Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 52

Luna didn’t go far. These small tribes are usually at the border. Vyvyan can’t reach them that way. They were next to humanity so it only took Luna an afternoon to get there. Luna was now fleeing in this direction. We were marching rapidly so Luna should be in sight within three hours.

If Luna is in danger, this pendant in my hand will flash red. It’s essentially Luna’s heart rate monitor basically. Mom tied this pendant with that necklace. As long as Luna is still carrying that necklace I’ll receive signals that she’s still alive.

The red light was flashing rapidly right now like an emergency light. That meant that Luna’s heart rate was just as fast. She must be running with all she has. I don’t know why she’s running but what I know for sure is that there are pursuers behind her.

Did their negotiations break down or did Luna do something wrong?

I don’t know the reason nor do I want to know right now. I just want Luna to be safe and sound. Whether they die or live afterwards is none of my concern. I can do without them if I had to choose between them and Luna. Worst case scenario, I just won’t run this business. I’ll come up with something else. There are countless ways for a city to make income, but I only have one Luna.

I will not let Luna get hurt because of my order. I must rescue Luna.

All of us shook when we entered the warm elven environment since we couldn’t adapt to the warm and moist forest when we just came from a place with cold winds. The horses stepped over withered grass and dew formed on the horse hooves. The light from the sky informed me that it was soon going to be daylight.

“Be prepared for battle once we get over this hill up ahead!”

I turned around and shouted an order to the troops behind me. I don’t think anyone would’ve heard me if I didn’t shout over the sounds of the horse hooves. The soldiers shouted back to respond upon hearing my order. They all reached behind their backs and grabbed hold of their gun-handles.

This is the first time my guard-unit is killing I think. They only shot targets for practice but I wanted them to see blood this time since they would definitely see blood in the future. This can be considered their first mission as my new unit I guess. To be honest, I felt like I was training a squad more than I was worried about Luna.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I wasn’t worried about Luna. It’s just that when I looked at the soldiers behind me, I felt like Luna was already safe.

Wait for me, Luna. I will definitely rescue you!

“Don’t stop everyone! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep running! His majesty’s troops are definitely on their way here to protect us! Keep running!”

Luna screamed loudly. The elves with their kids by their side and the elves with a pitiable number of belongings ran southward with all they had. Behind them in the forest were more elves who were shouting angrily. A rain of arrows was fired at the fleeing group of elves under the moonlight. The Valkyrie with Luna angrily looked at that group of elves and shouted: “Miss Luna, I’ll charge over there and kill them now!”

“Don’t!” Luna extended her hand out to stop her and seriously said, “Don’t…… They did not do anything wrong. Do not kill them! Do not kill them! We should just run! And you are her majesty’s Valkyrie so I do not want for something to happen to you!”

The Valkyrie looked at her and seriously responded: “I came here on orders so naturally, I should protect you, Miss Luna. As long as I can protect you, I have completed the mission her majesty entrusted me with. I just want to complete my mission. My life is meaningless.”

“As long as you protect me? Are you not protecting me by staying by my side?”

“Isn’t killing all of our pursuers behind us protecting you as well?”

Luna looked at the Valkyrie and couldn’t help but smile. She then said: “Don’t be like that. We just need to escape. Once we get over the hill, we will be able to see……”


The Valkyrie belted toward the rear. Luna’s entire body shuddered and then she quickly spun her head around to see dozens of cavalrymen charge toward them in the forest. Their sabres moved under the clear moonlight like a death-god’s blade. The light emitted from their blades and Luna’s immeasurable fear was reflected in her eyes.

The sound of their horse hooves running was like an earthquake. The elves that fled out here with Luna all had fear in their airs. One of the females cried out loudly and knelt on the ground while hugging her child tightly. Luna shook her head and patted herself on her face. She then pulled the female up and shouted loudly: “Run! Run faster! Run faster! Humanity’s lands will be in sight once we get over this hill! Hurry! Don’t stop!”

The sound of the horse hooves literally tore the ground apart. You could see the rage on the riders’ faces. Luna’s body trembled due to the floor quaking from the horse’s stomping on the ground as well as the fear in her heart. This was an open area so there was nowhere to run to when the cavalry gave chase. If they get over the hill, they could enter the forest. Once they enter the forest, the cavalry will be forced to slow down leaving them with a chance to escape.

“Miss Luna, please keep running.”

The Valkyrie stopped in her tracks, turned around to face the cavalry unit and shouted: “If you manage to get through this then my death will not be in vain. Hurry and go, Miss Luna. I will do my best to stall the cavalry behind you!”



The leader of the cavalrymen roared as he charged toward the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie faced him fearlessly. She drew her long sword as she faced the cavalry who held his sabre out to his side and thrust it toward him. The cavalry unit had the Valkyrie completely surrounded in an instant. The smell of blood spurted into the air in an instant and a number of elves cried out in pain as they fell off their horses. However, the remaining cavalrymen sped up and chased after Luna who had resumed running.

The quaking created by the horses sprinting at her virtually threw Luna’s body into the air. She didn’t look back while the cavalrymen charged toward her and raised his sabre.

The cavalryman didn’t need to swing his sabre to kill his enemy. He just needed to hold it there and charge his target, and the sabre would lop her head off as he zipped pass.

Luna ran toward the top of the hill with all of her might. She looked at the lights of the town next door which came closer and closer with every step. She looked toward that world.

That was the world she belonged to! Behind her was a sabre, a cavalryman out to kill. There was blood dripping from his sabre. However, her eyes were firm and they missed the land in front of her like a tourist returning home, yet as though she saw was watching her lover she missed most.


Luna froze in place. A cavalry unit from the other side rushed over. The deafening eruption and the fire that virtually looked like it set the sky ablaze was like a dragon’s roar. The elven cavalrymen behind her cried out in pain and fell off their mounts one after another. Smoke and blood littered the air within an instant. Luna looked at the cavalry charging toward her pursuers blankly. The lights which flashed non-stop killed the cavalrymen one by one. The few lucky ones that didn’t get hit by bullets were slashed to death on the ground while they were in disarray.

I tugged on my horse reins and breathed in the stench of blood that could almost make one puke. I turned around to take a look at Luna who was completely astonished and smiled. I then turned back around and shouted at the elves on the ground who were trembling and didn’t dare to move: “I am the prince of humanity, Troy Rosvenor. You threatened my personal servant’s life. Lay down your weapons now. If you still hold hostile intent toward us, you’ll be shown no mercy!”



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