Almighty – Ch. 08

Divine Item

With blood shooting up to the sky, the divine markings on Dragon Jade began to move. The movement attracted the heaven and earth essence in the surroundings. Like a flood, the heaven and earth vital essence made its way toward the jade, where it then formed a big whirlpool.

“What’s going on? It’s devouring all of the heaven and earth vital essence?”

As the whirlpool expanded, ripping sounds followed along. The jade’s red glow brightened and brightened. The air twisted and bent. Every drop of water in said bloody river contained infinite power. A formidable aura spurt forth from within.

“There’s a weird phenomenon now? Just what sort of treasure is this?”

The spiritual charm inside Dragon Jade suddenly shot out. Thunder and lightning began to stir behind the clouds. Rays of blinding light shot up from the ground, opening countless voids out of the blue. The earth began to tremble ever so slightly. Beasts collapsed and quivered as though they were under immense pressure.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The jade ignored Yang Tian. All the heaven and earth vital essence within a five kilometre radius rushed toward the pendant.

Cultivators in the city looked up to the dark sky where thunderclaps announced their advent, and clouds churned.

“What is that? Could it be a phenomenon signalling the birth of a treasure?” asked a large man, voice shaky.

“Wh-Whatever the treasure is, it’s created change in the heavens. What grade is the treasure?” thundered an old man who looked ready for the casket, seeing through the strange phenomenon.

Dozens of dark silhouettes sprinted toward the location the phenomenon originated from.

“Damn it! Stop!” Yang Tian was worried he would lose his life if strong people found out about the divine item.

“Roar!” roared two incredibly swift dragons that zipped past the void. Owing to the two dragons passing by, they swept up the dispersed aura of the dragon-shaped jade. In the blink of an eye, the jade, heaven and earth vital essence, Dragon Jade disappeared without a trace.

Yang Tian quickly took off into the distance with an explosive launch. He had improved yet again.

Not long after Yang Tian’s departure, a mysterious girl in white clothes appeared in the sky. Like lightning pierced the sky, she fired a beam from her eyes that seemingly allowed her to see through everything in the world, while a whirlpool formed around her. “Strange. How did a divine item appear here?” Though bewildered, she departed in a flash.

With the nimbleness on par with a monkey, Yang Tian evaded all of the obstacles challenging him to speed through the forest that beasts resided. He gradually reduced his speed and swept his eyes around despite his heavy eyelids.

“I’m out of breath. Let’s do it here.”  Teeth clenched, Yang Tian crawled into a hole. He mustered up strength throughout his body to move a few boulders and seal the cavern shut tight. Once his preparations were complete, he lied down on the ground then sealed his mouth and nose, consequently forcing himself to barely breathe.

Yang Tian heard dozens of footsteps approaching the exterior of the cave at a considerable speed. Their aggression was worn as a coat. There wasn’t a single beast’s voice within a three kilometre radius, but the imposing pressure was unmistakably present. The leader of the group, a man with a scar, released his qi and blood from every pore on his body whilst surveying the surroundings with a piercing gaze. He stopped his gaze on the cavern Yang Tian hid in for a brief moment then shifted it away.

“That’s odd; there was somebody here just before. Where’d he go?” The man with the scar continued to sweep his gaze around while feeling perplexed. The phenomenon just before attracted the attention of everyone in Wild Cloud City, and there were still more people rushing to the scene.

“Big Brother, did a treasure appear before? Being able to gather Heaven and Earth Vital Essence within a fifty kilometre radius would make it an amazing treasure, no?” inquired a man with a dark face, as he meandered over.

The man with the scar shook his head. “I’ve seen the city’s lord use a Mystic Item. Compared to his item, the power we witnessed before far exceeded it. I’m quite positive it’s an even higher level.”

“Higher than a Mystic Item… That would make it a Dao Item.”

Items on the continent were categorised as Blood Item, Mystic Item, Dao Item, Heaven Item. A Peak Blood Item was seldom seen at Wild Cloud City. Mystic Items were several times rarer than the former. Dao Items were even rarer than the two aforementioned tiers. Legends said that Dao Items had the ability to destroy the world. Even some of the most powerful figures and groups rarely chanced upon a Dao Item.

“Don’t waste our time mulling over it. Don’t mention a word about it. The lord will soon be here,” shouted the man with the scar.

“Hehe, we just wanted to imagine it,” replied the man with the dark face.

“Let’s go.” The man with the scar waved his hand, and the group of aggressive guards headed out.

Countless cultivators rushed to the mountain that night. News of the appearance of a divine item spread throughout Wild Cloud City, which was under the jurisdiction of Green Sun Empire, impelling several high-ranking figures in the empire visit the scene.


Yang Tian could tell that the situation outside had calmed down considerably, so he opened his eyes and helplessly chuckled. He slowly crossed his legs and recovered his qi and blood.

The moment he entered his knowledge warehouse, Yang Tian wore on a stern look. Ancestral Dragon Ring pinned the overpowering Dragon Jade below it. Howbeit, the powerful jade maintained its original shape. The piece of jade also appeared afraid of the “Conqueror” character pinning it down, evident by the fact that it hid in a corner. Yang Tian was quite astounded that the ‘conqueror’ characters were able to subdue Dragon Jade.

“What in the world is it? Why did it enter my body?” Yang Tian took in a big breath and vigorously scratched his head. Dragon Jade early killed him last night, yet there it was lying obediently in his knowledge storage.

“It’s not a Dao Item, is it?” Suspicious, Yang Tian examined the patterns on the piece of jade. The charm was still there. An item that could emit a spiritual charm met the prerequisite for being a Dao Item.

Only items with sentience were considered top-tier treasures. Those that could produce an invigorated essence, energy and spirit not only required virtually impossible to obtain material but also a formidable individual who could use their soul to nurture the spiritual charm day and night –  bearing in mind that the success late was beyond low.

Yang Tian thought and thought, and then he smiled. The dragon-shaped jade’s imposing aura was beyond what words could do justice, but then his smile suddenly disappeared shortly after. Hopeless, he shook his head. He couldn’t take the piece of jade out. “Maybe next time.”


Three kilometre radius is going by the Tang Dynasty’s conversion rate. The variation from dynasty to dynasty is enormous. This was chosen alongside discussion with the author for simplicity instead of having other numerals such as 3.3 repeat km.


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