Almighty – Ch. 09

Black Magical Beast

A man with sharp eyes silently traversed the dark forest next to the cave, brandishing an iron broadsword with blood still trickling from the blade. All of a sudden, a rancid dark figure over three metres tall dove out from the shrubs. It smelt rancid. Though the man was cautious, the dark figure had pierced his aura armour by the time he noticed its presence. In mere moments, the dark figure crushed his head with its front limb. Crunch! Crunch! Out came a beast over three-metres tall, masticating loudly on a human corpse. It opened its large bloody mouth again and chomped down again.

“A Black Magical Beast, I see.” Yang Tian witnessed the beast with the black mane’s ambush from the entrance of his cave. Judging from the qi and blood the beast released, its strength was on par with a Fifth Layer.

Fierce beasts were separated into three categories, ranging from one to three, which corresponded to human cultivators.

Yang Tian slowly approached the black beast. Once he was almost within six metres range, the beast suddenly hit pause on its feast. It vigorously raised its head and performed a visual recon of Yang Tian through its green eyes.

“Its senses aren’t half bad.” Quickly, Yang Tian stomped a foot down, creating a burst of energy that sent the mud on the ground shooting out to the sides. Using the force generated via his leg drive, he charged straight toward the beast.

Its jet black mane spontaneously stood erect. Eyes on its encroaching attacker, the beast drove its strong rear leg into the ground, launching itself into the air. Its sharp claws hidden underneath the fur of its front limb presented itself as a swing toward Yang Tian’s head.

Keeping his eyes on the incoming sharp claws, Yang Tian swiftly evaded. Like a violent wind, Yang Tian fed the beast with crimson energy from his fists. Smoke in the surrounding area rose. The left over force that went with the wind slit the nearby ancient trees loudly. A sudden rotation saw Yang Tian manoeuvre himself through the air along an arc to flank the magical beast. And again, boom, another destructive punch smashed into the beast.

“Argh!” groaned the beast as it flew metres away. Owing to the damage that went deep into its bones around its lungs, the beast spat out its rancid-smelling blood.

Refusing to quit until it was down, Yang Tian launched another gust of wind toward the black magical beast. Looking savage, the beast unleashed its aura. Eyes fierce, it attempted to jam Yang Tian with a scissor attack using its front limbs. Mere moments before the beast’s front limbs could make contact, Yang Tian abruptly twisted in the ear to unleash a kick into the black magical beast’s lungs using his rear leg.

Yang Tian’s foot went numb despite landing it flush. He retreated after the failed attack. With a few movements in the air, he landed back on the ground.  “What a tough body.”

The beast’s qi began to grow more formidable, progressing toward Sixth Layer.

The beast innately possessed a tough body, but it lacked in the intellect department. Humans, to the contrary, were born with intelligence that exceeded other species. What they lacked in the strength department was made up for with their gifted talent.

Drooling a yellow liquid, the beast charged toward Yang Tian similarly to a raging bull. Yang Tian stood his ground. Contracting all of his muscles in a single instant, he focused his potent qi and blood onto his fist. He leaned forward just slightly with his body rooted still as a rock, eyes trained on the incoming beast.

Yang Tian thrust forward with his fist enveloped in a red glow. Punching as fast as lightning, his fists clashed with the black magical beast’s claws. The force generated from the clash shook the earth and sent the beast flying.

Though the beast was sent tumbling, Yang Tian wasn’t much better off. He stumbled backwards several metres before he could steady himself. Blood spilt from the numerous cuts that went deep into his bones on his arms.

Even though Yang Tian hissed, he fought the pain and launched himself into the air again to catch the beast’s tough rear leg and rewarded the beast with yet another punch brimming with the crimson glow. The loud impact on its leg opened a gaping hole.

The Black Magical Beast painfully cried out. At the same time, however, its body rapidly evolved. Within seconds, it had grown stronger by a third of what it was moments ago.

“Damn it. It’s Berserk Bloodline.”

Flustered, Yang Tian lunged backwards. Some beasts had an innate chance of having their blood vessels go berserk. Fundamentally, it was a condition where stimulation led to their fighting power increasing without end.

With every step the beast took, the mud would part. Moreover, its speed increased notably. In what appeared to be the time it took to take a breath, the beast had already arrived at Yang Tian’s side. With its sturdy arm, it batted Yang Tian in the back.

“Cursed beast!” Yang Tian grabbed the beast’s front limb and yanked it over to stick a knee in its spine.

They were in a squishy space, but Yang Tian didn’t hesitate to show his ferocity. Heavens Conqueror Manual operated at full capacity, replenishing any qi and blood he expended. Due to the prolonged fight, the power up from its berserk blood vessels gradually escaped its body.

“Scorching Sun!” With a small sun that burnt hotter than last time on his fists, Yang Tian rammed it straight into the beast’s head. The bright crimson glow sped through the air and exploded on the beast before it could react. The dense qi and blood continued to blast the beast, splattering its blood and bones.

The Beast groaned in agony. It rolled on the ground and smashed down the ancient tree with the enormous trunk. As its blood spurt, it finally collapsed on the ground ten breaths later.

Gaze on the exhausted beast, Yang Tian subtly raised a corner of his lips. It was the first Fierce Beast he slew.

Yang Tian waited to recover half of his qi and blood before taking out a long high-quality iron broadsword from his interspatial ring to skin the beast. He could use the skin as refinement material or sell it in the market for bloodstones. When he sliced open the beast’s chest, he found a black flesh ball – the beast’s core, which could be utilised in pill concoction.

Whoosh! An azure ray of light rumbled next to Yang Tian’s ear the moment he recovered. He dodged before his brain could register the threat to move. The azure ray of light hit the large tree, decaying it. The lush green true turned yellow.

“How sinister.” Yang Tian shifted his gaze over to the tough man making his way over. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Not bad. I didn’t expect you to dodge my attack in time,” replied the assailant. The fallen beast quickly caught his attention. “Nothing. Hand me the Beast Core. You can run along now.”

“That’ll depend on whether you have what it takes to have it or not.”

In a world where the strong ruled, fights starting over the slightest disagreement were all too commonplace. Moreover, the stocky man started with a sneak attack; he was one who often killed to rob a man. It was just the dark side of the world of cultivation rearing its ugly end. Blatant threats were just the norm.

“Kid, let me teach you about rules of the world of cultivation.” The large an spared no time in unleashing an azure blast of qi from his sleeve.

Yang Tian moulded up all his qi and blood and manifested several walls to defend himself from the blast of qi flying toward him. The azure qi pierced through multiple layers of Yang Tian’s defences and headed straight for his heart. Yang Tian retaliated with his own punch, unleashing a crimson blast of energy. Their qi blasts collided in mid-air and loudly imploded.

“Not bad.” With a swift lunge, the man reappeared by Yang Tian’s side and uncorked a palm strike at Yang Tian’s head.

Yang Tian detonated another devastating crimson punch to meet with his opponent’s palm strike. The bright qi blasts clashed yet again. The remaining qi dispersed as shockwaves. He fought against the pain to follow up with another punch.

Yang Tian gasped as three bones in his arms broke.

“Die,” exclaimed Yang Tian. Whilst still battling the pain, he stabbed toward the stocky man’s eyes with two fingers.

The stocky man’s eyes shut slightly, but he remained composed. Ignoring the incoming pair of fingers, he slammed Yang Tian in the chest with his fist. Yang Tian absorbed his chest. The awful pain forced him to reactively clench his teeth, but he pressed on with his finger strike. He finally felt the soft touch on his fingers.

“Argh!” Yang Tian being able to trade with him wasn’t part of his predictions. Blood poured from his right eye, and a twitching eyeball landed on the ground. “You’re dead!”


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