Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 51

The prince’s guard-unit gathered urgently and was thus emerged for the first time. It was the first time they gathered for real after receiving orders from his majesty after countless rehearsals. All of them looked tense and excited as they dragged their rifles over and lined up in front of the stables to await his majesty’s arrival. His majesty didn’t have them wait for long. He practically arrived immediately after the entire unit gathered. His majesty wore an extremely serious expression, aggressive like when they first met and he wanted to destroy the church. They felt very excited. It looked like it was going to be a very exciting job.

I looked at the guards before me that had finished preparing and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. I used to always stand in that group as a member. I also happened to be the one that looked like he had the least potential and prospects. I was terrified of the insane schedules and wake-up calls in the middle of the night. And yet I was now the one giving out orders.

The team-leader stepped forth, looked at me and sternly said: “Your majesty! Everyone is present. Your orders, please!”

This group was trained according to the infantry drill-book. Uhm, they definitely give off the vibe of a unit. It looks like they earnestly trained according to it despite not understanding it. Vyvyan dawdled around behind me. She scanned him while standing behind me and spoke out before I could: “Son, why is there a female in your guard-unit?”

Philes lingered as he looked at Vyvyan and meekly responded: “Female?! Ah…… Your highness…… I am a male……”

Vyvyan’s blue eyes were filled with distrust. She looked at Philes and sternly said: “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe a male could look so cute. Let me have a touch.”

“Your highness?!”

Philes jerked his body due to fright and wrapped his arm around himself. Young man, if you didn’t react like that, you might’ve been able to clear your name, but your gesture is like a female in every aspect. Actually, it screams “shy girl over here”. His face looked a little red under the light from the fires. His eye lashes twitched gently. His eyes brimmed with fear and shyness. And because he was curling up his body, he looked so cute. I almost had a biological reaction watching him.

“Let me have a touch. I think that you’re a female. Are you another mistress my son placed by his side?!”

“Mom. Am I that sort of person to you? It’s not such a good idea to be touching a guy right now either, is it? He really is a guy. I’m serious.”

I honestly couldn’t imagine how mom was going to feel him up. I sincerely sympathised for the young man too. I honestly can’t do anything if mom truly wanted to feel him up. I have something more important to attend to right now as well so I have no time to fool around with you. Hurry up and touch him, and be done with it so we can get going now.

“Your highness, I really am a man! If you do not believe me then have a feel!”

When Philes saw our stern gaze, he stopped struggling and removed his arms, closed his eyes hopelessly and raised his head up. I saw the young man’s body quiver. Vyvyan extended her hand toward the young man with suspicion…… I watched mom’s hand nervously. I felt sad inside. I didn’t think it was a good idea for mom to touch him, but it was best for me not to touch her……

“Uhm, he has an Adam’s apple. He’s a guy.”

Vyvyan touched his neck and then pulled her hand back once she was satisfied.

What? Whaaaat?! What you wanted to touch was his Adam’s apple?! Is it just me that’s sick-minded or did I not think of it at all?! You touched his Adam’s apple?! I’m speechless because your judgement was right! My god, I thought something more drastic would happen, but that’s it?!

It appears that I was sick-minded. I need to clean up my thoughts…… I see now that you can see if someone’s a male by touching their Adam’s apple.

Philes sighed a breath of relief. He then touched his neck and said: “I did say…… I am a guy……”

“Alright, alright, let’s leave it at that. Let me brief you in on your next mission. My personal servant has met with danger and should be fleeing in this direction right now with pursuers on her tail. Our mission is to save my personal servant. My personal servant is very important, as important as the princess so you need to get yourselves together. We will be marching quickly. Bring your weapons and then off the pursuers once you we’ve rescued my personal servant, understood?”


“Mount your horses!”

I led a horse by the side over. Vyvyan stepped back, looked at me and suggested with concern: “Son, your body…… You can’t stay on the elven side for too long with your body. You will get weaker and weaker. The armour mommy gave you will only last for a few hours. Let mommy teleport you.”

”No, mom. You can’t do that in front of these people.” I resolutely rejected mom and explained, “You are their enemy. If you go there and kill them, the generous, tolerant and benevolent image people have of you will crumble so leave it to me.”

Vyvyan looked at me and anxiously exclaimed: “Mommy doesn’t care about reputation! Mommy is really worried about you!”

“You don’t need to worry about me, mom.” I looked at mom with a smile, kicked my battle-steed and finished off, “I’m not alone this time. Mom, look at my soldiers behind me. They are my soldiers. They are my guards I am most proud of. Even if there is an army of tens of thousands, I’ll have the courage to charge at them with them following me. Mom, wait for me! I will come back in time for sure. My personal servant has met with danger this time. I won’t abandon her!”

Nier stood next to Vyvyan and anxiously shouted: “Your majesty! I want to come with you!”

Vyvyan tugged on her belt. If she didn’t, Nier would’ve already mounted her steed. Nier was wearing just an overcoat and her cape. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath that. That would be like going to battle naked!

I shook my head and told her: “Nier, stay here. We’re getting married after the sun comes up. I might run a little late, but you can’t be late. Please wait a while for me. I’ll definitely come back to marry you!”

Nier looked into my eyes. She hesitated for a moment before nodding and making a declaration with sobs: “Uhm! Your majesty, you must come back. I will always wait for you! I promise!”

“I’m just going to put a group who don’t even number as many as my guard-unit in place. Don’t act like I’m not coming back.” I smiled and lowered myself down to stroke Nier’s head. I then rode to the front of the unit. I kicked my horse and it neighed. The horse hooves of the unit sounded intricate and yet like a fiery war drumbeat. We crossed the stone paths of the city and the guards hastily opened the gates. The cold night wind and moonlight hit my face. My cape whistled in the wind behind me. There was only the particularly bright moonlight around our empty surroundings. It was freezing like running water.

I travelled in the moonlight under the night sky once again to go to Luna’s rescue.

This time however, I didn’t feel uneasy or tense. To the contrary, my heart was filled with the sounds of horse hooves and guns clanging. I was alone last time with just my horse’s hooves. I had to put my life and future on the line as I rushed to Luna’s rescue alone.

But I wasn’t alone this time.

I wasn’t bringing just my courage this time. I was bringing an army of guns and ammunition. I don’t think I got any braver. It was my guards behind me that gave me unlimited confidence. As long as I have them, I’ll have the confidence to cut down anything in my path!



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