.”

Yang Tian’s smile turned to a look of pain when he went to move due to the struggle. He coughed blood several times before he consumed a Bone Forging Pill.

As Yang Tian begun to cultivate, Bone Forging Pill began to work its magic, tempering his broken and cracked bones. The repeated cleansing process blessed him with a soothing feeling, pulling his brows apart. It took fifteen minutes to repair his cracked and broken bones. As a bonus, his bones were tougher than they were before. His bones’ glow was clear and glistening and sounded as if they were being drummed.

Once he felt the pill had done its job, Yang Tian opened his mouth and consumed another Blood Pill. His organs spawned mist in reaction to the pill. Consuming two Blood Pills back to back saw his qi and blood grew twice as potent as what it was before.. The blood pearls in his qihai expanded in size again.

“Break!” The Blood Pearl in Yang Tian’s qihai suddenly split. The melted blood pearl was weak. Then, the heaven and earth vital essence within Ancestral Dragon Ring suddenly rose. He absorbed the split blood pearl in his body exponentially faster until half of its original energy was absorbed.

“I’ve finally broken through.” Yang Tian slowly got up. He could feel the jump in power.

The hunger pang finally kicked in. Yang Tian touched his protesting belly and shook his head. He roasted a salted rabbit stuffed with purple grass from the iron string it was hung from. Once the rabbit was ready, Yang Tian picked it up and wolfed it down in no tie.

Yang Tian shifted his body on the ground. His body had a faint crimson tinge. Every punch chipped off bits of the rocks around. He bound at a boulder and torqued. Like a fire arrow, he charged straight for the five tonne boulder. The giant boulder trembled upon impact. Cracks akin to a spider web branched out from the point of impact. With another two punches, Yang Tian created a hole in the boulder.

Yang Tian panted a few times before he gradually calmed his breathing. However, his entire body brimmed with power.

Upon venturing deeper into the cave, Yang Tian bright red fruit hanging from the tree had a strangely attractive aroma.

“I knew it was a Vermillion Fruit. Sadly, it’s not a hundred years old yet. It’s going to be far inferior if I consume it now. The stocky man from before must’ve realised the fruit was yet to be a hundred years old, as well, and therefore didn’t consume it. I wonder if I can plant crops in Ancestral Dragon Ring …” Yang Tian wasted no time inserting the tree into Ancestral Dragon Ring. He scanned the surrounding sixty or so metres. “Wait, what?”


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