Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 53

I dismounted. I flipped over the corpse of the Valkyrie who died in battle. Her eyes were still open. She was covered in slash wounds and her corpse got stomped all over by the horses to the point where she was basically soaked in her own blood on the ground. I reached my hand out and gently closed her eyes. All the Valkyries are like this. They don’t surrender even if it means death. I admire and respect them for that. Regardless of what the reason is, no ordinary person could be so loyal.

I stood up. My guards had unarmed the armed elves in the rear and gathered them together. The elves looked at the guns in their hands with fear. Seeing a cavalry unit spitting fire as they slaughtered their way to reach you is like seeing a fire dragon attack you. Even elves instinctively get frightened by this sort of weapon.

“Did you people kill her?”

I asked them in the elven language and the leader stood up. He looked at me and angrily answered: “You’re humanity’s prince? Your……”

I looked at him and emphasised each word: “I asked if you were the ones that killed her.”

“…… Yes. But your people snatched our people away! We refused your request very affirmatively. We didn’t use force previously. We refused your request after we discussed it with you. However, your people spread fallacies to mislead our people and secretly got our people to flee to your side today. How can I watch my people run away mindlessly?! That’s your fault! You’re the ones who instigated our people to run away!”

After I listened to everything he had to say, I turned around to ask Luna: “Is what he said true?”

“They don’t want much! They just want to provide a home for their children where they aren’t always on the run and hold a respectable job. They want to feed their family, themselves and to have warmth!” Luna looked at the elf with anger and exclaimed, “But you can’t provide them with those things. I can’t watch them starve to death here with you! If you can’t feed your people, don’t keep them! They have the right to choose a place where they can be fed, live and work!”

I turned to look at the elves. The elves standing on the hill quivered. All of them wore shabby clothing that virtually couldn’t cover their body. Their thin physiques quivered in the wind. There were some who were lying on the ground panting for dear life just running to this point.

It looks like they truly were on the brink of death from starvation. The group that were willing to come over had understandable reasons to choose so. However, it was just that their leader wasn’t willing to let them go. That means that Luna was in the wrong, since she shouldn’t have led their people away when their leader didn’t agree.

“I am very sorry. My personal servant has caused you trouble.” I made a small bow and he froze up. I presume he didn’t think I would bow just like that. Luna froze up as well. She looked at me blankly as if it was the first time she met me. I looked at the elf who was either the chief or village chief and in a serious tone said, “We certainly should not have accepted your people without your permission. Your people should have left only after you gave your permission instead of fleeing. The fault there lies with my personal servant for being rash.”

He nodded and spoke as if he was relieved: “Exactly! That’s how it’s supposed to be! Prince, you’re a reasonable man, huh!”

“But that doesn’t mean you have the right to kill my people.”

I then immediately aimed my gun on his forehead. I looked at him sternly. My gaze didn’t change. Well, my gaze was the same as when I apologised before.

“You could’ve waited until they arrived in my territory and then came and discussed it with me, and I would’ve returned them to you. Further, you didn’t have to kill if you chased after them. But you did. You killed my guard. You killed my Valkyrie. Do you now comprehend what you did wrong?”



I pulled the trigger and after a flash and loud bang, blood burst into the air. The firework of death destroyed bone and flesh, spraying blood in all directions. The elf in front of me dropped to the ground with a loud thud. The elves behind him let out cries of despair. I looked at them with my head tilted and asked: “You have something to say? I’ve already apologised for my personal servant instigating your people and I will compensate you for that by returning these elves to you. But you killed my guard. So naturally, I need to make someone compensate with their life. Is this somehow strange and confusing to you?”

Not one of them spoke. I nodded and then said, “You don’t have a leader now then, right? I’ll look after these people for the meantime. When you have a new chief or village chief, come and discuss this matter with me. Alright, you can all head back now.”

The elves fearfully looked at the rifles the guards held. The guards drew their long-swords like they were chasing animals back into the forest. I put my handgun away and looked at the scared elves. I took in a deep breath, faced the sun and seriously said: “You don’t have to be tense. I will naturally protect you since you have chosen to come to my side to work. I am humanity’s prince, Troy Rosvenor. I most welcome you to come and work in my city. I will provide you with sufficient food and prepare adequately warm homes for your living needs, so you need not worry. Please come with us back to the city. Those who are weak may choose to ride a horse.”

My guards by my side led their horses into the crowd, pulled up those lying on the ground or otherwise helped women up onto their horse and carefully looked after them as they headed back. Those who could walk normally walked on feet slowly in between the cavalry unit. I let out a sigh of relief as I watched the unit slowly gather up. I then looked at Luna by my side and chuckled softly.

Luna looked and me and extended her arms out. In her hoarse voice she softly requested: “Your majesty…… could I hug you for a bit? …… I am so scared… really… really scared……”

I checked to see that my guards had left before I hugged Luna tightly. Luna clung to my arms tightly and leaned her head on my shoulder as she sobbed. I gently patted her on her back and softly said: “Don’t worry, don’t be scared. Luna, I told you that I would definitely come to your rescue if you were in danger…… It held true in the past and it still holds true now. I will definitely come to your rescue.”

Luna hugged me tightly. In a shaky voice she said next to my ear she said: “Uhm….. But I am still very scared…… I was really scared that I would never see you again. I am so scared…… I want to stay by your side forever, your majesty… I want to take care of you forever……”

Her body was freezing. She wished she could hug me with her arms and legs. I hugged her and stroked her head as I felt Luna’s fear and quivering. I was really scared as well. I was worried Luna would be gone if I was one moment late. I don’t want to lose anyone. I’ll be completely happy to have just them by my side.

Luna was the same as Nier to me. She was someone I would never abandon. I won’t abandon Luna. I’ll definitely bring Luna home no matter how dangerous or scary it is because she’s my personal servant. My only personal servant……

Luna gently pushed me away and looked at my face. She gently reached her hands out to cup my face. She then tippy-toed up……

“Your maj-, ah……”

Just as Philes found his majesty, he saw him and his personal servant kissing. He stood there awkwardly and confused…… It’s his wedding today and yet he’s out here kissing another woman. This isn’t good no matter what you say, right……? But he didn’t need to concern himself with their affairs too much…… That said… that said…… He was still a little worried for his instructor…… Will Miss Nier get angry……?

“Hurry up and get going…… What are you looking at?!”

An individual slapped him on his shoulder from the side and then forcefully twisted his head to one side. He then aggressively warned him: “Do not tell our instructor about this, you hear? …… We are in no position to be sticking our noses into his majesty’s affairs he’s having left-right-centre……”


Philes shook his head. Our instructor and his majesty’s do love each other. His majesty should be able to handle his own affairs, right……? I’m better off staying in my lane and doing my job as a guard!



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