Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 42

Fortunately, what I was most worried about didn’t happen to Troy City. We arrived back at Troy City at daytime. Troy City was already under martial law when we arrived. The fields outside of the city had been abandoned. Everybody should be inside the city right now. The city doors were shut tight, only opening for soldiers riding on horses with orders.

The city wall guards lowered the drawbridge when they saw us return. I led everyone into Troy City and rushed into the palace with them before catching my breath. The Valkyries were fully equipped and on guard around the perimeter of the palace now. They forbade anybody from coming and going as they pleased. It was basically the same scene you would see during wartime.

After dismounting at the stables, I left the new soldiers with Philes to organise and have a rest at the army barracks. I don’t think I’ll be staying in the city for too long. Based on what Ling Yue told me, the elves in the North are in the stricken zone. I confirmed that my Troy City was safe and sound. I’ll need to go north to see Mommy Vyvyan next, then. The elves will definitely be worn out from having to fend off so many anthropoids. I need to go and assist.

Additionally, I need to bring the Earth Dragons we’ve trained back here. It’s been a while, so the Earth Dragon Riders need to train again, and ensure that they can still ride them.

“Tanya, Ling Yue, come with me.”

Tanya appeared to be a little afraid due to the scenery she had never seen before, so she grabbed onto my cape. Ling Yue, who was standing next to me, commented, “Is this your nest? It doesn’t look too shabby…”

“I am the Prince, after all.”

I led the two of them into the palace and went straight to the conference room. Gerald, who was standing at the door, hesitated and looked at me with disbelief. He exclaimed, “Your Majesty?! You are back?!”

“Ah, yeah. How can I not come back when something so serious happened?”

I pushed the door open with one hand. I heard the voices of Freya and the person in charge of the militia wearing a cloak.

‘Freya is probably examining the city defence blueprint.’

Without looking up she shouted, “Get out! I’m discussing the city defences right now. Nobody is to disturb us. Gerald, are you deaf or stupid? Didn’t I say not to allow anybody to enter?! I said… Onii-sama?!”

I chuckled as I looked at Freya’s stunned gaze, “You’ll get wrinkles if you’re so agitated, Freya.”


Freya flipped the table over and leapt over to me. I held her small body in my embrace tightly while she hugged me tightly with a smile.

“All right now. Freya, I don’t intend to stay for long. I’m so glad to see Troy City safe and sound.”

I released Freya, and she sensibly released me, as well, to adjust her clothes. She looked at me again, but with her usual calm and polite smile this time. She said, “Uhm, we have indeed received reports of enemies approaching, but they have not attacked us, yet. In addition, our reinforcements are on their way. We should be able to stop the anthropoids with our defence structures and quantity of gun powder.”

“Got it. Thanks, Freya.”

I rubbed Freya’s head, and she giggled. If Freya had a tail, too, it would definitely be waving around similarly to a fan right now.


Someone suddenly tugged on me from behind, thereby attracting Freya’s attention. Freya noticed Ling Yue and Tanya, who were with me. She looked at Ling Yue, feeling slightly surprised, but then she quickly shifted her gaze to Tanya, who was tugging on my cape. It’s said that animals possess warning signals that warn them of incoming hazards, leading to them concentrating all of their focus on threatening the largest animal…

“Onii-sama, these two are?”

“Ah, let me introduce you. This is the young girl of the Moon Fox Tribe that I found in Socina, Ling Yue. I’ll tell you about her when we have time in the future. Just know that we can trust her. This is Tanya, who has come to assist us. Tanya, this is Freya, my younger sister, who I am proud of most.”

Tanya looked at Freya in a somewhat vigilant manner. Freya, similarly, looked at Tanya with nothing but hostility. The two of them didn’t even greet each other. Tanya shifted behind me and avoided eye contact with her.


Freya raised her head again. The corner of her forehead twitched with anger. She looked at me with an eerie smile. In a shaky voice, she said, “You sure do impress, Onii-sama. Everything comes in pairs for you. Two moms and two wives. Are you going to be having two younger sisters, too?”


I couldn’t quite catch on to what Freya was saying, but my ignorance seemed to anger her even further. She raised her hand up and gave me a slap. She then angrily turned around and exclaimed, “Onii-sama, you big idiot! You’re a jerk, who easily gives your feelings away!! Go die!”

“Huh? What did I do? What did I do…?”

Freya pushed me out of the room, and I watched the door shut loudly, feeling completely ignorant as to what happened. Ling Yue, who was beside me, pursed her lips into a smile. She then looked at me and mocked me, “You have two wives when you don’t understand a young girl’s heart? How did you manage that? Were they innocent girls you kidnapped?”

“No! I’m not a dense guy. I understand girls’ basic feelings. It’s just that I have no clue as to why Freya is angry…” I sighed, and then added, “Forget it. Let’s go. I still have other business. I’ll apologise to her later.”

Just when we turned around to leave, the door opened gently. Freya stood at the door and softly called out to me, “Onii-sama…”

I turned my head around to look at her. With a smile, I asked, “What’s wrong, Freya?”

“Umm… umm… mm… promiscuous jerk… I… I… I should not have said that…” Freya bit down on her lips and lowered her eyes before continuing in a soft voice, “Do not die… Onii-sama… no matter what happens… Please… you must not… you must not die…”

“Ah, of course I won’t. I know not to.”

I smiled, and then turned around. I looked ahead and remarked, “There’s no way I’ll die. I still have you, my wives and my moms, so I can’t die.”

“Onii-sama… you are rotten to the core…”

Freya shut the door gently and left me with that weird line.

From behind, Ling Yue anxiously asked, “What do we have to do now? Shouldn’t we head straight to the elves?”

“Yes, but I need to see my wives and my mom first. It’ll be good if my wives are no longer here. By now, they should have already arrived at…”

“Ah! Your Highness!!”

I stood in the corridor, feeling dumbfounded. I looked at Lucia, who came running over at top speed. She tightly hugged me. I looked at her excited eyes, feeling baffled. I touched her face and asked, “Didn’t you and Nier go to the Royal Capital?”

“This is our home! How can we leave when you did not return yet?” Lucia giggled in my embrace, and then gently clasped my face. She then titled her head and added, “You are here now. What need is there for us to run away with you here to protect us? We will always stay by your side. While you fight on the frontlines, we shall take care of you from the rear. We will never be scared as long as you are with us.”


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