Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 43

“Let me introduce you. This is Ling Yue, the eldest daughter of the leader of the Moon Wolf Tribe. I will explain to you her background and whatnot when I have time in the future. But know that you can trust her. This is Tanya, who has come to assist us. She may be young, but she’s a great fighter and a good girl.”

Ling Yue looked at Nier and Lucia, feeling nervous. She made a small bow, “Hello, I am Ling Yue…”


Lucia scanned Ling Yue with curiosity. She watched her ears twitch. I can sympathise with having an urge to touch those furry and pointy ears.

Nier, on the other hand, looked at Ling Yue with a very vigilant gaze. She stood to one side with her arms folded. She looked at me and asked, “Your Majesty, did you not go Socina to discuss the matter with the North? Why did you bring a girl back?”

I looked back at Nier, chuckled softly and explained, “Ah, didn’t I tell you? When I was being pursued, Ling Yue saved me in the snowy mountains.


Nier sighed as she looked at Ling Yue. She said, “Your Majesty, while this sounds slightly rude, your relationships between you as a male and other females are very messy. Putting Lucia aside, you and Luna were in a relationship, as well, weren’t you? Now you’ve got another woman with you. I am very worried now.”

“Am I that sort of man to you?!”

“Are you not?”

Nier glared at me, but then she tightly hugged me around my waist the next second and gently touched her forehead to mine. She softly said, “I still love you, though. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would definitely accompany you at your side, because I am your wife and bodyguard. Your safety is everything to me… but I can’t be by your side now, so you must protect yourself well. You must survive for my sake.”

I kissed Nier on her lips, and then hugged her tightly, “You, too. You’re my most beloved Nier, so you must look after yourself properly, as well.”

“Hey, you thief! I want one, too!”

Lucia pulled Nier away, and then shoved in to stand before me. She went up on her toes and closed her eyes. I grinned then looked at Nier, who was drumming up an angry look, before giving Lucia a kiss on her lips.

I hugged the two of them after, “I’ll be back; I promise. I’ll be back for your sakes and our children sake. I promise. So look after yourselves. It’s fine to leave Troy City if there’s danger. Troy City can be rebuilt, but there’s only one of you.”

“Uhm… You must look after yourself, Your Majesty.”

Lucia looked at Ling Yue, who was about as tall as her, and then with absolute confidence, declared, “Your Highness, I have faith in you. You will definitely be able to drive them away. You managed to defeat Earth Dragons nobody could defeat, so the anthropoids are insignificant.”

I chuckled. Ling Yue is different to the anthropoids. I didn’t say anything though. Just as I went to turn around and leave, Nier grabbed my cape. As soon as I spun around, I felt a warm and gentle sensation on my lips. Nier gave me a wild kiss that consisted of half biting and half kissing.

After releasing me, she sternly said, “Don’t betray me… Your Majesty, if something happens while you are out, I will not forgive you!”

I stroked her face and replied, “I won’t. I won’t.”

“That best be the case, or else, that tail will become my scarf.”

Nier glanced at Ling Yue, causing Ling Yue to shudder. I’ll bet that was the first time that she had such an intense murderous gaze on her…

I laughed as I turned around. I responded, “Trust me, Nier. I need to go and see Her Majesty now.”

“Uhm, I love you, Your Majesty.”

“I love you, too.”

Lucia looked at me then came over. She gently hammer fisted me on my chest and sulked, “Your Highness… you forgot to tell me that you love me…”

“Uhm, I love you, Lucia.”

Lucia lingered for a moment before revealing a silly smile. She looked up and touched my face. She responded with a smile, “Uhm, I love you, too, Your Highness! I love you most!”

I touched Lucia on her forehead and teased her nose.

I finally left

From my side, Ling Yue said, “I never thought that your two wives would be so pretty… Though to be fair, you’re not ugly… That said, it’s not easy for them to deal with your blatant philandering. It’s fine for a man to have many wives, but it’s not easy for two girls, who are that pretty, to be willing to share their husband.”

I recalled all of the things that happened between the two of them and grinned, “Yeah, their relationship isn’t bad.”

“How nice. My mother and aunt had a hostile relationship back then. Mom would always call that woman a thief, saying that she already had a child and yet still behaved improperly.” Ling Yue looked at the sky with a nostalgic attitude. She giggled before going on, “But in the end, Mom still took an attack for her. Mom said that she hated her most, and yet she still took a blow for her in the end…”


I didn’t speak. I just looked at Ling Yue. Although she wore a smile, her refusal to lower her head and her tail that stopped moving, gave away her true mood. I looked at her face. I reached my hand out and gently grabbed hold of one of her hands. Her fingers jerked. She then looked to me and giggled, “Aren’t you worried your wives will see you? I think that they’ll get angry for sure.”

“Because you’re crying.”

“I’m not!”

I lifted her hand up and placed it on her face. Her entire body shivered as she looked at the transparent tears on her fingertips. Her body began to subtly quiver as her tears coursed down her face quickly. She stood in place blankly as though she was still astonished that she was crying. I stood next to her while holding one of her hands, watching her cry.

“Why…? Why…?”

Ling Yue blankly looked at her tears. She murmured, “It’s been so long… I said I wouldn’t cry again… I’ve arrived here already, so why…? Why do my tears still uncontrollably fall when I mention the past…? Why…? I… I can’t be that weak anymore…”

I looked into her eyes and told her, “Tears are not weakness, Ling Yue. You’re here next to a Galadriel right now. I am the Galadriel who can save you and the North, so you don’t need to act tough in front of me. You can cry and let it all out when you speak of the past. Leave everything to me, Ling Yue…”

“No.” Ling Yue looked at me and cut me off. She looked at me and domineeringly whipped her tail. She took in a deep breath to stop her voice from shaking. She shook her head, “Revenge is my business. My tribe is my tribe. You want me to be with you like your wives…”

“But, didn’t you say that you’d give me everything of yours?”

I looked at her. I cut her resolution off and touched her ear.


I blankly looked at the wall to the side. It was supposed to be a warm and romantic scene.

‘Why did I get slapped?’

“Even if I said that, it doesn’t mean that you can just touch my ears and tail as you please. And don’t go thinking I’m the same as your wives, giving all of my desire for vengeance to you! I’m not that foolish sort of woman!!”


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