Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 05

The money issue in the North was considered solved. I never thought that the old geezer from the winged race had so much wealth. He legit embezzled the entire national treasury. The money and jewellery was virtually enough to cover half of the forecasted expenses for the North. Karana and Nara helped me out with some expenses. With Troy City supplying the North with some financing, as well, the financial issue in the North was finally resolved.

It was very hard for a single city to fund an entire continent, but with three cities and the assets of the North, itself, we had enough. At present, the North didn’t require living facilities. What I wanted was an industry district, and that would require a labour force. The North couldn’t possibly provide me with sufficient manpower. In the past, it would be possible to use low anthropoids as materials to burn the factories. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue reproducing low anthropoids. That meant that I needed to replace manpower with machinery.

That was where factories came in to play. I couldn’t establish a large factory previously, as I lacked a power source. Troy City’s factory was water powered. As a result, we had to build the factory around the location of the river. As a consequence, we had to depend on the terrain, consequently, limiting the radius limit of the factory.

If the Brilliant Moon Stone could create mana-powered machines, then it’d be the equivalent of steam-powered machines. Steam-powered machines were the catalyst for the first industrial revolution. If I could create machines powered by Brilliant Moon Stones, then I’d be able to create a factory.  If that came to fruition, the small population of the North wouldn’t inhibit production volume.

What had my interest most, though, was the theory of how the Brilliant Moon Stones could store mana similarly to electricity. If it could, would I be able to get the North to enter the era of electric power? But on second thought, I gave up. After all, electricity and mana were two different things. Mana circuits were totally different to electric circuits. It was pointless to try and force history’s advancement. Furthermore, a correspondent mana machine was what was most important, not the Brilliant Moon Stone.

After all, a big production revolution in society couldn’t occur alongside a single scientific and technological advancement. If one scientific and technology advancement occurred, then other science and technology advancements needed to accompany it.

The pursuit of powering machines with Brilliant Moon stones was Lorana’s business. She only had part of a mana machine blueprint, and such a thing had never been made. After making it, we needed to prove that it could actually be integrated into work, too. So accordingly, there was no rush. It was all in Lorana’s hands.

I really wanted to produce it together with Lorana. We might be able to provide each other with some new inspiration. Nevertheless, I needed to focus more on my two wives compared to the Brilliant Moon Stones. My Lucia and Nier were eight months pregnant. They were scheduled to give birth soon.

Lucia was still in the same state. Though she had shown a remarkable improvement compared to the past, since the child had successfully settled down and created his or her own mana, the child still needed to absorb his or her mother’s mana, except to a lesser degree. Lucia could fall deep asleep now, though. Lucia was essentially in an ill state all day. She didn’t even want to open her eyes. Fortunately, she no longer required the elven spring water or Ling Yue’s blood.

Vyvyan and Lucia were arriving at the palace tomorrow. The North is no longer different to the South for Vyvyan, since it was no longer freezing. I was also very reassured with Mommy Vyvyan bringing Lucia over, as nobody would be able to snatch Lucia from her. Plus, Vyvyan had decided not to return to Duargana. Since her father wanted to serve the Galadriel tribe so enthusiastically, let him serve the tribe, then. For Vyvyan, her child was her purpose in life.

My guard unit had set out for Troy City to bring Nier up North. They were scheduled to arrive safe and sound tomorrow, as well.

I was most worried about Ling Yue at the time. She got pregnant without me even knowing. Unlike Lucia and Nier, Ling Yue control whether or not she got pregnant. For anthropoids and elves, who were species that could control mana, they could control whether or not they get pregnant. Without mana, they couldn’t.

Ling Yue’s pregnancy was a bad time – for me. No, I wasn’t against her being pregnant. Although Ling Yue couldn’t have a wedding ceremony to receive everybody’s blessings and was stuck being a mistress, I cared for her as much as I cared for Lucia and Nier. I needed to be by her side, because she was pregnant. But nonetheless, since she chose not to inform when she got pregnant, and I couldn’t ditch my two wives, who were about to give birth, to be with her.

I couldn’t keep Ling Yue company. Luckily, she still had Evelyn and Leah with her. I also sent maids who once worked in the palace to Ling Yue’s place to look after her. In addition, I prepared lots of gifts. I, therefore, assumed Ling Yue would be all right.

Without a doubt, I felt really guilty. I was able to stay with Lucia and Nier when they were pregnant, which was I really cared about Ling Yue. I really wished I could stay with her. Sadly, I missed my wife’s pregnancy again.

Ling Yue never asked for my opinion, so maybe she might’ve been jealous after seeing Lucia and Nier, and thus, decided to get pregnant without seeking my opinion. She didn’t even inform me. Perhaps she was aware that I couldn’t split myself up to take care of her, and therefore resorted to such a careful method of informing me. I couldn’t go if I saw the letter, but if I didn’t see it, then perfect.

She wanted a child. At the same time, though, she didn’t want to put me on the spot. She wanted for me to focus on work in the palace. She was a descendent of the Moon Fox Tribe. Her father died for this continent. Her entire tribe died for the North, and she certainly didn’t want me to leave the palace for her.

While I was in thought, Freya entered my room and solemnly reported, “Onii-sama, the things you wanted prepared for Miss Ling Yue have been prepared. In addition, Onii-sama, I hope that you do not send out so many guards. Virtually all of your guards are now protecting Miss Nier, and there are some who are going to protect Miss Ling Yue. If you increase her guards, the palace’s defences will be too thin.”

I placed my cup of wine down, “I’ll be fine with Tanya and Shusia by my side. You have Gerald. We just need a few more in the palace. We’ll deploy as many men as we can. The safety in the Imperial City is acceptable, but not with Ling Yue.”

With a frown, Freya argued, “Honestly, Onii-sama, Shusia is fine, but Tanya has not been by your side for very long. I think that you cannot trust her.”

“Coincidentally, Tanya just told me you strutted through the streets, flaunting yourself under my name,” I said with a chuckle.

Freya dawdled for a moment before lip furiously biting down on her, “That little squirt… Onii-sama, you have to trust me!!”

“I trust both of you,” I stated, “I trust both of you; thus, I won’t believe any malignant things you say about each other. But you’re the only two by my side, Freya, so you two must get along.”

“I… I cannot guarantee that, Onii-sama!!”


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