Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 49

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“Knock, knock, knock… Elizabeth, I’m coming in.”

Elizabeth placed her pen down, massaged her temples and said, “Oh, Vyvyan. Come in.”

Vyvyan pushed the door open and flashed inside before closing the door. After she had come in, she looked out the window.

It was pitch-black outside, while the lights in His Majesty’s room, on the opposing side, were still on. It looked like there was a silhouette of someone on top of another moving up and down…

“Don’t worry, this is my quarters. There are Valkyries around here, so nobody will eavesdrop. What do you want to say?”

Elizabeth stood up from her sketchpad, walked up to a seat, and sat down.

Vyvyan walked up to the sketchpad and checked out Elizabeth’s drawing. She chuckled and said, “Your drawing is terrible.”

“I just can’t seem to use it properly. It’s so hard to get the hang of.” Elizabeth didn’t deny it. She sighed and then kicked a chair over to Vyvyan.

Vyvyan sat down and then said, “There’s something I need to inform you about. It’s about my son, his body.”

Elizabeth’s expression started to get a little serious. She sat up straight as she looked at Vyvyan and asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you check up on him already? Did you find something?”

Vyvyan nodded gracefully and replied, “It’s very dangerous. Actually, extremely dangerous. His body has no way of withstanding such powerful mana. He exhausted all of his berserk mana on the full-moon night. It’s like a wooden tub exploded, leaving a hole in it, and then the water suddenly gushed out from that hole. The tub may have been saved, but it suffered irreversible damage. That’s because his human functions sustained severe damage from the elven mana’s potency…”

Elizabeth pulled her eyebrows tighter and tighter together. She got frustrated and cut Vyvyan off, “Just tell me directly what happened. What do we need to do?”

“Don’t let my son use magic. You must be careful for the coming full-moon nights. He has already experienced the usage of magic, so he will definitely subconsciously use magic in a hazy state on the next full-moon night. I, therefore, need to be present at the next full-moon night. Otherwise, his body will be torn apart. This isn’t a joke. If he unleashes his magic again, the potency of his mana will rip his own body apart.” Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth and spoke in extremely serious tone.

Elizabeth would never agree to such a possessive action in the past, but she had no way of refusing when Vyvyan was so serious. Elizabeth couldn’t stop her hands from shaking as she looked at her.

“Additionally, he needs to stay here in humanity’s lands with you for a bit longer. His body is more sensitive to mana right now. If he touches things with mana like the water in the elven lands, his life will be endangered. I initially wanted to take him home for his wedding, but it looks like it won’t work out now. He can’t return in his current state.”

Vyvyan took in a deep breath and continued, “His body should recover in two to three months. It doesn’t look like there’s anything abnormal here in humanity’s lands, which is why I have no choice but to leave him here.”

“What are your plans for his wedding then?”

Elizabeth grabbed hold of Vyvyan’s hand.

Vyvyan’s sadness and concern on her face became more visible under the light. Her hands were also shaking gently.

The two were both scared. They were worried about the same person. The two of them drew their swords on each other at the mention of their son, but they were now worried about him. They both wanted to protect him.

Vyvyan sniffled and quietly replied, “He must get married here. He can’t get close to elven mana, or he’ll be in danger. It’s our only option. I don’t want to put him at risk for his wedding. We can only hold it here… we can only hold it here… I… I…”

Vyvyan’s tears started coursing down her face.

Elizabeth froze up. She then leaned over and pulled Vyvyan into her embrace.

Vyvyan wrapped her arms around Elizabeth and cried on her shoulders.

Elizabeth gently patted her on her back and comforted her, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Vyvyan, I won’t let you miss it… I’ll arrange it. I’ll get people to build a city at the border of the elven and human lands for them to hold their wedding, and we can watch him get married there.”

Vyvyan gripped Elizabeth’s back tightly, clenched her teeth to try and stop her tears as she forced out, “Elizabeth…”

Elizabeth softly comforted Vyvyan with her voice and then gently laid her down on the bed.

Ten years ago, the two girls embraced each other like this. Elizabeth comforted Vyvyan who tended to cry easily like an elder sister comforting her younger sister, while Vyvyan would snuggle up and cry in her arms.

If the things in the past didn’t happen, how friendly would they be with each other?

“Mom, I’m coming in.”

I knocked on the door during the day but there was no response. I hesitated for a moment before pushing the door open. To be honest, I was here to get permission to leave humanity and return to the elves… I’m about to die. I must leave.

Nier rode me again last night. My back feels like it’s going to snap, now. Nier is just too crazy. The thing is, she has no moderation. A kinky Nier is like Vyvyan on full-moon nights. She doesn’t listen to a single thing I say.

“Mom… Ah…”

My eyes were surprised by what they saw. I was about to punch myself. I thought I hadn’t woken up, or Nier made me pass out. Elizabeth was hugging Vyvyan. The two of them were glued to each other with their clothes tossed to the side. Two beauties that could shock the entire continent were in each other’s embrace, with their breasts pressed against each other…

This makes it feel like my father got cucked by his own harem.

Your relationship is actually really good, isn’t it?! I was the one who ruined your relationship, wasn’t I?! How good must your relationship have been in the past for you to be sleeping together?! You two get along in reality, don’t you?! Am I your child?! I’m sorry for ruining your intimate relationship!

I looked at the two of them still sleeping and quietly shut the door. I turned around and saw Lucia and Nier in the plaza duelling with wooden swords in the name of “Exchanging pointers and exercising.”

Though they were wielding wooden swords and supposedly weren’t going to hurt each other… Why does it look to me like they’re trying to hurt the other with every move?

I saw their hate for each other in their gazes. I then turned around to look at my moms who were hugging each other tightly and sound asleep… Yeah, it looks like the women around me will get along without me worrying.

Just as I started watching the two of them, Freya appeared from the side. She wasn’t interested in the two of them at all. She didn’t even take a glance. She walked up to me with a smile and asked, “Ah, onii-sama, what a coincidence? Are you here to see Her Majesty as well?”

“Yeah, but she’s still asleep.” I feel that I must stop her… Otherwise, her views of the world, life, and philosophies will be altered…

“Really? How rare for Her Majesty to not be up yet. Oh right, onii-sama, how do you plan to deal with Castor? We can go there to kill their regent and the child. Or did you want to call their regent here?”

I shook my head and said, “I can’t call the shots on that. I don’t know what Mom’s thinking. If I take action on my own accord and do something to a vassal state, the other vassal states might start something. One move might affect the situation as a whole. I think it’s better to let Her Majesty handle it… But for now… Freya, help me come up with a plan… to get those two to stop fighting…”

“That is simple.”

Freya suddenly hugged me and then affectionately kissed me on my lips.

The sound of wooden swords clashing stopped in an instant.

Freya hopped to the side, grabbed her dress, and ran away as fast as she could.

“Ah… Fr-…”

“Your Highness…”


“Let me explain!! Listen to me!! No!! No!! I don’t have those kinds of thoughts for Freya! Honest!! Honest!!”

Freya… Not only did you not help me, you left me for dead!!!


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