Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 47

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When I came around, it was already dark outside… I don’t know how long I slept for, I mean, was unconscious for. A cold wouldn’t leave me in this condition, but the thing mom made me can seriously kill.

Think about it, what would happen if you drank a mouthful of something that tasted like burnt rubber? Actually, you would die from drinking a mouthful of rubber.

I struggled to roll over. The aftertaste of that stuff stuck in my throat and felt like it was virtually going to burn my throat. However, I sweated a lot so I felt a lot more alert now.

That thing doesn’t seriously have healing properties now, does it…? I don’t want to drink it again even if it does. Drinking that thing is the equivalent of gambling with your life!

After I rolled over, I saw Lucia’s sleeping face. Lucia was sound asleep while hugging me. She locked me with all her limbs like a koala.

Maybe my sweat wasn’t a result of drinking that rubber soup but because Lucia hugged me so tightly.

I pulled Lucia into my embrace.

She moaned and then opened her eyes to look at me. She brought her face closer and brushed her nose against mine. In a soft voice, she said, “Your Highness… are you feeling a bit better?”

“Yeah, I’m a bit better. Thank you, Lucia.” I chuckled softly as I hugged her.

She nodded and then gripped my clothes while softly asking, “Was it my fault? Maybe… we should’ve done it somewhere else… But I was happy to do it on the lawn… Will… will… will I have a baby now?”

“Uhh… Maybe…”

Honestly speaking, this topic makes me feel awkward since both Lucia and Nier might both be pregnant.

We haven’t gotten married yet, so it’s probably not for the best if they’re pregnant now… I don’t mind at all since I love the two of them and wouldn’t ask them to get an abortion. Though, I’m not sure if the elves can accept this sort of thing.

Lucia giggled softly. She then stuck her body to mine and said, “I’m so happy to be able to become a mother, too… I was so envious of Her Highness. She looked so blissful when she held you. I would be that blissful if I had a child too, right…?”

“I actually think that you shouldn’t spoil children like mom does…” I smiled helplessly.

If Lucia copies Vyvyan, I’ll get very jealous. I wonder how lonely my dad felt. I heard he got kicked off the bed because Vyvyan complained he would disturb my sleep…

Lucia giggled. She kissed me on my lips and said, “I feel… really happy right now… You finally are my prince now, Your Highness. I’m very happy right now… In the past… I could be by your side, but never at night. But now I can… Though it feels somewhat surreal, you really are… you really are by my side…”

I embraced her and replied, “I told you, I won’t leave you. I love you, Lucia. So don’t do anything that will make me worry in the future… I thought you wanted to abandon me back there…”

“Uhm… I won’t leave you again… Your Highness… Your Highness… but between me and that human… who do you consider your main wife?” Lucia looked at me with a very serious expression as well as the resolute gaze which showed she wasn’t going to let me leave if I didn’t provide an answer. Her gaze was incomparably firm. Her gaze was the same as when she fought Nier last time.


I almost spat my blood out. What the hell is this about? I managed to get them to accept my proposal after much effort, and now Lucia is trying to force me to make her my main wife? I had no idea elves were so jealous. They insist on being the main wife even if they’re willing to share their husband with another woman?

“So who are you making your main wife, Your Highness?” Lucia looked at me and firmly continued, “I think a main wife is absolutely necessary. If you get married, then you need to have a wife the next time you appear in public. Who you choose as your main wife is very important because she will be the princess in the peoples’ hearts!”

True. Lucia seemed to be able to accept this outcome, but I don’t think that the other elves can accept their prince having a human wife. The elves’ view of elven lineages and marriage don’t allow for Nier’s existence. However, humanity here is much more tolerant. I can openly announce that I married an elf and humans wouldn’t say anything.

In that case, Lucia would be the best choice as she can appear with me anywhere. Nier, on the other hand, has many places where she can’t be. Of course, I can’t say this straight up, or they’ll probably have another duel…

This matter pertains to the dignity of elves and humans… Though the two aren’t related in any way, I believe that’s what my two moms would think. Further, I think that I’ll stay longer with whichever side my main wife happens to reside in, so there will definitely be competition again.

In truth, my two moms have a very good relationship away from the public since they shared the same bed for a long time. They know each other’s bodies like the back of their hand.

But as soon as it comes to me, my two moms will turn on each other in the blink of an eye. When I came back with Lucia, I found them fighting again. After going through much trouble to stop them, I gave them both a stern scolding… Vyvyan was really unhappy… because I really gave Elizabeth a scolding… But I then quickly hugged and kissed Vyvyan to placate her.

I then came up with the fairest option to settle it between them… well, the fairest method in my opinion… Rock, paper, scissors. But only afterwards did I remember Vyvyan’s ability was mind-reading after she laughed out loud. Elizabeth wasn’t too willing to accept the result, but I said that since I was getting married in the elven lands, I would spend my first month here so as to balance it out.

You can say I finally get it now. The most important thing about living with those two is maintaining a balance. If the balance is lost, they’ll definitely fight. If those two fight it’ll be Armageddon, and I’ll be the one busy dealing with both sides.

So! About my main wife; I definitely won’t be suggesting anything to them. That goes for both of them. I definitely won’t show my bias, otherwise, the consequences will be severe. I feel so guilty. I’m making the relationship between humans and elves so tense…

“Well… well… I love you both… Didn’t I tell you? I love you both equally…”

“But there must be a chronological order! I loved you earlier on than that Nier and stayed by you for the longest time. Therefore, I have good reason to be your main wife and appear with you at events. As for that human, she can just stick to moaning like a wild animal in bed.” Lucia frowned.

She’s not too passionate about that sort of stuff. That sort of stuff is considered just a necessary procreative activity for elves. Lust at other times is considered a symbol of a fallen being.

That’s precisely why Nier caused me to be in this state right now! Nier seems to keep chasing that blissful pleasure after getting a taste of it!

“Well… uhh… love cannot be measured by time… And Lucia… it will be hard for you to appear at humanity’s events here…”


Before I could finish, the door got violently kicked open. Nier aimed her sword this way and shouted; “You vixen! You’re here to seduce His Majesty again! What happened to our agreement about it being your turn during the day and my turn at night?!!”

When did you two come to that agreement?! No! Don’t!! Lucia, don’t go! Don’t go! Swap with each other! Swap with each other! Let Nier have daytime! Let Nier have daytime!! Let me rest… let me rest for a bit, Nier… Don’t take my pants off… Aaahh….. I’m going to die… I’m going to die!!


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