Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 07


I gave Lucia a kiss on her cheeks. She held my hand and softly murmured, “Your Highness… I… I am here… You… Where… are we?”

I kissed her on her cheeks, and then whispered next to her ear: “Our home. We’re at our home.”

Lucia was unwilling to open her eyes due to fatigue, but she still wore a blissful smile as though she was very satisfied with my answer. I gently touched her stomach.

Inside of her bulging stomach were my two cute kids. I could imagine how they looked. They were surely very cute no matter how they were.

“Your Highness… I… I soon will…”

“Uhm, you’ll soon give birth.” I stroked her face and smiled: “Our child will soon be born. My Lucia, you will soon be a mom, and I’ll soon be a dad. Our dream will be realised. We can raise our children together.”

“Yes… Yes…Your child… My child…”

Elves placed a great importance on family. Every female elf hoped to become a mom. The motherly instincts of motherhood were very strong in female elves. Sometimes, they’d raise a child just because the child called them mom even if they weren’t the one that gave birth to the child. No, I wasn’t talking about my Mommy Vyvyan.

Lucia’s smiled gleamed with bliss. She revealed such a blissful smile despite her extremely weak state. That smile was enough for me to do anything. I held her hand and kissed her lips. Lucia squinted as though she wanted to see me clearly. I placed her hand on my face.

“I’m here, Dear. I’m here.”

“Uhm… I’m glad you’re here.”

Lucia shifted her body a little, seemingly trying to get into a more comfortable posture. Lucia wouldn’t enter a state of death due to complete mana depletion anymore. Still, she slept due to massive mana expenditure. She didn’t require the elven spring water or Ling Yue’s blood any longer. Ling Yue’s blood was of great help to Lucia on her way to the North. However, she didn’t need it anymore. I didn’t want to bite Ling Yue’s tail again, either.


After Lucia fell asleep, I stood up and looked at Vyvyan, who was standing at the entrance. Vyvyan was dressed in a light purple evening dress. Mommy Vyvyan dressed slightly more boldly than usual. She wore an evening dress that didn’t cover her shoulders. Instead, she draped a purple shawl in the same colour over her shoulder.  The ends of the shawl were attached together with a diamond heart-shaped chest pin. She had her hair done up, revealing her smooth neck and back. She looked at me and extended out her hand. There were bits of inlaid diamonds on her long glove. She looked at me and smiled: “Let’s go, Son. I’ll appear at the evening banquet with you.”

I walked over to her, took her hand and we then left the room. The scent on Mommy Vyvyan had changed.  I think she used a new perfume. I don’t know why, but my heartbeat speeds up when I walked next to her, holding her hand. I always felt oddly excited.

I looked at the side of mom’s face and complimented her in a soft voice, “Mom, you’re very pretty tonight.”

I felt my face burn up.  Saying that to my mom was really embarrassing. But it was true that she was very pretty, so pretty my heartbeat sped up. Honestly, Vyvyan looked far too pretty that night. She was a mom before me in the past, but she flaunted all of her charm as a woman that night. Nobody could withstand her innate regal aura and beauty.

“Hehe, thank you, Son.”

Mom turned to face me and giggled. She then wrapped her arm around mine while she was at it. Mom’s scent and warmth came even closer all of a sudden, causing my heartbeat to speed up to the point that I struggled to walk. Mom amorously scrubbed her hair by her ear. She then smiled and said, “To be honest, this is Mommy’s first time trying on this sort of clothing, but it appears that it’s not bad. After all, my son is having naughty thoughts, isn’t he?”


Mom pursed her lips and giggled before pressing me up against the wall to the side. She pressed both arms on either side of me and shoved her thigh right in between my legs. Her pure white skin underneath her purple dress shined brightly and warmly. Mom licked her lips just mere centimetres away from me. With a giggle, she said, “I’ve already set up a boundary, so nobody will see us. Son, if you want to do anything, you can do so now. Use Mommy’s current clothes, current makeup and Mommy.”

“What are you saying, Mom?! I!”

“Son, have you forgotten Mommy’s ability?” Mommy Vyvyan leaned in next to my ear with a smile and bit it. She whispered, “Son, Mommy can read minds. You don’t need to hide anything from Mommy, either. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Mommy isn’t at Duargana right now, and Mommy doesn’t plan to return there to be a useless Queen. Mommy just wants to stay by your side and be your Mommy or anything else you want Mommy to be.”


Mom’s warmth and perfume caused my entire body to quiver. I did my absolute best to retreat, but I couldn’t escape Mom’s warmth and charm. Her cherry-blossom lips were right in front of me. Her breaths were right in front of me. Her sweet and seductive breath teased every inch of nerves…

She was completely different to Lucia, Nier and Ling Yue. Mommy Vyvyan’s charm was completely different to my wives. Perhaps it was because she was always the Queen, which made her strong yet elegant mannerisms and confidence, completely different to my wives. I said it before: If I let my guard down and don’t pay attention, I’d become Mommy Vyvyan’s prisoner in virtually an instant. No wonder why they say “beauties are the source of danger”. I thought it was discrimination towards women; however, when I looked at Mommy Vyvyan, I finally believed the truth of it. Sometimes a man cannot withstand the charm of a female. It’s an instinctive pursuit that cannot be overcome.

It was easy for one to fall when faced to face with Mommy Vyvyan. I sincerely admired my father for being able to be absolutely loyal to Elizabeth despite having Vyvyan by his side. Though both of my moms were charming, if it was me, I’d probably try and see if I could you know… like Lucia and Nier…

Maybe I was insatiable…

I sighed and conceded. I clasped mom’s face, leading to her to revealing an enchanting smile. She looked at me and leaned in: “Don’t be too rough, Son. After this, Mommy still needs to… mm… wear this to the evening banquet with you… Don’t ruin the dress, okay…?”


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