Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 06

“Seeing such a grand ceremony made me think that the Elven Queen and Empress of humanity came together.”

“That is not actually too far off. It was Onii-sama’s two wives who came.”

Freya took a drink from her cup of tea, and then placed it down. She stood up and walked to the window to see Nier hug her Onii-sama. She pressed her hands on the glass window. There was an obvious look of loneliness in her gaze as she softly said, “Onii-sama’s two wives are everything to him. They are the two Onii-sama cherishes most. I have done my best here in the North for so long for him, when, in reality, all he wanted to do was provide his wives with a comfortable home.”

Alex stood up. He looked at Freya’s compact back nervously. He wasn’t one to easily get nervous. In fact, he was very confident with his socialisation skills at socialisation events. He was comparable a fish to water around women, but when it came to Freya, he found himself struggling to find words and not as courageous as he thought. He didn’t have the courage to make eye contact with Freya, let alone court her.

He didn’t walk over; instead, he stood behind her, looking at her. Somewhat surprised, he asked, “Two wives?”

“No. I made a mistake. Three wives.” Freya turned her head around. She smiled: “Also, the most amazing part out Onii-sama is that he can get women who cannot accept such a thing to accept him. Frankly, I do not understand how those women can tolerate Onii-sama’s blatant betrayals. It is true that Onii-sama has not taken the initiative to court a woman. I guess we can only say that his luck with women is incredible. It was too late by the time Miss Lucia noticed.”

“Mm… His Majesty’s personal life…”

“His personal life is extremely messy. Basically, all the pretty women around him have a relationship with him. I cannot find fault with him there, because he does keep his personal life under control. However, his view of love is different to ours. Despite that, the purpose of my existence is to help Onii-sama, so I will not say anything if I can see him smile so happily.”

Freya turned around and then sat on her chair. She picked up her cup of tea in front of her, and then sighed: “I have nothing I can say, either. It is Onii-sama’s private matters, after all.”

Alex smiled and asked, “Did you know that you are now essentially an abandoned wife complaining away at home, Miss Freya?

“I do not quite agree. I exist to serve Onii-sama. Onii-sama provided me with care and a home. I have not felt the feeling of being cared for in a long time. I felt it for the first time with Onii-sama. I am his sister. Serving him is my duty. Onii-sama treating me well is my reward. Therefore, I do not ask for more.”

Alex smiled: “But how does that make you any different to a vassal, then? You are His Majesty’s sister. As his sister, you should act coquettish and wilful with him. You should do what a sister should do. If you do not dare to be spoilt with him when you are his sister, then is there any meaning to your identity as his sister? At the end of the day, you are His Majesty’s sister. Should a sister not be closer than a wife?”

Freya froze to ponder Alex’s rationalisation. Alex looked at her awkwardly. He never expected his joke would make her think so seriously. To be fair, it was Freya’s personal family business. He had no business sticking his nose into it, but he never thought she’d consider his statements seriously. Nevertheless, Alex truthfully felt a little awkward.

Seeing Freya think about Troy so sombrely upset him. Freya was the type of girl Alex was fond of. When he interacted with her and realised she was polite and cute, he went from head over a heel to head over heels for her. Alex went as far as considering moving into the palace. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an excuse to do so. He truly felt that he would definitely go crazy if he didn’t get to see Freya after leaving.

“Maybe,” replied Freya, after a long think, “Maybe you are right. I will do my best to become an up-to-standard younger sister. Being Onii-sama’s sister is a very blissful to me, and it is my purpose in life.”

Alex mustered up his courage. He looked at her and sincerely asked, “But, Miss Freya, I want to know if you have anybody you like, since His Majesty has three wives.”

Both Freya and Gerald standing behind her were caught by surprise by the question. Gerald knew who she liked. The man she liked was the man downstairs hugging his wife as they made their way into the palace. He nervously looked at Freya. She maintained her smile as she looked at Alex. Gerald suddenly developed a curiosity as to what Freya’s response would be.

“Someone I like?” After thinking about it for a while, Freya replied with a smile: “I already have someone I like except he might not reciprocate my feelings… Actually, perhaps he knows that I have feelings for him, but we probably will not have the chance to be together.”

Freya smiled melancholically. After hesitating for a moment, Alex responded: “Why do you still like him, then? Why do you choose to continue a love that will not bear fruit? You still have time to like somebody else. You are still young. Miss Freya, you can go and like somebody else.”

“No. Whether or not he likes me has no bearing on whether I like him or not. I will like him even if we cannot be together. He gave me the courage to live and a purpose to live for. He was gentle with me even when others did not acknowledge me. Everybody considered me a contemptible individual just trying to curry favour with him, because of his status, but he was so gentle with me, nonetheless. I could only feel bliss and live as a child at his side. That is enough for me.”

Freya then stood up with her cup of tea. She finally revealed a brighter and more relaxed smile: “My break time is over. Mr. Alex, I have spoken a bit much. I need to assist Onii-sama with organising The Princesses’ arrangements, so feel free to move around freely in the palace. Gerald, you stay with Mr. Alex.”


“Do I need you to stick with me and protect me while I am in the palace? Gerald, follow my orders and stay with Mr. Alex.”

Gerald hopelessly watched Freya place her cup of tea in the tray at the entrance, and then turn to leave. He then turned around to look at Alex, who appeared to be in a despondent mood. He smiled and said, “Mr. Alex, you need not look so down. Rather, you should not have held any hopes from the start.”

“I just never thought…”

“Miss Freya is a very smart girl. That is precisely why she is absolutely persistent with her love. Therefore, you need not worry. I hope that you do not copy Freya and like somebody you should not,” said Gerald. He bowed added, “Did you have anywhere you wanted to go? I can accompany you.”


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