Almighty – Ch. 06


Once Yang Tian sensed that the man in black’s life force had completely faded, he sat down in his own sweat, exhausted from expending all of his qi and blood when he unleashed the barrage of punches.

“The boxing style is called Scorching Sun!”

The titan’s boxing style was too profound for Yang Tian to fully grasp. At present, he could only practice it in hopes of one day achieving a fraction of the titan’s might.

Yang Tian searched his victim and found an interspatial ring, an item allowing one to store items and fetched an exorbitant amount. With a radius of five feet, it was the lowest tier interspatial ring. The man in black must’ve killed a fair number of people to obtain the ring given his cultivation.

Yang Tian poured out the contents of the ring. After fumbling through the items, he sighted five red stones roughly the size of a thumb that Fat Chen paid for Yang Tian’s head as well as a jade vial. Sensing the qi and blood’s potency – judged from the striations and swishing contents – he gave it a scrub. “A Bloodstone. This guy has a pretty impressive net worth, huh.”

Bloodstones were categorised as follows: Low, Middle, High and Superior. The ones Yang Tian found were Low-tier Bloodstones.

Yang Tian stored three of the stones he found in the interspatial ring and then picked up the jade vial. A rich qi escaped the bottle along with a red pill when he took the lid off. Sniffing the pill’s aroma replenished some of the qi and blood he expended. “A First Rank Mid-Grade Blood Pill, I see. He must’ve prepared it to break through to the next realm. Lucky me.”

Pills, which were ranked from one to nine on the continent, were concocted by tempering various natural spirits. There weren’t many pills to be found at Green Stone Town. The Blood Pill Yang Tian found was classified as a First Rank Mid-Grade Pill.

After going through his harvest, Yang Tian stored them in Ancestral Dragon Ring and then sat down to contemplate. There must be something at Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy that’s caught Fat Chens’ attention. The only thing stopping him from killing us is his missing gut. I have no doubts there’s somebody ordering him. There aren’t many people in Green Stone Town who’d dare come after Father. Who exactly could it be? Father has been friendly with people all these years… Ah, I don’t know.

As the sky darkened, the atmosphere turned darker and gloomier, calling the Fierce Beasts in the mountain came out to hunt. Yang Tian woke up as if sleeping was dangerous when he heard roars. He peered at the sky then went and took cover behind an area of rocks.

Yang Tian lifted up a black iron cage that had holes in it, interior comparable to a maze, and carried it over to the body of water. He attached a silver string to the boulder off to the side. If fish found their way into the cage, then they would be swimming into his trap.


The Blood Pill tempered Yang Tian’s bones organs and heart, preparing them to be more heavy duty. Tempering with the abundance of heaven and earth vital essence, the Blood Pill’s effect gradually reduced. The remaining portion from the Blood Pill seeped into his muscles, nerves and bones. He could feel his blood boiling similarly to a furnace. The heaven and earth vital essence entering his body cleansed his flesh. Soon enough, his ten-plus drops of crimson ei in his qihai grew stronger by a third of what it originally was.

Over the next few days, Yang Tian focused all of his time and energy into cultivating Heavens Conqueror Manual. Being a victim of a disaster as a child, he knew the importance of power better than anyone else the. The continent operated on one doctrine: the strong rule.

After five days of cultivating, Ancestral Dragon Ring time adjusted, allowing Yang Tian’s qi to grow over twice as strong as what it was five days ago. Part of the credit had to be given to the Icefish. If he were to face the man in black again at this point, he would be able to kill him on the spot. In addition, he discovered that his physical body’s strength improved at a frightening rate. It was most evident by the fact that the damage to his skin that the waterfall inflicted had significantly reduced. While he was elated by that, he was also bothered over his cultivation rate plummeting notably.

Yang Tian kept shifting about in a messy field of stones, thereby generating gusts of dirt. When he swung his arms, one could hear it whistle through the air as small tornadoes would blast in every direction. As a result, the stones sounded as though they exploded every time the fierce wind blew.

The friction from Yang Tian’s joints sounded comparable to thunderclap. With a loud bang, the blasts of energy from his fists drilled a hole into a boulder. The hole continued to enlarge while broken chips went flying. Following up with another swift punch, saw the boulder shatter with a loud explosion.

As the dust scattered, the cracks on the boulder revealed itself. Content, Yang Tian nodded. He moved around for a brief moment then fell into deep thought. If he relied solely on absorbing essence to improve his cultivation, then breaking through to the next realms would take ages. Heavens Conqueror Manual’s qi demand was absurd. He couldn’t break the ceiling and reach the Blood Refinement’s Fourth Layer with his current foundation.

The qi requirement for Blood Refinement alone was several times the total demand of Radiant Coloured Glaze Manual. The second realm in martial arts was “Warrior”. According to Heavens Conqueror Manual, one needed to attain Heavens Conqueror Bronze Body as a prerequisite to reaching Warrior status. That challenge alone was enough to trouble Yang Tian.


The next day, the bloodstone in Yang Tian’s hand was reduced to tiny fragments after he emptied the energy it had to offer. Opening his eyes, he stretched out his back, cracking his bones in the process. He patted his somewhat stiff arm and muttered, “I should be able to handle a Fierce Beast on the mountain with my current strength.”

The Fierce Beasts in Green Stone Town were a mere five hundred metres away from the town’s mountains. The beasts’ area was fraught with dangers, and the risk of them rampaging was extremely high. After many incidents of them attacking common folks, Wild Cloud City sent soldiers to guard their exits. In addition, they constructed a small fortress, enclosing the beasts within a wall ten-foot high.

Once he ascended a mountain, the sight of the aforementioned wall into Yang Tian’s sights. Various palm and claw prints were engraved on the walls reinforced with black molten iron.

Disclaimer: Due to the author using a lot of NPC commentary in this series and spamming descriptions, I am removing them when they are used to an excessive degree for flagrant word padding (i.e. writing 8 characters’ reactions to somebody picking up a stone that are rehashed versions of the last NPC or “… uncorked a super, epic, ultra-terrifying punch that could shatter rocks, split the earth, terrified oxygen, amazingly kill a brick and injure a wall” for the nth time). All edits are made with approval from the author (still have conversation records).


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