Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 48

Editor: Areth Kyntaul


“You are now ready, Your Majesty.”

Luna laughed as she poked her head out from behind me while I was shaking out my cape.

These thick capes are only good for decoration in humanity’s lands, now. Elizabeth sent me a set of clothes to my room. I used to wear normal clothes, but the clothes Elizabeth gave me this time is the official garb exclusive to members of the royal family of the Rosvenor Empire.

“You are now the heir apparent, son. You are mommy’s pride for being able to resolve the church and Castor’s matter. The ministers will also realise that you are not an idiot.”

Elizabeth brought the clothes over to my bed, stroked my head with a smile, and continued, “Next, mommy will give you a few easy jobs to handle. Once you’ve accomplished some military achievements, you will be able to smoothly succeed the throne. Mommy doesn’t know how much time mommy has left, so mommy is very happy to see you gradually mature.”

These clothes weren’t just clothes, but mom’s hope for me.

I don’t know if I can become a qualified king. I only know how to become a qualified king from what Mera told me. The path I am continuing down is the path formed of the blood Mera shed.

My hands were once covered in her blood, and now, the mastermind behind it was kneeling on the steps in the hall.

Mera, does this make you feel a little relieved?

I confidently left the room.

Nier turned around and I froze up. Nier was dressed in a shoulder-revealing white formal dress which revealed the top of her breasts, as well. Her smooth and white shoulders emitted a gentle glow under the sunlight. She wore light makeup on her face, which made her shine more brightly even though she originally looked captivating. Her simple black ponytail was now done into a bun, which was held in place with a jade hairpin.

She turned around to look at me with her green eyes when she heard my footsteps and gently wrapped her arm, wearing white gloves, around mine. She opened her rosy lips and gently said, “Let’s go, Your Majesty…”

“Nier… you look… really beautiful like this.”

Nier blushed a little, giggled softly, and responded, “Thank you… This is the first time I’ve dressed like this… so I’m not used to it. However, since you think that it is pretty, I can dress like this often if you’d like. But… applying makeup is so hard… I saw the maids spend half a day busying themselves with it…”

“Yeah. But you’re beautiful, to begin with, Nier.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I used to hate myself for being a woman, but I now feel blissful. I feel blissful to have you by my side… so I think that I won’t be a Valkyrie anymore, but your princess.”

I looked at her with a smile and said, “Isn’t that good? I think flowers suit you more than swords.” Nier laughed softly. She then leaned over toward my ear and whispered, “But I’m still hiding a short-sword on my thigh.”

Nier is seriously way too cute…

I pulled her closer to me and she giggled softly as we descended the stairs together. Inside of the hall was the pope, who had been kneeling this entire time… Oh, the second-generation pope that is.

I walked over to a seat in the hall and sat down. Nier stood behind me and looked down at the child below.

He was still very young. He looked around eleven or twelve. Perhaps he was a promoted puppet. Perhaps he was the pope’s son or even just a scapegoat. But regardless of what the case was, he was just an innocent successor, so I don’t intend to make things hard for him.

From his knees, he trembled as he greeted me, “Your Majesty.”

I nodded and said, “Please rise, Pope. What have you come for? What happened in the past was what that Pope did, so I don’t intend to pursue the matter with you. Don’t worry. So go ahead and tell me what business you have.”


He trembled as he rose.

The Valkyries on both sides stepped forward and helped him into a chair by the side, where he exchanged eye contact with me.

His legs were suspended in the air. If he’s just a child, compounded with seeing the destruction last time, I can see why he’s afraid of me now. I looked at him and waited for him to speak.

He trembled as he looked at me and spoke, “Umm… Your Majesty… I… I would like to first apologise for everything the church did in the past… I would like to apologise for the things the church did to Miss Nier Gilliante as well…”

I waved my hand in annoyance and said, “Speak louder. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t pursue the matter with you? If you speak so softly, I won’t even hear your apology.”

“Ah… Yes, Your Majesty!” He raised his voice and continued, “I… I… I sincerely apologise to you… as the new pope… and… and… am handing the script for God’s words to you… From henceforth, the church shall only maintain the stability of the church and chapels… Please call back your envoys inciting the people and provide our assets with protection so that we may not be robbed by the people again…”

I nodded and looked to Freya who was in the shadows. She nodded. She understood what I was thinking. I replied, “Alright, don’t worry. It was not my idea to have the people rob the church. The people’s fury is not a result of me inciting them. What they’re doing is illegal, and the law enforcers will not allow it.”

“Yes… Yes… but… but… It… It is already late by the time the soldiers arrive.”

I sighed to myself in my mind. I must say that Frey’s calculations were without flaws. If something happens to the church, we have to take care of it. However, she had already made arrangements for when we take care of it and how we take care of it.

To make things easier for her, I had given her the prince’s stamp. That way, the letters she sent out were orders from the prince. It looks like it was a good decision.

I nodded and said, “Alright, I will look into the matter. But you must give me the original version. We are going to rewrite the doctrine. Your missionaries and your members must preach the doctrine we have edited and believe in the new doctrine. Also, who you appoint, dismiss, and the location of the pope must be approved of by the royal family. You must hand donations to the royal family no matter who made the donation. The royal family will have people investigate things and provide you with the necessary funds. Stop all business deals. From now on, the church will only be responsible for practising religion. I won’t pursue the matter with you, but I will pursue it with the church. You have all never been supervised by the royal family for too long now!”

The pope quivered as he stood up, bowed and said, “U-Understood… We shall follow your arrangements, Your Majesty.”

I stood up as well and then called, “Freya!”


Freya stepped out from the side and bowed.

“I’m leaving the subsequent matters in your hands. That includes the church’s acceptance and the re-writing of the doctrine. Oh right. Nier, is there anything you want to do to him? I don’t know what you went through after all, but if you want to do something, I won’t stop you.”

I turned around and Nier nodded. She then walked over to the young pope. The pope looked at Nier fearfully, curled himself up and closed his eyes.

Nier bent over and pulled him into her embrace gently. She stroked his head and softly said, “You must be really scared. It’s alright. It’s alright… It had nothing to do with you. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.”

“… Uhm.”

Nier really likes kids. I saw the young pope cry and wipe his tears in her embrace and laughed to myself. Nier is still the same Nier as before, except she looks so much cuter and intimate now compared to when she hugged them in her military attire.

Beauty and flowers suit Nier more… But I wish she could spare me at night! At least give me a one-day break!!


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